Government Nears Lending Limit On Small Business Program

first_imgPhoto: Pixabay / SBA.NEW YORK — The government is approaching the $349 billion lending limit on its Paycheck Protection Program that is funneling relief money to the nation’s small businesses.The Small Business Administration says that as of Wednesday afternoon, it had approved more than 1.44 million loans totaling more than $311 billion — up more than $50 billion since Monday. The Trump administration has asked Congress, which set the original ceiling, for another $250 billion for the program. However, that request has stalled in the Senate.Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin and Small Business Administration head Jovita Carranza on Wednesday urged Congress to appropriate more funds. The SBA has processed more than 14 years’ worth of loans in less than 14 days, they said.“We want every eligible small business to participate and get the resources they need,” two said in a joint statement. A breakdown of the loans on the SBA website showed that as of Monday, the average loan size was $239,152, and 70% of the loans were for $150,000 and under— an amount likely sought by very small companies. At that point, loans worth $247.5 billion had been approved.Construction firms were approved for the largest share of the loans, nearly 14%, or $34 billion. Many companies in construction are small, local or regional businesses. In second place were companies that provide professional, scientific and technical services, with 12.3% or $30.35 billion, and manufacturers were in third place with 12.25%, or $30.32 billionHealth care and social assistance companies were in fourth place about $28 billion in loans, and No. 5 was lodging and food services, with nearly $23 billion.An email to the SBA seeking comment about the status of the program was not immediately answered.It’s unclear how much money has actually been distributed from the program, which launched April 3. Thousands of business owners are still awaiting word on their loan applications.The country’s most populous states had the most loans. Texas had the most loans although it is the second-largest state; it had over 88,000 loans worth nearly $21.8 billion. California, No. 1 in population, was second in loans, with nearly 55,000 worth nearly $20.9 billion.Florida, third in population was also third in loans, getting just over 52,000 worth nearly $12.7 billion. New York, fourth in population and loans, had nearly 41,000 worth $11.7 billion.But Ohio, seventh in population, was No. 5 in loans with 38,000 worth nearly $10.4 billion. Share:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to email this to a friend (Opens in new window)last_img read more

IRS Asking SSI And VA Beneficiaries For Critical Information By Tuesday

first_imgPhoto: U.S. Secret ServiceWASHINGTON – As the IRS continues to disburse Economic Impact Payments to Americans, the agency is asking those who receive Supplemental Security Income or Veterans Affairs benefits for information about child dependents by Tuesday.In March, Congress passed a stimulus package in response to the coronavirus crisis. It included $1,200 payments to qualifying individuals and $2,400 to qualifying couples, plus an additional $500 for qualifying children. The IRS is asking SSI and VA beneficiaries to use their Non-Filer Tool to tell them about any qualifying children they have.“They are getting benefits from any service that they did or they’re getting benefits based on income,” explained Steven Elwell, the chief investment officer for Level Financial Advisors. “They generally don’t end up filing a tax return, so the government may not be aware that they have a qualifying child.”This only applies to SSI and VA beneficiaries who have a qualifying child, and did not file a federal tax return in 2018 or 2019. Those who do not share this information with the IRS by Tuesday will have to wait until they can file a 2020 tax return to receive the extra $500 per qualifying child. Share:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to email this to a friend (Opens in new window),I DON’T THINK ITS RIGHT HOW DISABLED PEOPLE STILL HAVEN’T GOTTEN THERE]PAYMENTS YET! SOICIAL SERURTIY SHOULD’VE DID THERES AND THE IRS SHOULD’VE DID THE TAX PAYERS,I haven’t received my stimlus check gust yet, so I called the social security office, and the worker explain to me, that I will receive mine, there still sending them out, and I am disabled and deserve mine, as I’m behind on my bills, my rent is $475. I only draw $783. Wish to God I’d hurry get it, it’s hard struggling gust to survive, some has already received there’s and not hurt for the stimlus check as near as I am, or others who hasn’t received these checks, it’s not seems as thoe the ones that need it the most, are not receiving the help I or they need so desperately, why is this?,I haven’t received a check get 581 a month SS we’re the ones that need it my brother claims me on his income tax so I don’t qualify for a check he got his $1200 and I get nothing,The same thing happened to me. My daughter claimed me on her taxes. Doesn’t seem fair since we are the ones who really need it. Besides I’ve paid her and bought grocery and supplies so it’s not like I’m freeloading.,I get ssi for my grandson and his Dad claim on his income tax which he should not have my grandson live with me I’m working on that I guess he received the 500 hundred dollars which he should not have did I took him the court for child support and still claim him and he’s not living in that household could someone help me understand this a deadbeat Dad,That’s what I said they making it hard on there selves and it’s getting hard for those of us on SSI and most of my SSI goes on Bill’s so I’m struggling an getting more depressed over this stimulus covid thing that’s goin on,This is really messing with Me… I recieve SSI and ALL My Info. is rite there, cause I get My monthly check, “straight deposit”.. So why haven’t I recieved My Stimulus package money, yet? I’m still waiting.,I haven’t received mines yet an i am a veteran an ssi,I didn’t receive my check,I didn’t receive my check and I have direct deposit on my debit card I get SSI,My is Annette i haven’t my payment either,what is going on?,Man I need my payment I get social security and got a Direct express card haven’t receive nothing yet,Me neither I get SSI on direct express card. And I haven’t received my yet. No children. Pat,I receive SS have a direct deposit card and nothing for me yet. I get 644.00 a month still waiting. Desperate waiting, it’s not fair. We need our money to.,Hadn’t received mine either so when should we expect them I recieve SSI,I am on ssi and waiting on my check I wonder when will we get them,All they care about is the businesses, big businesses ! We will all be homelessor dead and not be able to shop or fly anywhere anyhow. I have 2 handicapped adult children that are on SSI but their medical Bill’s and personal needs take up their ssi money. I am on social security and have to pay all extra Bill’s for them. I can’t believe this government from the top down has not taken care of their people. So many are hungary and homeless. They could get that food and milk that is wasted to people if they really wanted to. And why create a war with china??? At this time a war could wipe out humanity!!!!! China and trump are two time bombs waiting to explode. People are killing and rioting over ridiculous things. Just be sure you are keeping close to family and resolve any problems with loved ones because our days are numbered.,I have not received my check either,I haven’t gotten mine yet and I receive SSDI so what do I do? Cant even call ány one because no one answers phone,I’m on SSI the IRS has my bank information still I have not received the Stimulus check,I’m on SSDI and still haven’t received mine yet.,I have not got my either? And I have direct deposit to what seems to be the holdup can you answer our questions please thank you,I receive SSI and I have a direct Express card and I thought I was supposed to receive the money today and still nothing when should I expect it this is becoming very frustrating,My husband is on SSDI he efiled his son.he got his 1200 but not the 500 for dependent.i also get SSDI but I haven’t received mine either .and they got all my info.but my husband got his still waiting also.and can find out nothing.,my name is shane I get ssi its telling me my check qad deposited pn the 29th of April to a account ive never seen . what do I have to do to get ot cause no one answers the phones. please help,I’m on SSI too still have not received my payment either.,It doesn’t make sense why seniors and people on social security haven’t received stimulus money yet. What’s the problem,I’m a social security recipient and I have not received mine either and they have all my information,I’m on SSDI and I have not received mine either,I’m on SSI. I received a letter stating that they sent mine to the child support people. The thing is my name is no where on my husband’s child support account. So, shouldn’t they be made to still send me my $1200?,How long have you been on ssi,I’m on social security too I still have not got mine.,I’m on social security and I have not received my stimulus check yet what is going on Marvin Delaney may 6 2020,We need that money people have bank accounts where our SSI checks go into How hard is it to send us the money The People on SSI should have gotten there’s first with there monthly check from Nancy Sacco,I’m on SSI I never received my stimulus check yet,I get SSI disability and have not received my money either,Most people on SSI do not have kids under 15 and have direct deposit or direct express,Not true, I know a lot of people that receive this that have children,Do I need to contact them even though I don’t have a child to claim.My son is 23 so no 500 dollar for me.,I didn’t receive a check yet. I made sure i had filled out the 2020 censuses cause at one time they were saying that they were going to go by the information on your paperwork. Even though you still have direct deposit. But still i haven’t got anything so i wondering just like everyone else where is my check.,I was wondering is there anything else that we need to do in order for use to get our check? If so please let me know i got bills to pay and food to get.,I’m on SSI and haven’t got The Stimulus money and I’m a Single women,Yes I receive my 1200 I am on SSI but I didn’t Receive the 500 for my seven-year-old son and I filled out the non-fill on April the 13 and on the 27 my Direct deposit just had the 1200 and I don’t think that’s fair that I may have to wait until Next year when me and my son that on low income have to wait after I was told to fill out the form to get the 500 I hope irs resolve this problem now thank you,Reading through the comments it seems as though those of us receiving SSI have not receiving what was promised. My sister lives with me and she’s on SSA and SSI. She received her payment first round on her direct express that a lot of us have. What in hell is going on?! I knew this was gonna be a big cluster f**k! And you can’t call anyone for answers AND the “Get My Payment” tool is a joke!! Keeps saying “Status Unavailiable”! HELP US!!,I’ve been receiving SSI for three years and it’s been deposited into a savings account at Florida Parish Bank. What do I need to do to make sure I get mines,. My address is 700 Church Street Amite La 70422,I have been receiving SSI and SSDI benefits for about 15 yrs. now and have not received my stmulas check yet. It should have been automatically deposited into my bank account information that Social Security has also I have a copy of form SSA-1099 benefit statement which shows what I received in 2019 in box 5 on form SSA- 1099.,Hi im jessics and im on disability and my mom claim me on her taxes so their for i dont get check and im still asking my mom for hrlp with food and other stuff im stfugging so bsd its really pitiful it must be nice for everybody get checks but i dont becsuse my mom claim me if she didnt ill have to find some where to live. I dont know what to do ill get thing and then half turn around and sell it to make money pay my bills so its like im dame if i do dame if i dont. You know the check woulds helped me out alot!!!!,Y complain its not doing no good ,No one is telling us anything I’ve tried complaining and its got me nowhere ,Ihavent got my stimulus check either .my friends and family members all got theirs I’m the only one on SSI so I guess I’m being left out,I’m living day by day at this point. I have to get little amounts of groceries due to COVID-19 and not receiving my check. I have adjusted my eating habits in order to afford food. I desperately need it as I am running out of my emergency funds I had managed to save. I’m on SSDI and hope my check arrives sooner rather than later. I just wish they could provide some answers, anything would be appreciated.,My name is david west i get SSI on NET SPEND card every month still havent got my money yet either.,I haven’t received a check yet i only collect 786 a month for my ssi and my rent is 500 and i give the mother of my kids 250 a month cause they stopped my child support order but now I’m hearing they gone take my stimulus check even though i take care of my kids like i don’t need that to take better care of my kids,I’m a beneficiary for 5 years and I still haven’t received my check I have direct deposit been had it since day one please respond ….SHANTA HARBINlast_img read more

Three Additional Cases Reported Wednesday, 16 Active Countywide

first_imgWNY News Now / MGN Stock Image.JAMESTOWN – Three additional COVID-19 cases were reported in Chautauqua County on Wednesday, bringing the countywide total of active cases to 16.The Health Department reports the new cases involve a woman in her 20s, a woman in her 70s and a male in his 50s.So far, 37 people have recovered from the virus in the county.A total of four deaths have been reported related to COVID-19 in Chautauqua County since the outbreak began. Share:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to email this to a friend (Opens in new window)last_img read more

Sting & Jimmy Fallon Talk The Last Ship; Cast Performs

first_img Show Closed This production ended its run on Jan. 24, 2015 Related Shows The Last Ship View Comments Rock star-turned Broadway composer Sting visited The Tonight Show on October 16 to discuss the five-year journey of getting his show The Last Ship to the Great White Way. Jimmy Fallon let his inner theater freak shine through as he gushed over the powerhouse team involved, including director Joe Mantello and choreographer Steven Hoggett. Sting says he “felt in safe hands” with them, as they were confident enough to tell a rock legend what would and wouldn’t work on stage. Then, after Fallon and Sting sang a snippet of “Soliloquy” from Carousel (because why not), Rachel Tucker and the cast of The Last Ship performed the number “If You Ever See Me Talking to a Sailor.” Grab a pint (it’s five o’clock somewhere) and check out the clips below!last_img read more

Back in the Wig! John Cameron Mitchell Is Broadway’s Newest Hedwig

first_imgIt’s been 14 years since he last wore that wig for the movie, but John Cameron Mitchell is finally pulling the wig down from the shelf again. The original Hedwig and the Angry Inch star and co-creator steps into the Broadway production beginning on January 21, taking over for Michael C. Hall at the Belasco Theatre. He joins Tony winner Lena Hall, who continues in the role of Yitzhak. Hedwig and the Angry Inch Mitchell wrote the book for Hedwig alongside composer Stephen Trask, and the stars performed early versions of the musical at Don Hill’s and the Westbeth Theatre Center. Mitchell later starred in the off-Broadway incarnation of the hit musical at the Jane Street Theatre in 1998. He directed, wrote and starred in the 2001 film adaptation of Hedwig, garnering a Golden Globe nomination for his performance. Mitchell has appeared on Broadway in The Secret Garden, Big River and Six Degrees of Separation, and was most recently seen on the small screen in Girls, playing David Pressler-Goings, Hannah’s book publisher. Show Closed This production ended its run on Sept. 13, 2015 View Comments Directed by Michael Mayer, the Tony-winning Broadway production of Hedwig and the Angry Inch opened on April 22, 2014, starring Neil Patrick Harris and Lena Hall. Andrew Rannells subsequently stepped into Harris’ heels before Hall took over. The musical tells the story of a fictional rock ‘n’ roll band, fronted by Hedwig, a transgender woman from communist East Berlin. Between rock songs, Hedwig regales the audience with both humorous and painful stories about her life, including her botched sex change operation. Related Showslast_img read more

Photos! Tina Fey & More Make a House Call to the Cast of Fun Home

first_img Show Closed This production ended its run on Sept. 10, 2016 Fun Home View Comments Fun Home had an open house on April 28! The cast welcomed Mean Girls musical creators Tina Fey and Jeff Richmond, Broadway cheerleader Rosie O’Donnell and The Mystery of Love & Sex alums Diane Lane and Gayle Rankin backstage after the show. Check out these photos of Tony nominees Sydney Lucas, Emily Skeggs, Judy Kuhn, Michael Cerveris, Beth Malone and the cast hanging out backstage with their guests, then catch Fun Home at Broadway’s Circle in the Square. Star Files Related Shows Diane Lanelast_img read more

Nathan Lane & Debra Messing Will Read Wesley Taylor’s Short Plays for The Actors Fund

first_img Star Files View Comments Tony winner Nathan Lane and Emmy winner Debra Messing will headline a benefit reading of Wesley Taylor’s Bridging the Gap and Other Short Plays for The Actors Fund. The one-night-only event is set for October 26 at New World Stages.Lane and Taylor shared the stage in The Addams Family on Broadway, and Messing and Taylor both appeared in NBC’s Smash. Lane last appeared on the Great White Way in It’s Only a Play. Messing made her Broadway debut in 2014’s Outside Mullingar; her latest TV gig The Mysteries of Laura was recently picked up for a second season. In addition to appearing in The Addams Family, Taylor originated the role of Franz in Rock of Ages on Broadway.The reading will consist of six 10-minute plays by Taylor, including works titled Spark, Mother, Cuckold and Little Monsters. Additional casting will be announced later.center_img Nathan Lanelast_img read more

Choreographer Spencer Liff on Channeling the Golden Age in a Modern, Inclusive Era

first_img View Comments Spring Awakening Related Shows Having made the leap from Broadway chorus boy to choreographer, Spencer Liff is bringing back the Golden Age of dance with a modern sensibility. The man behind Spring Awakening’s American Sign Language-infused movement reflects on the careers of such artists as Gower Champion while making strides to advance both his career and the language of dance.“I didn’t want to wait until I couldn’t dance anymore to start choreographing,” Liff told While he has begun to direct regionally, he’s focusing on dance before making a full switch to director-choreographer (like Champion). Until then, his moves are everywhere.“It seems like in recent years, choreographers haven’t been as crossover as they used to be,” Liff observed. “Fosse would go and make a film a year, a Broadway show and then a bunch of variety TV specials. So I would like to bring that back and not have to choose.”And choose he doesn’t. In the past year, Liff has choreographed for stage (Spring Awakening), TV (Best Time Ever with Neil Patrick Harris) and film (Speech & Debate). “My brain sees things in camera shots,” he explained. “Even when on a stage, I shoot it in my head the way I would if it were going on film. I love working in all three mediums.”While Liff is indeed part of the movement to bring back the omnipresent career paths of director-choreographers, he’s doing so with full awareness of the contemporary responsibility of inclusiveness and representation in art.“I love people like Steven Hoggett, and their ability to work with all different kinds of body types and ages,” he said when asked about fellow choreographers he admires. “That is really 10 times harder than having amazing dancers in the room who you tell to do whatever you want.”His work on the revival of Spring Awakening is exemplary of that model: How do you incorporate a cast of deaf actors—and their language—into a fully choreographed musical?“We started from scratch by seeing how a deaf cast can match a rhythm. We’d stomp our feet around in a circle for hours. Then, we would start to set the signs to those rhythms.” Once the cast was able to follow a beat, it was up to Liff to ensure their language was not compromised by his moves. “It was a constant negotiation of how far we could push it. We cared so deeply that our deaf audience was going to be able to understand the plot. If we needed to stand still and sign to deliver the information, we did.”Alexandria Wailes, a deaf performer who worked with director Michael Arden previously on Deaf West’s Big River, serves as associate choreographer on Spring Awakening. The collaboration forced Liff to actively learn to sign—and eventually communicate independently with his actors.“It’s really hard to know somebody when you can’t look at them when you’re speaking. Daniel Durant [who plays Moritz], doesn’t read lips; he doesn’t hear. I remember the first time we had a conversation looking into each other’s eyes. This wall broke down, and he respected me so much more. I felt so much closer to him.”On top of pending renewals for both So You Think You Can Dance and Best Time Ever, Liff has upcoming Broadway gigs in the works. While the projects he takes on are eclectic, there is a selection process: “I pick things that are totally out of my wheelhouse, to force myself to grow….Next year is going to be crazy. You will definitely see more of me in New York.” Show Closed This production ended its run on Jan. 24, 2016last_img read more

The Stars of The Flick on Marilyn Monroe & What You Should Never Do at the Movies

first_img View Comments GREATEST MOVIE STAR OF ALL TIME?KYLE: Let’s say James Dean.DANNY: For consistent box office clout and quality of work, it’s Denzel Washington. Malcolm X! Devil in a Blue Dress! He’s amazing.NICOLE: Marilyn Monroe. She’s now a mythic legend, but I’m always blown away by her deep well of talent and undeniable “it” factor onscreen. And she was a box office champion!HOW MANY DEGREES AWAY ARE YOU FROM YOUR PICK FOR THE GREATEST MOVIE STAR OF ALL TIME?DANNY: In theater, two degrees. In movies, four.KYLE: There are only four movies between the two of us, so our odds aren’t great. But there’s a great photo of him hanging in my kitchen.NICOLE: A bajillion?FILM LINE YOU QUOTE THE MOST?KYLE: Something profane from I Heart Huckabees.NICOLE: “I’m as good as I am. That’s how good I am!” from Alice Doesn’t Live Here Anymore.DANNY: “Nobody knows anybody. Not that well.” As well as most of the rest of the lines from the Coen brothers’ Miller’s Crossing.FAVORITE LINE (OR STAGE DIRECTION) IN THE FLICK?DANNY: “Sometimes I worry that there’s something really, really wrong with me. But that I’ll never know exactly what it is.” —RoseKYLE:  All my favorites have profanity. Sensing a theme here!NICOLE: Pause. Sam’s heart breaks.See The Flick at the Barrow Street Theatre through January 10, 2016. Annie Baker’s Pulitzer Prize-winning The Flick follows workers at a rundown movie theater in Massachusetts. The three main characters—Sam (Danny Wolohan), Avery (Kyle Beltran) and Rose (Nicole Rodenburg)—are bound together by their mundane duties, frustrations, struggles and ultimately their humanity. We asked this trio of actors about (what else?) movies! Their answers are below.BEST MOVIE EVER?NICOLE: It’s a tie between The Wizard of Oz and The Godfather.DANNY: Fanny and Alexander. And the next movie I’m cast in.KYLE: Sophie’s Choice. And by that I mean this is literally an impossible question for me to answer.TASTIEST MOVIE TREAT?NICOLE: Popcorn.KYLE: The 10-year-old me would be so disappointed, but I’m definitely the guy who packs healthier snacks to bring to the movies. I love Trader Joe’s Organic Popcorn with Olive Oil.DANNY: Popcorn with a bag of peanut M&M’s dumped in, then shake the bag so the M&M’s are evenly distributed. Delicious and only 38,000 calories.MOVIE THEATER PET PEEVE?DANNY: Commercials are not OK.NICOLE: Texting in the dark.KYLE: People who talk like they are in their living room. Cannot deal! The Flickcenter_img Related Shows Show Closed This production ended its run on Jan. 10, 2016last_img read more

Watch a Sneak Peek of Bryan Cranston in HBO’s All the Way

first_imgBryan Cranston in ‘All the Way’ View Comments We hope that four-time Emmy winner Bryan Cranston has room on his awards shelf! The stage and screen star is set to reprise his Tony-winning performance of Lyndon B. Johnson in the HBO film adaptation of All the Way and by the looks of the first trailer, below, more trophies will be heading in his direction. Helmed by Jay Roach, Robert Schenkkan penned the small screen take on his Tony-winning play, which also stars Tony winner Frank Langella as Senator Richard Russell, Bradley Whitford (another familiar face to White House dramas) as Hubert Humphrey, Melissa Leo as Lady Bird Johnson and Anthony Mackie as Martin Luther King Jr. The movie is scheduled to premiere on May 21 and we will most definitely be setting our DVRs for this one.last_img read more