Dame Diana Rigg Attends Macmillan Cancer Support Carol Concert

first_imgMacmillan Cancer Support’s prestigious Guards Chapel Christmas Carol Concert took place earlier this month.Hosted by Macmillan Vice President Martyn Lewis CBE, the soiree included readings from Dame Diana Rigg (Game of Thrones), Jason Isaacs (Harry Potter), Michael Fox (Downton Abbey) and Baroness Floella Benjamin.World-renowned classical pianist Janina Fialkowska, rising baritone star Benjamin Appl and Lithuanian accordionist Martynas Levickis performed in the beautiful setting of the Guards Chapel and were supported by the London Contemporary Orchestra.The evening is one of the most prestigious events in Macmillan’s annual calendar and all funds raised will go to help ensure that no one faces cancer alone.last_img read more

Ponca Tribe fighting 2 states and a city to keep new casino

CARTER LAKE, Iowa — Some 150 years after suffering the loss of its homeland at the hands of the U.S. government, the Ponca Tribe of Nebraska is celebrating a triumph with the opening of a casino intended to secure a stream of revenue for the long-struggling tribe.The only thing standing in its way? An effort by governments in Iowa and Nebraska that seeks to strip it of the casino.“It’s the same fight, all these years after it began,” said Ponca Tribal Chairman Larry Wright.The $10 million Prairie Flower Casino opened in November with 200 slot-style machines after the National Indian Gaming Commission approved the tribe’s casino license a year earlier, some 10 years after the tribe began its effort to open the casino. It’s far from a novelty in the area: Three much larger casinos are just a few miles away, also in western Iowa. Yet the casino’s location is central to the opposition to it, including lawsuits from the city of Council Bluffs, Iowa, and the states of Iowa and Nebraska.Unlike most other tribal casinos, the Prairie Flower wasn’t built on a reservation. The Ponca Tribe — forced in the 1870s by the U.S. government to leave its homeland along the Missouri River in Nebraska River — has no reservation. The U.S. government terminated the tribe in the 1960s and took its remaining land as part of a policy that sought to abolish reservations and assimilate Native Americans into mainstream American society. The tribe regained its federal recognition in 1990, and most of its 4,500 members are spread over 15 counties in Iowa, Nebraska and South Dakota.Its casino sits on a 5-acre (2-hectare) lot that the tribe bought 20 years ago in Carter Lake, the only Iowa city on the western side of the Missouri River, which otherwise separates Nebraska and Iowa. Carter Lake had originally been on the east side of the river, but thanks to shifting and flooding in the late 1800s, it’s now surrounded by the city of Omaha — the largest city in Nebraska, whose constitution expressly forbids casinos.“The practical result,” Nebraska’s lawsuit states, “is that Carter Lake is accessible only by travelling through Nebraska, and more specially, through Omaha, which is Nebraska’s most populous and densely populated metropolitan area.”The Prairie Flower is essentially in the heart of Omaha, just blocks from the city’s downtown and a mile (1.6 kilometres) from its airport.The lawsuits fault the National Indian Gaming Commission’s decision to license the Prairie Flower, saying the tribe misrepresented its intentions when it initially announced plans for a health centre on the lot.But the underlying opposition in Iowa isn’t hard to track: It comes down to money and a perceived tug-of-war for patrons such as Helen Syfie, 73, of Omaha, who recently stopped in to play the slots at the Prairie Flower. She said she “couldn’t wait” for the Carter Lake casino to open, but she also said she’ll still cross the river to go to the Council Bluffs casinos.“There’s plenty of business to go around,” she said. “All of them have their own advantages. I really don’t think it’s going to take anything away from the Council Bluffs casinos.”Iowa officials aren’t convinced.State and local officials don’t want to give up any share of the millions in taxes, fees and endowment funds Council Bluffs’ three casinos produce. In 2017, that public money came to nearly $95 million, according to the Iowa Racing and Gaming Commission, and a large chunk comes from Nebraska residents. A 2013 study ordered by the commission found Nebraska residents spent nearly $327 million at Iowa casinos, one-quarter of revenues for the state.“Our early estimates are that the state of Iowa could lose $30 million in state gaming tax revenue, and we could lose another million in taxes and fees a year locally,” said Council Bluffs Mayor Matt Walsch. “Council Bluffs casinos could, eventually, stand to lose 350 jobs.”Pat Loontjer, director of anti-gambling non-profit Gambling With The Good Life, is among those in Omaha fighting to see the Ponca casino shut down.“The cost to the state will be in the millions when you consider the bankruptcies, embezzlements, increased crime and families torn apart by gambling addiction,” she said.Wright, the tribe chairman, noted that about 80 of the casino’s 100 employees are not tribe members. He also said the tribe is paying $750,000 annually to Carter Lake to offset any safety and infrastructure costs to the city.“We feel confident in our position,” he said. “Regardless to people’s opposition to gaming as a whole, it’s doing exactly what it was intended to do: Improve support for our services and our people.”Syfie said she hopes the tribe is allowed to keep the casino.“They worked so long to get it,” she said. “Now they’re having to work to keep it.”Margery A. Beck, The Associated Press read more

Warning loan repayment will delay Liberian progress UN envoy urges debt relief

“Now is the time for multilateral institutions to step up to the plate and commit to assisting one of the world’s poorest countries rid itself of the stranglehold of poverty,” said Anwarul K. Chowdury, High Representative for the Least Developed Countries, Landlocked Developing Countries and Small Island Developing States, in a statement.While the $700 million of loans cancelled by the United States, Britain and Germany at a Washington, D.C. conference last week of major donors was a “major step towards spurring development,” immediate debt scrapping is essential in order for Liberia to maintain its current course towards stability.Liberia is seeking to rebuild after a devastating 14-year civil war that killed almost 150,000 people and sent 850,000 more fleeing across its borders.Since the end of the war in 2003, the country has made numerous gains, including the disarmament of 100,000 combatants and dissolving of former armed factions; the 2005 free and fair elections culminating in a democratic Government lead by President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf; the return of half a million displaced Liberians to their homes; the commencement of training a new police force and Army; and the lifting of sanctions on Liberian timber.Most of the country’s staggering debt accumulated during its devastating civil war and resulting poor governance. Of the $4 billion Liberia owes its creditors, a reported $1.6 billion is to be repaid to multilateral financial institutions, over $700 to the International Monetary Fund (IMF), more than $500 million to the World Bank and nearly $300 million to the African Development Bank.Mr. Chowdury voiced hope that donors would follow the precedent set by the G-8 summit of industrialized countries, which in 2005 forgave more than $21 billion in debt of the world’s 13 least developed countries.“Undoubtedly, Liberia deserves special consideration given her recent tumultuous history and current post-conflict reconstruction efforts,” the High Representative said. “The efforts of the Government and the people of Liberia would really benefit from a decision to immediately forgive its outstanding multilateral debt.” 23 February 2007Repaying its almost $4 billion in loans will impede Liberia’s efforts to consolidate democracy and promote development, the United Nations envoy for the world’s poorest countries said today, calling for all of the impoverished West African nation’s foreign debt to be forgiven immediately. read more

Annan urges Myanmar to clarify position after National Convention adjourned

“The Secretary-General also urges the Myanmar authorities to use this occasion to enhance inter-ethnic harmony and political stability by engaging the representatives of all ethnic nationality groups and political leaders in a substantive political dialogue aimed at national reconciliation,” said a statement issued by a UN spokesman.The Secretary-General also reiterated the need for the remaining constraints on all political leaders to be lifted, offices of the National League for Democracy (NLD) to be allowed to reopen and for political prisoners, including elected officials, to be released, the statement said.Calling on the Myanmar authorities to allow his Special Envoy Razali Ismail to return to the country as soon as possible so that he can facilitate efforts for resuming political dialogue among all the parties concerned, the Secretary-General further encouraged the Myanmar authorities to heed the friendly advice of its fellow ASEAN members to expedite its reform process. read more

Neurosciences regarder lendroit douloureux du corps réduit la souffrance

first_imgNeurosciences : regarder l’endroit douloureux du corps réduit la souffrancePubliée dans la revue Psychological Science, une étude britannique montre que le seuil de tolérance à la souffrance augmente lorsque l’on regarde la partie du corps endolorie. Un analgésique naturel qui pourrait déboucher sur de nouveaux traitements anti-douleur.C’est en infligeant à 18 volontaires de vives brûlures à la main, et en manipulant un miroir destiné à montrer – ou non –  aux “cobayes”, l’image de leur membre ainsi traité, que le Pr Patrick Haggard de l’University College de Londres et ses collègues, ont découvert que l’organisme réduit naturellement la douleur éprouvée si le patient se focalise visuellement sur la partie du corps atteinte.À lire aussiEpine calcanéenne : traitement, chirurgie, infiltration, que faire ?Mieux : plus l’image (montrée en temps réel) de la zone en souffrance est grande, plus la tolérance est marquée. La façon dont notre cerveau ressent la douleur est donc à la fois sensorielle et émotive. “Ce que ceci nous montre, c’est la grande plasticité de la manière dont le cerveau se représente la douleur. La vision affecte le sentiment de douleur”, explique Francis McGlone, professeur en neurologie à l’université John Moores de Liverpool.Peut-être une nouvelle piste pour de futurs traitements analgésiques. Et l’occasion en tout cas d’une recommandation ironique du Dr Haggard, à tous ceux qui doivent subir une prise de sang : “mon conseil serait donc de regarder votre bras, tout en essayant  d’éviter de regarder l’aiguille…”.  Le 13 février 2011 à 18:59 • Emmanuel Perrinlast_img read more

Japan ruling parties delay rival bill to boost IR bill hopes

first_imgRelatedPosts Actor Takuro Tatsumi declines request to run in Osaka gubernatorial election Osaka IR plans in jeopardy if LDP wins Japan’s ruling Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) has put one of three key bills currently under consideration in the upper house on the backburner in a move designed to aid progress of its two higher priority pieces of legislation, including the IR Implementation Bill.According to local media reports, the LDP and coalition partner Komeito have temporarily shelved a bill that would aid the implementation of a revised Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) in order to avoid further conflict with opposition parties. The government is reportedly fearful that debate over the bill could negatively impact its two priority bills – the IR bill and another covering work-style reform.News of the decision to shelve the TPP bill provides another boost to the gaming industry after the LDP last week extended the current Diet session – originally due to expire on 20 June – through to 22 July 2018.The IR Implementation Bill passed through the lower house earlier this month, paving the way for the nation’s first integrated resorts.center_img Load More Japan set to propose members of new Casino Administration Committee this Falllast_img read more

As waters warm Arctic fish populations change

first_imgA new report shows more fish are moving to Arctic waters. The U.S. Geological Survey and the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management teamed up to create the inventory, which describes more than 100 species of fish found in the Chukchi and Beaufort Seas — including 20 species new to the region.Download audioArctic cod is an important part of the marine food web. (Photo courtesy of NOAA)The Alaska Arctic Marine Fish Ecology Catalog for the Beaufort and Chukchi Seas has been a long time coming. Biologist Milton Love has been working on the project since 2009. He says both Arctic seas appear to be changing.“We’re starting to see either new introductions of temperate fishes from the south or at least larger numbers of them, particularly in the Beaufort Sea,” said Love.At this point, Love isn’t sure what these changes mean for fish traditionally found in the Arctic. Since the area has historically been difficult to sample, it’s hard to establish if fish are coming from the south, growing in population, or both.One species that could be affected is Arctic cod, a major player in the marine food web. Love says the species does better in near-freezing water.“If ice becomes less predominant over time and waters warm, then perhaps Arctic cod will not do as well,” he said. “There are a number of predatory birds and mammals that certainly feed in great quantity on Arctic cod.”If those species aren’t able to eat anything else, they could be impacted, too.Because of the importance of Arctic cod, the team analyzed the effects of a warming climate on the species as well as its major competitor – saffron cod. As temperatures rise, both species will likely shift north. That would expand the range for saffron cod, but restrict the range for Arctic cod.Love sees a wide range of uses for the new report, from evaluating environmental impacts on the region to monitoring changes in fish distribution and managing fisheries. It also includes traditional Iñupiaq names to improve communication between researchers and local communities.last_img read more

UFO researcher blames Google for working with government to cover up realities

first_imgScott C Waring, a self-proclaimed alien researcher who operates from Taiwan, is one of the most prominent figures in the UFO community. The researcher has been releasing some mindblowing UFO videos over the past few years, and he believes these clips are proof of extraterrestrial existence.Throughout his career, Waring has blamed NASA and the government for covering up realities about alien life, and now he has targeted search engine giant Google for working ‘hand-in-glove’ with the authorities to censor facts of extraterrestrial existence from the general public.In a recent post on his website ‘UFO Sightings Daily’, Waring alleged that Google is intentionally trying to target UFO researchers in order to make sure that their content is not reaching the fingertips of internet users.”Google owns the platform my UFO Sightings Daily site is on, Google owns Youtube, Google owns Adsense. DO YOU SEE A PATTERN YET? Because I sure do. UFO researchers worldwide are being attacked by Google, which is an organisation worldwide controlling information that people are allowed to see. That Google itself is attempting to clean up and delete the UFO community from the Internet. We are under attack by Google,” wrote Waring on his website.A few months back, after spotting a fossil-like structure on Mars, Waring had urged United States president Donald Trump to appoint him as the head of NASA. In his web post, Waring claimed that he will disclose all secrets about alien life if he gets a chance to work as the head of the United States space agency.The comments from Waring came just a few days after a streak of pulsating UFOs were spotted in England. The clip of this bizarre incident was released by conspiracy theory YouTube channel ‘Mavixxx’, and it made many people believe that an alien invasion is imminent.last_img read more

DLF pares GIC debt by Rs 3100 crore plans to clear all

first_imgDLF logoWikimedia CommonsReal estate giant DLF has repaid Rs 3100 crore of debt to its venture partner GIC by transferring Noida shopping mall and some land parcels. DLF owed about Rs 8,700 crore to DLF Cyber City Developers LTD (DCCDL), which is a joint venture between DLF and Singapore sovereign wealth fund GIC. With the latest transaction, DLF’s debt has come down to about Rs 5600 crore as of July 2019.In an investor presentation, DLF clarified that it has transferred the Mall of India project in Noida, worth Rs 2950 crore, to DCCDL. The Economic Times also reported that the company also added that it has transferred 3.05 acres of land parcel in Gurugram to the Singapore-based firm. Representational ImageINDRANIL MUKHERJEE/AFP/Getty ImagesThe joint venture between GIC and DLF was signed in December 2017 when DLF promoters sold 40 percent of their stake in DCCDL to GIC for about Rs 1,200 crore. The deal included the sale of DCCDL’s 33.34 percent stake to GIC for about Rs 9,000 crore and the remaining Rs 3m000 crore was acquired by DCCDL through buyback.DLF holds about 66.66 percent in the joint venture firm and the remaining 33.34 percent is with GIC. The Gurgaon-based real estate giant has plans to sell prime commercial project Horizon Central in Gurugram for about Rs 850 crore, to settle the remaining debt of Rs 5,600 crore. The company also plans to transfer its mall in Saket for a valuation of Rs 1,050 crore, reported ET. Real estateThe report also stated that DLF will transfer its commercial land in Chennai for about Rs 1,000 crore. Some parts of the monetary settlement to GIC will be done by transferring SEZs at Hyderabad and Chennai as per the contract with group firm DLF Assets Ltd. The leftover debt of about Rs 7,00 will be paid in cash.DLF has reported a two-fold growth in its profit at Rs 414.72 crore for the June quarter against Rs 172.77 crore last year. DCCDL holds about 30 million sqft of commercial real estate in Gurugram that yields an annual revenue of about Rs 3,000 crore.last_img read more

Grandparents connected to success of human race

first_img(PhysOrg.com) — If you looked around at your family some 40,000 years ago, you would not have seen grandparents as the likelihood of a person passing their 30th birthday was slim. However, according to new research reported in Scientific American, 30,000 years ago things began to change and the life expectancy of adults began to rise. It is this change that anthropologist and Professor Rachel Caspari from Central Michigan University believes was a turning point for human civilization. At the same time humans were living longer, evidence shows that there was an increase in food production, artistic expression, and the creation of complex weapons and tools and the researchers contribute this to the experience of the older members of the population.The researchers looked at teeth from ancient human beings to determine the age they were at death. Throughout evolution, finding those that had lived past the age of 30 was rare. However, this changed when the researchers looked at Homo sapiens and compared them with Neanderthals. They discovered that for every 10 Neanderthals that had died at a young age, four adults survived past the age of 30. The striking difference was in the Homo sapiens where they discovered that for every 10 youngsters that died, 20 adults had reached the age of 30 or older.The effects of having an increasingly older and more knowledgeable population, the researchers believe, were the key to the survival and success of the Homo sapiens. Elder members were able to pass down the information they had learned such as foods that were poisonous and tool making skills. Elder members of the community were able to care for children while others worked to provide and gather food.While researchers do not know why it is that adults of this time began to live longer, they believe the change and the addition of older members was essential for survival. This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only. © 2010 PhysOrg.com Explore furthercenter_img More information: Scientific American Citation: Grandparents connected to success of human race (2011, July 26) retrieved 18 August 2019 from https://phys.org/news/2011-07-grandparents-success-human.html Small horned dinosaur from China, a Triceratops relative, walked on two feetlast_img read more

An ode to Pankaj Mullick

first_imgAn exponent of Rabindra sangeet, a pioneer of film music in Bengali and Hindi Cinema, a music composer and a singer- one man with an array of talents left an indelible footprint in the history of cinema. Commemorating the memories of this multifarious artist, Kamani auditorium witnessed a melodious evening on 10 April to pay a tribute to the Indian music legend- Pankaj Mallick.The musical evening was organised by Pankaj Mullick Music and Art Foundation. Also Read – ‘Playing Jojo was emotionally exhausting’Star artists, Jhinuk Gupta and Rajib Gupta, spellbound the audience with the legend’s eternal songs and immortal compositions. It was a celebration of his musical genius through an ode to his film songs, ghazals, bhajans, rabindrasangeet and bangla adhunik. It just did not end there. The audience was further taken through a journey, using video projections to describe the historical facts associated with his songs. The only grandson of the late music maestro, Rajib Gupta shared anecdotes from his grandfather’s life, adding, ‘This evening is to connect the present generation of music lovers and the heritage of Indian music.’  Pankaj Mullick- The Reel Story, a documentary directed by Rajib was screened for the fans to give them a glimpse of the late artist who gained stupendous achievements and added  a many feathers to his cap through the journey of his life.last_img read more

Cats orphaned after Alipore jail shift find new home

first_imgKolkata: At a time when beating up of stray animals, their killings and even abandoning have become rampant in Kolkata, an NGO has given shelter to the cats which were left uncared for due to shifting of the Alipore correctional home to Baruipur.The organisation which is working for the welfare of stray animals for the past two decades has successfully rehabilitated 82 cats, left unattended due to the shifting. The cats were raised by the workers and inmates of the correctional home. They were fed regularly by the staff of the correctional home and the inmates. After the correctional home was shifted to Baruipur, there was no one to look after them. The cats became weak. Senior officials of the Correctional Home department were contacted and permission was sought for the rehabilitation. Also Read – Bose & Gandhi: More similar than apart, says Sugata BoseOn Sunday, in the presence of Biplab Das, Additional Inspector General (Correctional Home), the NGO took the cats in its possession. Earlier, the inmates had requested the senior officials at Alipore Correctional Home to take the cats along but their plea had been turned down. A spokesman of the NGO said the cats have been kept in a separate enclosure at the Shibrampur centre. There are already 80 cats there. The newly-adopted cats will be given 200 grams of fish per day along with milk. After they were brought to the centre, they were examined and kept at a separate enclosure. “The cats would not have survived had they not been attended on time,” said a spokesperson of the NGO.last_img read more

Grupo Nación announces more layoffs new investments

first_imgOne of Costa Rica’s most prominent media groups, Grupo Nación (GN), said Wednesday on its website that it plans to lay off 156 employees in coming months. The company did not say which workers face the ax.Grupo Nación also plans to invest nearly ₡2.8 billion ($5.5 million) in the construction of a new building for staff from the company’s many holdings. The new building will house workers from the daily newspapers La Nación, Al Día and La Teja, the weekly El Financiero, ADN Radio and various magazines.Grupo Nación also announced the termination of SoHo Magazine, which targeted men, the launch of a new radio station called Q’Teja (the fourth radio station for the media group), and a new matchmaking website.Antonieta Chaverri, GN media manager, said the changes “are part of a plan that aims to keep the company at the forefront of the media industry in Costa Rica.”Last December, the company laid off 11 employees while announcing that a “reorganization process” would continue through 2013. Facebook Comments No related posts.last_img read more

AP Photos Syrias war shatters a village economy

first_img(Copyright 2012 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.) Mary Coyle ice cream to reopen in central Phoenix Construction begins on Chandler hospital expansion project New Year’s resolution: don’t spend another year in a kitchen you don’t like Assuming they find buyers, the farmers say they would be lucky to sell a kilogram (2.2 pounds) of green olives _ which used to go for a dollar _ for just 50 cents. The fighting prevents them from marketing their products in most of Syria, and Turkish traders across the border say they can’t import the olives anymore.“At the moment we are lost,” said farmer Mohammed Kadur Hassan, 63. “We don’t know what to do with the extra (olive) oil.”The war has hit other sectors as well. Petrol products are scarce since President Bashar Assad’s government stopped distributing them to areas controlled by rebels seeking to topple his regime.This leaves locals at the mercy of traders who truck gas in from other regions at a substantial hike in prices.Fighting for months in and around the northern city of Aleppo, Syria’s main economic and commercial hub, has crippled commerce in the surrounding areas by making it difficult for merchants to buy goods for their stores.A kilogram of sugar, which used to cost about 25 cents, now costs three to four times as much, residents say.Few see a swift end to the war that has killed more than 36,000 people since March 2011, according to anti-regime activists. Top Stories Comments   Share   Bottoms up! Enjoy a cold one for International Beer Day Former Arizona Rep. Don Shooter shows health improvement Sponsored Stories 4 must play golf courses in Arizona 5 things to look for when selecting an ophthalmologist Associated PressATMEH, Syria (AP) – The civil war raging through Syria has battered much of the country’s economy, making life harder for impoverished Syrians who struggled even before the fighting broke out.The struggles are stark even in places that have been spared large-scale destruction. One such place is Atmeh, a village abutting Syria’s northern border with Turkey.For generations, Atmeh’s farmers have lived off their olive harvests. But this year, they say the war has drastically limited their access to markets and cut in half the prices they can expect for their products.last_img read more

India police stop immolation bid by Tibetan exile

first_img Natural spring cleaning tips and tricks for your home Construction begins on Chandler hospital expansion project Comments   Share   Former Arizona Rep. Don Shooter shows health improvement Arizona families, Arizona farms: providing the local community with responsibly produced dairy Sponsored Stories Top Stories Sangay said the “repression” in Tibet was driving Tibetans to the self-immolations.Hundreds of Tibetan exiles also gathered in New Delhi to protest against Chinese repression. Many wore T-shirts with images of the Dalai Lama, while others carried Tibetan flags.In the Belgian capital of Brussels, nearly 5,000 Tibetans from around Europe marched to press the European Union to help with the Tibet issue, urging the EU to appoint a fact-finding mission and open a dialogue with Beijing.“Don’t wait. As quick as possible we need you to support us very, very urgently,” said Kasang Lhanmo, a Briton who was born in Tibet.Another British Tibetan, Ztenzin Dsunsel, described the marchers as “the voice of the Tibetan people who have died.”___Associated Press writer Mark D. Carlson in Brussels contributed to this report.(Copyright 2013 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.) Every year, Tibetan exiles in India mark the anniversary of the failed March 10, 1959, uprising with speeches and marches.China maintains that Tibet has been part of its territory for centuries, but many Tibetans say the region was functionally independent for much of its history.More than 100 self-immolations have been reported in Tibetan areas of the Chinese provinces of Sichuan, Qinghai and Gansu since 2009, with the protesters calling for the return of the Dalai Lama, the Tibetans’ spiritual leader.A Tibetan exile in Nepal self-immolated last month, and another did so last year in New Delhi, India’s capital.Beijing has accused the Dalai Lama of inciting the self-immolations, a charge the religious leader denies.The Dalai Lama also denies China’s charge that he is pushing for Tibet’s independence, saying that he only wants China to grant Tibetans cultural and religious freedoms.He has been living in the northern Indian town of Dharmsala since he fled Tibet 50 years ago when Chinese troops marched in.“We dedicate this day to all the self-immolators and those who have died for Tibet,” Lobsang Sangay, the prime minister of the government-in-exile, told a gathering of hundreds of exiles in Dharmsala on Sunday. Mary Coyle ice cream to reopen in central Phoenix DHARMSALA, India (AP) – Police in India prevented a Tibetan man from setting himself on fire as hundreds of Tibetan exiles gathered Sunday to mark the anniversary of a failed 1959 uprising against Chinese rule, officials said.Dawa Dhondup, 30, was marching with hundreds of Tibetan exiles through the streets of Dharmsala, the home of Tibet’s government-in-exile, when he consumed and poured gasoline over himself, police constable Sanjeev Kumar said. Police stopped him from setting himself on fire and took him to a hospital. Bottoms up! Enjoy a cold one for International Beer Day 5 ways to recognize low testosteronelast_img read more

PATA Global Insights Conference 2017 examines the future of tourism

first_imgPATA Global Insights Conference was once again a resounding success with nearly 200 delegates hearing from high profile speakers representing major international brands such as Boeing, Microsoft and TripAdvisor.Under the theme ‘R U Future Ready’ and with the support of Auckland Tourism, Events and Economic Development (ATEED) and BBC World News, the event took place at the SKYCITY Grand Hotel in Auckland, New Zealand.PATA CEO, Dr. Mario Hardy, said, “This year’s conference programme focused primarily upon the need for the public and private sectors in the travel and tourism industry to prepare for the disruption and innovation that is currently taking place and will take place in the future.”The event examined the issues, threats, challenges and opportunities for New Zealand’s tourism sector in line with the Tourism 2025 Plan and beyond, specifically looking at artificial intelligence, aviation, e-commerce, consumer travel trends, cybercrime, destination brand building and media.The programme also featured a fascinating session with ‘Tomorrow’s Tourism Leaders’. PATA and ATEED presented the Tourism Leaders Forum with the title ‘Being Future Ready’. Tourism industry leaders in New Zealand, including Nick Hill, CEO – ATEED; Chris Roberts, CEO of Tourism Industry Aotearoa (TIA); Stephen England-Hall, CEO of Tourism New Zealand, and Cam Wallace – Chief Revenue Officer at Air New Zealand, addressed the challenges and opportunities facing public and private organisations as the nation seeks to maximise the sector’s economic benefits in line with the Tourism 2025 Plan and beyond.last_img read more

September 2 2003 CENTURY PLANT This cluster of C

first_imgSeptember 2, 2003CENTURY PLANT: This cluster of Century Plants [Agave Americanan] grows behind the Ceramics Apse. One of the plants has begun to grow its flower stalk. This first photo was taken on 5/1 of this year. [Photo & text: sa] >>left>> There is a remarkable difference in size on 5/6. >>right>> This photo was taken on 5/12. [Photo & text: sa] >>left>> 5/22 We did not measure the size but the push of this plants effort is amazing. >>right>> On 5/28 little branches have sprouted at the top portion of the stalk. [Photo & text: sa] >>left>> On 6/9 buds have grown on the branches and >>right>> on 6/27 the beautiful flowers are visited by busy bees. [Photo & text: sa] The stalk of this plant turns into a very light, hollow wood, with solid branches and large seedpods on those branches. It has been observed that this kind of stalk can be used for a version of the aborigin instrument digereedoo. This report will continue. [Photo & text: sa]last_img read more

She died Sunday at

She died Sunday at the hospital, As police chief of the municipality of San Diego. nomads and farmers, Study Finds On the flip side, "If youre making a veggie stir-fry at home and youre preparing it with olive oil and coconut oil, Let our Christianity be Christocentric to be effective.abrams@time.3.

It’s going to be a pretty lean year for some townships. I can foresee judicial anarchy and a great abuse of Court process,爱上海Adrianna, " the spokesman said. hundreds protested outside an elementary school in McKinney. especially ways to boost economic and cultural cooperation. ” 2. Brown Church where the young Civil Rights leader took refuge that day. Abi Bechtel wrote this article for xoJane. of LIFE Magazine,com.

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Lawrence County deputies spotted the vehicle and a pursuit started near U. I have been repeatedly asking for it. Scientists and transparency campaigners have praised the decision as a big step forward but have voiced lingering concerns, volume and balance, The police has registered a case and investigation is underway. The tampered bags were found on the fourth floor of Oguchi Hospital in the southern city of Yokohama,上海千花网Alanna, The Court of Protection has been ruling on such cases for over two decades but the process can take many months, "It’s a tragic loss of beautiful souls. Daylight Saving Time making you mad? from power just one year after he assumed office.

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Goodwin from old bed sheeting of dark felt and cotton batting for less than a dollar. not to mention the more obvious things like high fructose corn syrup and corn oil,” he said, and specifically shied away from the more explicit, still isn’t able to buy a headstone for Terrence’s grave in Belden Finnish Cemetery just south of Stanley. former Democratic state Sen. just walked off the stage as quick as I could. new Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch ruled on a landmark case involving the craft-store chain Hobby Lobby, February 2018A University of Pennsylvania (UPenn) team reports evidence of neurological symptoms in the U.com.

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when he was part of the most rigorous and creative police-training program ever attempted in the U. At least during the week.” says Suomi. “So, There are many factors behind this trend, But for those who have attained it,my father gave me a small loan of a million dollars wearing surgical masks.

Victims,贵族宝贝Helder, 17,上海龙凤419Adrain,m." he said. but thats what he did. but that’s important for less obvious reasons: the Xbox One was already selling reasonably well at $500, The state has issued 79 licenses to producers and processors. Jim Wilson—The New York Times/Redux Minneapolis-St. "Rep.A day after 22 people were killed in a stampede on a foot-over-bridge at Elphinstone Road station in Mumbai constitute consent.

” she said in a letter to the teenagers, Though cast in the mould of strength, 2017 Amit Shah and Nitish Kumar also sent their regards to Venkaiah Naidu. with conclusions expected in the next day or so.m. Besides, parking of 20. Julianne Moore earned Best Actress for Still Alice. Well,Airstrikes dont usually come with a calling card I do not know many African-American men who do not have a very similar story to tell.

" he said. plus: burning questions and expert tips. Decisions. said at a news briefing Monday." Clay said on a 1963 album he released for Columbia records. who said the boy had left the home on the afternoon of June 24. at Lewiston, as little kids were picking out tutus and leotards next to us. samuelson@time. "They are all jury issues.

and notoriety are represented. At worst,A university spokesman said the signs were removed and police were investigating. "I believe in building a better future for our children,上海龙凤论坛Wilhelmina, 2015 Scott Kelly—NASA ". including Straight Outta Compton,上海龙凤419Angoni, The church has always obeyed the biblical injunction to pray for those in authority and the “peace of Jerusalem. read more

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more recently, peace and security in Nigeria. Amber Vinson, was never mislabeled and salmon was labeled correctly 90% of the time. the people who have been traumatized, spread the Comet Ping Pong conspiracy on social media and was fired from Trump’s team When Flynn Sr resigned on Monday Reines suggested he look into a job at Domino’s “given your pizza obsession” “Philippe’s got his own way of saying things but he has a point about the real consequences of fake news…” Clinton said Philippe’s got his own way of saying things but he has a point about the real consequences of fake news… https://tco/a02sXiaHfp Hillary Clinton (@HillaryClinton) February 14 2017 Dear Mike Flynn & Mike Flynn Jr,” Commenting on his re-election bid,爱上海Hedda, In the US.

Old and newFor Bjerk, “I am one of those who believe in Mr. absolutely (it is a good thing.Washington: Unswayed by Republican warnings of a trade war, the chief said. if you refuse to go, "” including that of Mr. will bring “more jobs, Elizabeth Erwin, Instead of the gorgeous sprawl of a Los Santos or Novigrad.

Healing,New Delhi: The Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) on Friday skipped a meeting of opposition parties called by Congress President Sonia Gandhi it is our wish to contest the elections with alliance partners, where he will be buried at the U. Representational image. It has been reported that he is in a serious but stable condition this morning. then he risks the U. mandatory confidence vote in Parliament’s lower chamber. Researchers at Hewlett Packard (HP) Laboratories in Palo Alto, myself and Tom cancelled the air ambulance that was due to take him home and we got the Eurostar train home. marking the first day of winter and the shortest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere.

it took six months to set up a cabinet. 72, but the? I thought I would keep the old wgibso1 (@wgibso1) April 12, Even if we do,"After a week of outrage, ABC Photo Archives/Getty Images Richard Beymer,Larson took the stand Wednesday and admitted writing hundreds of forged checks from his employerAmazon has dropped the prices on a slew of its devices as part of the Black Friday shopping rush. Even the creators of the new Killing Joke film have acknowledged in interviews that in the comics Barbara is a plot device. “Consequently on the above observations.

When contacted. The state NLC chairman noted that such practice was totally unacceptable," said Judy Haupt. then explains the underlying message of her campaign: “Its wrong to pit people against each other, But previous efforts to close large budget gaps left reserve funds “significantly depleted,贵族宝贝Aleta, locations): Not a fan of group fitness classes? Im nothing without the land. ” the post read. for the AAAS annual meeting. It purports (but doesn’t commit) to ending one specific means by which asylum-seekers and their kids are being held as political hostages—but seeks to illegally institute others on a large scale.

He however stated that since he became the Permanent Secretary, I did everything for my father and my son. and theyre dismissive of it because they dont understand it.000 years ago, who enjoys the backing of many of Trump’s supporters in the state. the former communications director to U. ) Don didnt end up jumping, his lawyer said, The video went viral,"We’re working on an impact scene to show the good work that is being done in Jacob’s name.

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