Holiday Gift Budgets

first_imgThis year, give yourself a holiday present that saves you money. Treatyourself to a bill-free new year and get ready for the 1998 holiday seasonwhile you’re at it, said a University of Georgiafinancial specialist.”If you’ve already bought presents and done all of your holiday spendingfor this year, it’s not too late to repair a blown budget,” said EstherMaddux, an extension financialspecialist with the UGA Collegeof Family and Consumer Sciences. “Make your plans now to quickly repaythis year’s holiday debt and to prepare a spending plan for next year.”Holiday costs include more than just presents, though. You can sinka lot of money into gift wrapping, postage, parties, eating out, decorating,entertaining, holiday clothing, travel expenses, film and photo processing,donations, childcare costs and even bargain items at after-holiday sales.”Many people don’t think of these expenses as holiday expenses, butthey really add up,” Maddux said.Paying with a credit card seems like an easy solution to holiday spending,but Maddux said that quick, painless signature on a credit slip can painfullydrag out holiday debt repayment for months.”If you do choose to use credit cards, you still need to budget andstay within your budget,” she said. “And have a plan to repay the creditcard issuer within three months.”How much should you spend on the holidays? Maddux recommends spendingno more than 1.5 percent of your gross household income.At the beginning of 1998, Maddux recommends figuring that amount andsetting it aside through the year for your next season’s holiday spending.Many banks offer “Christmas Club” accounts and your employer may automaticallydeduct a set amount from your paycheck for direct depositÿ into thataccount.”If the money doesn’t go into your regular spending account, it’s mucheasier to save it,” Maddux said.When next year’s holiday season rolls around, you’ll have cash jinglingin your pocket to get you in the mood for the season.Just because you have the money doesn’t mean you have to spend it ongifts. “Think about the cost of the gift and the value it will have threemonths later,” Maddux said.Will a $100 trendy outfit be as valuable as a special trip with friendsor family? Do you remember what gifts you received last year? Can you rememberwho you spent time with?Time, though free, can be the most precious gift to give many relativesand friends.last_img read more

Project RFPs

first_imgThe Feed the Future Innovation Lab for Peanut Research is calling for concept notes in two Areas of Inquiry: varietal development and value-added gains.Varietal development is an important part of the program because effective and efficient development of improved varieties is key to increased production of peanuts. A primary focus of the Peanut Lab is to partner with national peanut breeding programs to enhance their capabilities to breed for new peanut varieties that meet the requirements of their respective programs. This will be accomplished by linking U.S. and host country breeding programs to apply the most effective tools, including those of genomics, phenotyping and information management, towards the development and dissemination of improved varieties.Value-added gains fit into the scope of the Peanut Lab since integrating research into a value chain perspective can help to target research and increase the likelihood for adoption and impact. Focus research areas in the RFP include addressing private sector demand, bottlenecks in innovation adoption and scale-up, crop management practices, use of peanut as animal feed, improved post-harvest quality and reduced losses, and increasing resilience. The Peanut Lab is employing a Piestar project management system, including for project proposals. To download the RFP, go to the Peanut Lab Opportunities page.  Support documents (such as the data management plan) are on the Peanut Lab’s Work with Us page of our website.More Requests for Proposals will be issued in the near future.last_img read more

Sachem School District’s Internal Information Leaked

first_imgSign up for our COVID-19 newsletter to stay up-to-date on the latest coronavirus news throughout New York Internal information from the Sachem Central School District was leaked to a local message board, the school district said Friday.Sachem officials posted a statement on the district’s website alerting parents that “internal information” was shared with a message board but ruled out any “network intrusion.”Suffolk County police has been notified, the school district said, adding that it is also actively looking into and “dealing with the issue.”The statement does not specifically say what kind of information was shared with the local message board. It also did not identify which message board the internal information appeared on.“If you have any information about the situation that could help police with their investigation, please email,” reads the statement.Suffolk police could not immediately comment on the incident.The district’s superintendent could not be reached for comment.Full statement:It has come to our attention that internal information from the Sachem Central School District has been shared on a local message board. We have run tests to show that there has been no network intrusion to the district’s systems. Suffolk County Police is involved in the matter. The school district is actively looking into and dealing with the issue. If you have any information about the situation that could help police with their investigation, please email read more

7 Dogs, Cats That Will Warm Your Home, Heart

first_imgSign up for our COVID-19 newsletter to stay up-to-date on the latest coronavirus news throughout New York With so many cute dogs and cats available for adoption this week, it’s hard to choose which one to take home. Read all about how to adopt some of the cutest cats and dogs on Long Island right here!Available for adoption at the Little Shelter in Huntington:BrynnMeet this Shelter Director’s Pet of the week, Brynn, a gorgeous 8-year-old Pit mix who has been a resident of the Little Shelter since June 2017. She is a true cuddle bug who loves snuggling up with her favorite people. She enjoys playing with stuffed toys and going on nice walks through the woods.For the month of February, Brynn’s adopter will be sent home with a month’s supply of food (which she loves), a great big basket of toys, a big fluffy dog bed, a free vet visit and specially priced adoption fee, so long as the adopter meets all Little Shelter adoption standards. She is spayed, up to date on all her vaccinations and microchipped! MurryMurry is a sweet 11-year-old Poodle mix with lots of love to give. While he enjoys spending much of the day napping, he loves going on walks and making new friends. He even has a special little hop dance he does to get people to pet him-it doesn’t get much cuter than that!! This sweet, happy-go-lucky boy would be a great companion for anyone.PeanutThis humble fellow is Peanut, who originally arrived at the Little Shelter with his two brothers when their owner passed away. Both his brothers have since been adopted and now it’s Peanuts turn to find his forever home. Peanut loves getting affection, especially chin scratches and will look up at you with pleading eyes to cuddle with him.He is a quiet cat despite his larger size and very nimble jumping up the cat trees to take a nap. He has spent almost his entire life in a home and would be a great companion to any lucky family. Come to Little Shelter and meet this adorable chunk of love today!For more information on adopting Brynn, Murry or Peanut, call the Little Shelter at 631-368-8770, or visit 33 Warner Rd., Huntington.Available for adoption at the Town of Hempstead Animal Shelter in Wantagh:SugeAt 2 1/2 years old, Suge sure has been through a lot and he is surely ready for life to get good! Suge came to the shelter as a stray in June 2016. Poor Suge required emergency surgery because he had a corn on the cob in his digestive track that was causing him major issues.He was returned to his owner, only to be surrendered to us because  they couldn’t afford him. As per his previous owner, he is house-trained and crate trained and knows thecommands “sit”, “stay”, “down” and “come”. Suge is also friendly with people and is said to have lived with  people of all ages. Suge is such a good boy that he is currently an office dog, and is as sweet as pie!He is very quiet, doesn’t mind being in crate, and just LOVES attention and affection. Suge will need slow  intros with other dogs. If you are interested in adopting Suge, call 516-785-5220, visit 3320 Beltagh Ave., Wantagh or email adoption@tohmail.orgAvailable for adoption at The Town of Oyster Bay Animal Shelter:SudsHow cute is Suds?! Suds (reference #170586) came to the shelter as a stray in mid-October. He is a white and black very handsome male that is now neutered and up to date on all his vaccines.He also has a microchip so he will never be lost again. When he came to the shelter he was very scared but after some TLC, he has made such a turnaround and now he loves to be with people. Suds is only 3 years old and would love to be with a family he can finally call his own. SpankyLittle Spanky (reference #180022) was found as a stray and brought to the shelter in mid-January. It was one of the very cold nights and he was crying and sitting all alone. Thankfully a good Samaritan brought him to the shelter.Spanky is estimated to be just about 2 years old. He is a happy, healthy, domestic short haired male that has been given the VIP treatment like any animal that comes to the Town of Oyster Bay Animal shelter. Spanky even gets along great with other cats too. He is ready to find a warm, safe place that he can call home so head down and visit this cutie pie today!For more information about adopting Suds or Spanky, call the Town of Oyster Bay Animal Shelter at 516-677-5784.Available for adoption at North Shore Animal League America in Port Washington:This 7-year-old stunner is none other than Tutu (reference #BF1345). Tutu was locally rescued and is waiting patiently for her human. This tortie hopes for an experienced cat parent who will patiently navigate her through the transition to her true home, one with older children and no other pets. She will rule your heart if you offer her a safe place to spend her forever in a loving home.For more information on how to get toasty with Tutu, email always, thanks for reading and please remember to always adopt, never shop…pass it on!last_img read more

Financially literate members are your greatest assets

first_imgBeing a financial educator to your customers has never been more important than it is today. Consumers are starved for helpful tips on budgeting and building wealth. And, while statistics on financial literacy are often discouraging, it leaves the door wide open for your organization to meet the growing need for financial literacy. A FICO 2014 Survey of U.S. bank customers found that only 30% of financial institutions’ customers received a passing grade on their financial knowledge.It’s no surprise that younger people were less informed than the older generations. Those who were satisfied with their current financial institutions also answered better than those who weren’t. The study showed a correlation between financial literacy and better customer engagement, more use of services, and decreased likelihood to switch financial institutions. What better reason to ensure your current and future customers have the tools and information they need to make informed decisions about their financial future? Although rate is an important consideration, providing value is also key to retaining your valued customers.The important question you should ask yourself is: Are you doing enough to deepen your customer relationships? continue reading » 2SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblrlast_img read more

Island of Vis – Mamma Mia Theme Park?

first_imgThe island of Vis and the town of Komiža are specific topologies within the Croatian and Adriatic geographical and cultural-historical context and the wider, Mediterranean cultural-historical and geopolitical environment which, through identity created as a result of cultural stratification that has taken place over the centuries, offers a rich socio-cultural landscape.Sudden events, such as the invasion of Hollywood film production and the arrival of a film set on the island can create a rift within local culture and become a source of stress to community members, thereby compromising local identity. This is confirmed by the example of the small Greek island of Skopelos, once known for its white prunes, olives, pears, fragrant pines, silence, authentic small towns on the hills, empty beaches, taverns and pristine island life. After becoming the film set for the shooting of the first part of the film Mamma Mia, it became a popular tourist destination, with the mass and uncontrolled arrival of tourists completely devastating the island. Hotels are booked months in advance and bars and restaurants use the image of the film neglecting the local identity. Every few hours the ship unloads new groups of Mamma Mia fans. The overcapacity of resources resulted in an increase in prices, which deprived the locals of a quality life, while the sudden overcrowding changed the habits of the local community and thus endangered the identity of the island. For example, residents were accustomed to going to cafes and taverns that were the center of social life. However, after the film was made, such a way of life almost disappeared. The locals could no longer afford the way of life they were used to. Even store prices have risen dramatically. In addition, instead of promoting the natural beauty and authentic way of life of the island, its architecture and history, the tourist offer was taken over by film tourism based on the artificial world of attractions. The presentation of the island after the shooting was based exclusively on film images based on a set of symbols, information, ideas and impressions and the tourist offer that distances the site from the authentic Kefalonian identity.The focus of the filmmaker is the film and its success, not the consequences within the community and place after they stop filming. They “create the film they want, not the tourist image that…. the community wants. When the film, as is the case with the Greek “mama mia” island, becomes part of a not necessarily well-controlled promotion of the place and if the elements of the film (actors, landscape perceived as film scenography, narrative and symbolic context) become the focus of tourist interest and attract film fans tourism – the impact on the local community raises questions of authenticity, identity and representation of cultural and natural heritage.Photo: screengoblin.comIn order to point out the possibility of a similar scenario on the island of Vis, within the EU project Participatory Art for Invisible Communities (PAIC), which involves partners from Croatia, Denmark, Slovenia and Spain and deals with the identity of marginalized communities with the aim of reactivating and revitalizing which took place in Komiža during the filming of Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again !, posters were printed that oppose the symbols of Hollywood and the powerful film industry and social and cultural development of the local community and raise the issue of preserving and presenting identity through “Hollywoodization” an escape to a different “world,” creating a deceptive, pseudo-reality that creates an artificial and false relationship to the locality. Because the island of Vis these days is not only becoming the Greek island of Kefalos on which the scenography for the film is being built, but it is turning into a fictional Mamma Mia island – Kalokairi. Instead of promoting its pristine natural beauty, culture, architecture, history and identity, it is in danger of being promoted which will harm rather than contribute to its cultural and sustainable tourism development.However, posters pointing to the possibility of losing authenticity and identity under the pressure of film tourism (which most often has the characteristics of uncontrolled mass tourism) and questioning the impact the film industry has on small island communities have stirred filmmakers and they have demanded their removal. Thus, on Vis, those who point to the problem and want to convince the general public and island communities that the authenticity of the place is an important aspect of social development and maintenance of local identity and sense of place (sense of place) have become a problem.Preserving heritage as evidence of one’s own past and local culture is intrinsically important and can become a strong connecting element of community life, so it is important to ensure local cultural values ​​and mediate past, present and future through culture, and preserve and strengthen the island’s specific atmosphere and characteristics. A powerful film industry that distorts the cultural life of the community, threatening to replace authenticity with fabricated identity, jeopardizes the possibility of development based on one’s own values.Author: Irena Sertić, PAIC project coordinatorlast_img read more

81 new airlines opened in the summer flight schedule to Croatia

first_imgMost Croatian airports this year also recorded an increase in the number of rotations compared to the previous season, and according to the absolute number of announced new rotations, the leading airports in Zadar with a 25 percent increase, Pula with a 7 percent increase and Dubrovnik with a 4 percent growth .  During the summer flight schedule, which covers the period from 31 March to 27 October 2019, 81 new airlines were introduced to Croatia, including scheduled, low cost and charter lines with 24 world markets. RELATED NEWS: “The new airlines and the increase in the number of rotations are, among other things, the result of the activities of the Croatian Tourist Board. We cooperate with airlines through programs of strategic promotional campaigns in emitting markets, which aim to position Croatia as an attractive and well-connected year-round destination. We are especially pleased with the new intercontinental line on the Philadelphia-Dubrovnik route, which connects us with the US market for the first time in almost 30 years. “, said the director of the Croatian National Tourist Board Kristjan Staničić, adding that this year for strategic marketing partnerships with tour operators and airlines slightly more than 40 million kuna has been provided. TOURISTS FROM THE UK WILL NOT NEED EU VISAS AFTER BREXIT AIRPORTS RECOGNIZED TRAFFIC GROWTH A direct flight from Croatia to the USA is being introduced Looking at the markets, most new lines, ie 14 of them, start from the cities of Germany, followed by 12 new lines from the UK market, 8 lines from France, 5 lines from Italy, 4 lines from the Netherlands, etc. center_img Of the airlines, most new routes were launched by Ryanair, 15 of them, and it is worth mentioning 8 new Volotea lines, 6 new TUI lines and 5 new easyJet lines.  Analyzing the summer flight schedule by the number of rotations, most rotations are planned between Croatia and Germany, the UK, France, Austria and Switzerland.   CROATIAN AIRPORTS SUMMER FLIGHTS ANNOUNCED Most new lines from Germany, the UK and France Also, the first week of the summer flight schedule started with a record 252 flights, which is a 30 percent increase compared to the first week of the summer flight schedule last year. The most flights in the first week were recorded at the airports in Zagreb, Split and Dubrovnik.   Most new routes will fly to airports in Zadar, Split, Dubrovnik, Pula and Rijeka.last_img read more

‘Don’t worry, I’m fine,’ insists Juve coronavirus victim Rugani

first_imgJuventus and Italy defender Daniele Rugani told fans ‘don’t worry, I’m fine’ on Wednesday after becoming the first Serie A footballer to test positive for the new coronavirus.The 25-year-old “is currently asymptomatic,” the Italian champions said, but the Turin-based club are “currently activating all the isolation procedures required by law, including those who have had contact with him.””I want to reassure all those who are worried about me, I’m fine,” Rugani later said on Instagram.  He has played just three league games this season, most recently against Brescia on February 16 and SPAL on February 22.He was on the bench in Lyon for the Champions League last-16, first-leg clash on February 26 in France and the team’s last game against Inter Milan in Serie A on March 8.Inter said Wednesday that “all competitive activities have been suspended until further notice” as a result of Rugani’s positive test.”The club is currently taking steps to put all the necessary procedures into place,” the Milan club said.Juventus are due to host Lyon in their Champions League return fixture behind closed doors in Turin next Tuesday.All sports in Italy have been suspended until April 3, including Serie A football, but Champions League and Europa League matches are under the jurisdiction of UEFA.UEFA called off two Europa League games on Thursday between Italian and Spanish teams. Inter Milan were set to host Getafe with Roma due to travel to Sevilla.In the Champions League, Barcelona are also due to host Italian club Napoli next Wednesday.Many Serie A clubs had suspended training until next week but Juventus continued to train ahead of their planned Champions League tie.Juventus star Cristiano Ronaldo is currently in Portugal with his mother who suffered a stroke.”Cristiano Ronaldo did not train and remains in Madeira pending developments related to the current health emergency,” the team said earlier Wednesday.Italy’s 60 million residents are in lockdown in a desperate bid to halt the spread of a virus which claimed 196 lives in the last 24 hours.Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte announced on Wednesday that all stores, except for pharmacies and food shops, would now be shut.Topics : “At this moment, however, I feel even more duty to thank all the doctors and nurses who are struggling in hospitals to cope with this crisis. “I invite everyone to respect the rules, because this virus makes no distinctions! Let’s do it for ourselves, for our loved ones and for those around us.”Rugani is the first top-flight footballer to fall victim to the virus which has killed 827 in Italy, the second most stricken country in the world after China, and infected 12,000 people, including several Serie C players.Rugani has spent the last seven years at league leaders Juventus apart from a two-year loan spell at Empoli.last_img read more

Saint-Etienne slam Arsenal for ‘unacceptable’ demands to keep William Saliba for French Cup final

first_imgWilliam Saliba is now set to miss the French Cup final with Saint Etienne (Getty Images)Saint-Etienne have hit out at Arsenal as William Saliba will no longer play in the French Cup final later this month.The Gunners signed Saliba in a £27 million deal last year but the centre-back has remained on loan with Saint-Etienne this season.The Ligue 1 campaign was cancelled in April in response to the coronavirus pandemic but Saint-Etienne are still due to play Paris Saint-Germain in the final of the Coupe de France on July 24.On Tuesday, Mikel Arteta gave his blessing for Saliba to play in the final and indicated that an agreement had been reached between Arsenal and Saint-Etienne.AdvertisementAdvertisementADVERTISEMENTBut the French club now claim that Saliba will not feature due to Arsenal’s absolutely unacceptable sports and financial conditions’. View 3 comments William Saliba has spent the season on loan at Saint-Etienne (Getty Images)More: FootballRio Ferdinand urges Ole Gunnar Solskjaer to drop Manchester United starChelsea defender Fikayo Tomori reveals why he made U-turn over transfer deadline day moveMikel Arteta rates Thomas Partey’s chances of making his Arsenal debut vs Man CityA statement from Saint-Etienne read: ‘AS Saint-Etienne was pleased to learn yesterday Tuesday that Mikel Arteta, Arsenal coach, was ready to leave William Saliba at the disposal of the club until the final of the Coupe de France, July 24. ‘William Saliba had been training for several days with Claude Puel’s group and was obviously very enthusiastic about the idea of ​​finishing his course in Green with such a match. ‘Alas, ASSE, which simply wanted the extension of the initial loan until July 24, could not find an agreement in the evening with Arsenal to allow the defender to properly prepare and play this meeting, the English club imposing absolutely unacceptable sports and financial conditions.’Follow Metro Sport across our social channels, on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. For more stories like this, check our sport page. Metro Sport ReporterWednesday 1 Jul 2020 7:54 amShare this article via facebookShare this article via twitterShare this article via messengerShare this with Share this article via emailShare this article via flipboardCopy link2.5kShares Advertisement Advertisement Saint-Etienne slam Arsenal for ‘unacceptable’ demands to keep William Saliba for French Cup finallast_img read more

Benitez: One game at a time

first_img The Spaniard, whose position was under scrutiny following his impassioned monologue against his title of ‘interim manager’ and the continued barracking of the club’s fans, maintains he will see out his contract until the end of the season. There are numerous hurdles to negotiate, though, beginning this week at Steaua Bucharest, who knocked Ajax out of the Europa League, and then next Sunday’s FA Cup quarter-final at Manchester United. “One game at a time,” said Benitez, following Chelsea’s 1-0 Barclays Premier League defeat of West Brom. Press Association He added: “We have to go to Bucharest before we can concentrate on this (the United) game. Both games are important, but one is just one game and one is two legs. “I’m really pleased after winning, without thinking what will happen in the future. We had to produce a good game, we did it. The players enjoyed it, the fans were behind the team. Everything was positive. What will happen in the next week, I don’t know.” The Old Trafford fixture, against Benitez’s old foe Sir Alex Ferguson, takes place between the Europa League last-16 legs with Steaua. The proximity of the matches means Benitez has a selection dilemma, with a Champions League spot in the Premier League the over-riding priority, but silverware desirable too. It will be intriguing to see if – and where – Benitez deploys captain John Terry. The Blues skipper, who is still managing his return from a knee injury, was again an unused substitute against the Baggies, having played at the Riverside Stadium. Gary Cahill was also on the bench after missing the Middlesbrough match with a virus, with Branislav Ivanovic and David Luiz in central defence. “We have to manage the squad,” Benitez said. “You need fresh legs. We have to decide, that’s it. We have to manage his (Terry’s) fitness and be careful. He’s training. Match fitness and training sessions are two different things and he’s improving.” Fernando Torres was also named among the substitutes, coming on late after Demba Ba’s 28th-minute strike had proved the difference, and again, Benitez is happy with the options at his disposal. “We have two strikers with different qualities and they can do a job for us,” the Spaniard said. center_img Rafael Benitez knows that at Chelsea, perhaps more than any other club, it is important to take things game-by-game and he is not yet ready to look towards the FA Cup clash at Manchester United.last_img read more