The Huatugou Airport was 1 billion 100 million

This is a "strict to self-cultivation" as the theme of the discussion;

the major projects in our province Guoluo, Huatugou Airport and other financial support, is a great support to our province major infrastructure construction. At present, Golog airport is in full construction, plans to put into use in August 2016; the Huatugou Airport has opened operations in the day before. The country’s strong financial support, making the construction of air routes in Qinghai more and more effective.  
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Provincial propaganda mission continued to preach the spirit of the Third Plenary Session of the pro

Even Japan, part of the community members went to Yushu, Yushu City, Yushu City, Hainan provincial Party committee propaganda, Tongde County, Tongde County owned GA BA Songduo Town, province of the democratic party system, China Mobile group Qinghai Co. Ltd., to carry out the study and implementation of the party’s propaganda activities focus on the third Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee.

preaching activities, the provincial Party committee lecturer Professor, the provincial CPPCC National and Religious Committee Director Wang Huaping, the provincial Party committee lecturer Professor, Academy of Social Sciences, vice president Su Haihong, provincial Party school, former vice president Wang Zhifeng, head of the provincial Party committee lecturer Guo Yunfu respectively from the great significance on the comprehensive deepening reform of the guiding ideology, basic principles and overall objectives. The tasks and major initiatives on deepening reform, on strengthening and improving the party on the three aspects of deepening the reform of the Party leadership, the spirit of the the third Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee conducted a comprehensive profound elaboration, report to the combination of theory and practice, comprehensive and thorough, in reality, the masses. read more

Rule against illegal action from the 599 involved in licensing illegal acts were investigated

Reporters from the Provincial Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Corps was informed that in the "cure." the second wave of unified action, the province’s traffic control department of the public security police were dispatched 7180 passengers, set the duty card 590, set up the law enforcement squad 263, to carry out a unified action 242 times, investigate and deal with illegal acts involving brand of card 599.

Xining Forest five create a beautiful green home

to speed up the establishment of national forest city pace, according to the National Forest City evaluation standards, combined with the actual situation of forest city construction in Xining City, "the Township Forest" and "forest village", "Forest Park", "forest channel" and "forest people" the five event will be created within the city in full swing.

April 15th, reporters learned that the leading group to create a national forest city work conference from the city, a selection of five forest ecological greening in urban and rural areas as the focus, to mobilize and organize the city’s extensive afforestation activities to create a green home, "let the forest into the city, making the city to embrace the forest". read more

Xining West tax bureau to carry out the preliminary results of the entertainment industry tax inspec

Xining City West Inland Revenue Bureau to carry out the entertainment industry tax inspection, achieved initial results.

recently, the joint inspection team west bureau in conjunction with industry and commerce, public security, social development bureau, urban management, taxation and other departments of the district more than and 100 households entertainment tax registration, tax payment, invoices and other checks, found that part of the entertainment industry transfer is frequent, short period of management, problems such as tax evasion. In response to this situation, the joint inspection team to take a variety of measures to be corrected and punished, to the present, a total of more than twenty thousand yuan of tax collection. (author: Wang Feng)
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Xining City North District 78 million 900 thousand yuan to help agricultural development

This year, the total investment of 78 million 900 thousand yuan in the north of the city of Xining development of agricultural projects, to achieve the protection of supply, providing leisure and agricultural efficiency, the goal of farmers to get rich. Among them, about 9000000 yuan for the implementation of scientific and technological workers lead demonstration park, Qinghai province to create standard garden vegetables and standardized breeding and other 6 projects, about 69900000 yuan for the implementation of the provincial pollution-free vegetable technology promotion, open field vegetables standard garden, "one village one product" 10 new projects. (author: Peng Na, Yan Qingqing) read more

The innovation of endowment pattern financial nternet Plus + pension model landing in Qinghai

By August 26th, the Pension Service Association of Qinghai Province, Qinghai province sponsored jifenbao Electronic Technology Co. Ltd. hosted the 2015 mobile Internet plus financial + pension model upgrading to achieve sustained profitability of cross-border consumer pension new model project seminar "held, marking the new pension model Internet plus financial + pension this fall in Qinghai, in the future, as long as consumers through designated Consumer pension card can earn points, zero cost increment of pension savings. The move for the public to explore a new pension model.

"at the end of 2013, the aging population in our province has reached 635 thousand and 300 people, an average annual increase of 35 thousand and 900. It is expected that by 2020, the annual growth rate of the elderly in the province of 3.2%, the annual net increase of more than 15 thousand elderly people, the problem of social pension is becoming increasingly prominent, to explore a variety of new pension model is very necessary." Qinghai Pension Service Association official said.

"jifenbao consumer pension project was founded in 2009, has been launched in 16 provinces, more than and 60 prefecture level city. The seminar, Qinghai Po Po Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. signed a cooperation agreement with a number of businesses on the scene.  
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Wang Jianjun served as deputy governor of Qinghai

12 20, the Qinghai Provincial People’s Congress Standing Committee held its thirty-first meeting of the twelfth. Mu Dongsheng, deputy director of the provincial people’s Congress Standing Committee, Deng Bentai, Su Ning, Aung Mao,, and, the Secretary General of the people’s Republic of China, and the Standing Committee members of a total of 40 people attended the meeting, in line with the quorum of the. Mu Dongsheng presided over the meeting.

meeting to listen to and consider the provincial Party committee, organization department minister Hu Changsheng made on the case of personnel matters to draw the description. Intended person to speak before. read more

Wang Yuhu the source of Sanjiang to reproduce the thousand lakes

is now the director of the Provincial Federation of supply and marketing director Wang Yuhu, who served as governor of Yushu Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, the source of Sanjiang love".

Sanjiang is located in the hinterland of Qinghai Tibet Plateau, is the most important ecological function area, known as the "Chinese water tower", and Yushu is located in the core area of Sanjiang.

participated in the twelve session of the National People’s Congress before the four meeting, in order to experience the new changes in the source area of Sanjiang, he made a special trip to Yushu. read more

Xining bus stop information to update the public car more convenient and accurate

January 6th, the reporter learned from the Xining Municipal Transportation Bureau, after verification of the city bus stop, repair and update, the provincial bus stop has been completed in a week to update all.

bus stop for the public to play a very important role in the trip, the majority of passengers in the bus, the station will check the line operation information. However, after some fine-tuning, the bus stop is not updated, resulting in some lines of passengers can not accurately ride. To ensure that the public bus travel information is accurate, the Xining City Department of transportation in the arrangement of "two" passenger service requirements, within a week of comprehensive verification of the city’s bus stop, the bus stop and error of damage and repair and update information timely. The day before, Xining city bus stop update 26, repair the bus stop at 400. (author: Liu Peng)
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Xining 81% financial resources to invest in the livelihood of the people

this year, West District will arrange 850 million yuan, more resources to the people’s livelihood, and continuously meet the growing masses of social public service and cultural needs, for the people’s livelihood investment accounted for 81% of the total financial district.

this year, to improve school conditions continue to west area, the lake district and primary school officially put into use, Wenhui Road, the Yellow River Road Primary School, primary school and primary school the tiger Taiwan school safety project fully completed, Xingzhi Primary School indoor stadium under construction, 54 primary school, Kunlun Road Primary School information education facilities have been updated. At the same time, in accordance with national standards for school bus 5, to solve the difficult problem of school students in rural areas, has invested 45 million yuan, the introduction of public trust, the separation of management and price management mode, a public kindergarten in the lake district; improve and perfect health service system, in accordance with "build 15 minutes of health service circle the idea of building, built West West District Community Health Service medical rehabilitation centre, Hu Tai Street Community Health Service Center and West Community Health Service Center Health cabin. read more

Three elements of the nternet need to pay attention to the success of entrepreneurship

now Internet entrepreneurial wealth has become a new fashion of the society, at the same time, there are a lot of people have embarked on the road of entrepreneurship in the Internet, now a fierce social competition which, through the Internet startups need to pay attention to what things?

Provides a fair platform

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Zhang Guangrong meets with sraeli ambassador to China

provincial Party committee and executive vice governor Zhang Guangrong recently met with Israeli ambassador to China in Xining.

Zhang Guangrong welcomed the visit to Qinghai, and thanked the ambassador for his efforts to promote cooperation between Israel and Israel over the years. After a brief introduction to the basic situation of Qinghai and the general situation of economic development, Zhang Guangrong said that although Qinghai is far away from Israel, cultural differences, but the exchange between the two sides has never stopped. We attach great importance to developing friendly relations with Israel, as a local government, Qinghai is willing to cooperation between the two governments under the framework, to further enhance mutual understanding, to carry out a wide range of economic and trade cooperation, continue to promote the financial loan projects, promote clean energy industry exchanges and cooperation, continue to conduct exchanges and cooperation in the field of agriculture and animal husbandry, effectively promote the cooperation in tourism, make a contribution for the development of bilateral friendship and local government. Facing the future, I would like to work with the ambassador to create conditions for the further promotion of pragmatic cooperation between Qinghai and Israel and achieve common development. read more

Xining to the Republic of civilization opened passenger line

In order to continue to promote the development of the Xining passenger transport industry, to show the excellent quality of Xining passenger transport, yesterday, Xining opened to the Republic of civilization passenger demonstration line.

if the passenger passenger line has found that civilization demonstration class illegal behavior, you can call 12328 complaints, yunguanchu will be severely punished; if there are serious violations, or received serious service quality complaints and the verification is true, the driver will cancel the operation qualification.   read more

Our province national e-commerce demonstration base and the Kunlun region electronic business platfo

11 11 day 11:11, national e-commerce demonstration base and the "Kunlun Tianyu" platform launch ceremony was held in the biotechnology industry in Xining national economic and Technological Development zone. The base will make full efforts to build infrastructure, supporting facilities, innovative capacity of e-commerce industry gathering area, help the rapid development of e-commerce in our province.

Xining economic and Technological Development Zone national e-commerce demonstration base awarding formally in May 2012, the completion of the transformation and upgrading in July 2016, officially put into operation, the key to construct the platform of electronic commerce technologies such as B2B and B2C as the core, the introduction of e-commerce, information, software design and other emerging industrial enterprises. "Tianyu Kunlun" is the integrated O2O model, a new technology to build the "sharing economy" mutual business service platform, the construction of "eco industrial chain of big data + + + zero frequency light social logistics transaction". read more

Our province to start the 2016 party and government integrity inspection and accountability system

to promote the two responsibilities, a comprehensive grasp and evaluation of municipalities and provincial departments, units and members of the leadership team to fulfill the responsibility of honest honest construction, to further promote the province’s clean government and anti-corruption work in depth, recently, according to the provincial department, the province’s 2016 annual honest honest responsibility system of the construction of the special inspection the assessment work started, will implement the centralized inspection honest honest responsibility system of the construction of 70 provincial units of 8 city states. read more

Government purchase service care special family

in the new year’s Eve, the family planning association of city health and Family Planning Commission, city, city district health and Family Planning Bureau, the City District Family Planning Association, the government procurement of services, the loss of single family care services.
it is reported that the one-child family lost independence is a special social group, in order to care for the family planning special groups, the area within the jurisdiction of the 27 households over the age of 60 to carry out the loss of family care service activities. The care service to take the form of government procurement services, commissioned by domestic companies to carry out cleaning service activities, and the loss of independence for the elderly to carry out a physical examination, giving drugs. Long term measures will be formed in the urban areas, and continue to carry out a more diverse form of family planning for the loss of independence and family care, caring activities. read more

Datong County Agricultural Economic Development

this year, Datong County efforts to increase the "three rural" investment, vigorously implement the agriculture science and technology, and actively promote the integration of urban and rural construction, the rural economy and agricultural production running well, to further enhance the quality of life of farmers.

is a good development of agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry and fishery production. In the first half, the county to complete the total output value of agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry and Fisheries 344 million yuan, according to comparable price growth of 7.89%; to achieve an increase of agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry and Fisheries value of $212 million, according to parity growth of up to 7.81%. Agricultural added value of 31 million 848 thousand and 300 yuan, an increase of 34.66%; forestry added value of $7 million 542 thousand and 500; animal husbandry added value of 167 million yuan, an increase of 5.47%; agricultural service added value of $5 million 592 thousand, an increase of 0.21%. read more

How to open a clothing store management

clothing industry is a industry a lot of people who want to start a business choice, has a very large market prospect and demand for many entrepreneurs to open clothing store people, they may think that, in the shop after Everything will be fine., what things do not need to worry about yourself. In fact, a clothing store, business and management issues in the shop after, for the development of the clothing store, and whether or not to make money, have a great impact. So, how to open a clothing store business management. read more