Grain management to understand these three kinds of boss art

no matter what industry you want to succeed, leadership is very important. Of course, if you want to be their own boss, it is necessary to understand the nature of the boss should have the necessary skills, which will directly determine the future of your entrepreneurial road twists and turns. How to be a boss, you can make a career path smooth.

as a grain mill cottage Ruogu health boss, has some intelligence tips boss process and processing method, has a talent boss "ride".

boss Art: "EQ" policy, failing to calm read more

Analysis of the location problem of Chongqing small noodle shop

small noodle shop in Chongqing to join the site is generally how to get it? Many novice investors are more interested in this issue. If you want to do a good job site, you need to start from a number of aspects to understand the pros and cons of a number of common program location, a brief analysis of the small series, I hope to help you.

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28 year old master with O2O model to sell fruit gratifying gains

now many entrepreneurs are targeting online rich good business, a 28 year old master to give up a stable job, WeChat began selling green organic fruit, with innovative O2O rich and good business profits, he has been convinced that their choice is correct.

one and a half years ago, Qiu Wangjian resigned from the work of counselors, registered Changchun Fruit Trade Co. Ltd. Jian (hereinafter referred to as the "fruit health") using the O2O model, sales of green organic fruit.

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Festival marketing should pay attention to what

Festival is the climax of the Chinese people’s consumption, because of this, and now many shops will be very focused on holiday marketing. In short, holiday marketing, is a very important content of many businesses. Let the holiday marketing to promote sales, enhance the profit goal, an important task is to design the business promotion theme and creative content, no creative promotional themes and activities without any attraction to customers.

focus on product mix. During the festival, the combination of goods to meet the target consumer’s buying habits. Large package of goods and large packaging with gifts is a good choice, because the majority of household consumption behavior during this period. At this point, for the promotion of new products, the market is also a good time. During the holidays, customers have relatively abundant time to absorb commodity information, listen to the introduction and recommendation of sales staff. The old products and short shelf life of goods through the holiday sales occasion to do some special offer and gifts. In short, in the product mix, it is appropriate to use the new with the old, highlighting the new strategy. read more

How to attract consumers into the store – relief jewelry stores

open jewelry store how to attract customers into the store? Consumers will observe the store decoration and window display and other details to decide whether to enter the store reference. If you want to get a higher degree of concern, you can take a look at what can be done to enhance the attractiveness of the store. Xiaobian share a few points, I hope to help you.

, is a jewelry stores door font and size is combined with the appearance of the facade and the facade: basically determine your style, and the font selection basically determines your grades. Head word color and appearance of color appearance must be good collocation. read more

How to guarantee the quality and safety of imported fruits in Shenzhen adopted a number of regulator

fruit in our life is very beneficial to our health, so the fruits of our lives are inseparable, but how to ensure the quality and safety of imported fruit? Reporters from the Shenzhen inspection and Quarantine Bureau was informed that in 2016, the value of the fruits of Shenzhen port 2 billion 258 million U.S. dollars, an increase of 17.97%, for many years to maintain rapid growth. There are many kinds of fruits, including durian, cherry, grape and so on. Detected 5624 batches of substandard fruit, the value of the failure rate of 10.08%, an increase of up to 0.91 percentage points; intercepted all kinds of epidemics of the 135, the 32793 times, of which there are 7 kinds of quarantine pests, the 2043. read more

Remember to make money you join the pastry with

as long as the choice of delicious food and beverage to join the project, is very business opportunities, has the advantage of choice. Remember to join Tu pastry? Good project, good choice, trustworthy. If you remember to join with the pastry project, is also very seductive, hurry up!

coated Shortcake record welcome? Join money? This is every investors are very concerned about the problem, you can rest assured that not only make money, but also a lot of join advantage. Remember Mr pastry’s biggest feature is pan fried until more crisp, so students will go to Wuhan to learn the whole process all the bread and meat and noodles are made by machine operation, do a few easily fix every bag surface, using surface pressure automatic pressure of the pressure surface, do not need to people kneading by hand, and don’t need to get up early and face, this reduces the labor force. read more

Excellent step to enjoy travel in Xiamen

excellent step as a modern strength taxi software, to provide a lot of aspects of our lives. However, in order to further enhance their own economic strength and market competitiveness, the introduction of excellent step to enjoy the activities of travel, while working with Xiamen, this is a win-win strategic plan.

7 month 18, excellent step Xiamen to join hands with Seaview Resort Hotel, announced excellent step to enjoy the travel plan (Uber+Travel) landed in Xiamen.

according to reports, the Xiamen city conference held, is beginning to enjoy excellent yuho travel plans landing in Xiamen, preliminary is expected to be excellent step Chinese southern city drainage to Xiamen tourists provide assistance, but also to the Xiamen tourism resources to provide more channels to expand outward. According to the Xiamen excellent step for Lin Li, for the excellent step of loyal users to launch UIP plan in Xiamen, has 57000 members, CO branded to the welfare of future in southern city tongdui. read more

Furniture store location to know what skills

wanted to open a furniture stores for many entrepreneurs dream, but how to do the site, where the shop can make money, these problems have been plaguing you, so everyone in the shop when the will to solve this problem after brain injury, so today Xiaobian specially access to information, for everyone to find a shop in the time, how can better for everyone in this location, for everyone is very helpful, so I hope everyone can take two minutes to take a good look at the shop, for everyone is very helpful, so Xiaobian today and we talk about. This is also very helpful for everyone. read more

Brand entrepreneurship shop location skills – sharing

today’s business people are many, many people with entrepreneurial success changed his life, a lot of entrepreneurial style, brand entrepreneurship shop once decided, it must make a comprehensive study on the site, do not underestimate the shop location, location is a prerequisite for the success of the brand business shop, today Xiaobian joined China come to talk about some business shop location techniques, allowing you to easily shop.

brand entrepreneurial skills: one of the shops in the region’s economic development level, it is related to the level of income of the population in the region, that is, the ability of the regional population consumption and weak. read more

Eat buffet of these principles you know – the whole

why people love to eat buffet, not only because of cheap buffet, or because they allow consumers to choose according to their own tastes, in many people’s choice is more casual dining. What’s more, you can add unlimited amount of buffet. For big stomach king is more cost-effective. A lot of people or even a day before the flight to gobble down my stomach. ". Do you know these principles?

eat buffet, first look at the hotel’s reputation. Now many businesses have a record on the Internet, a lot of mobile phone software can help you identify the health of this restaurant, or check the business license number of the unit or the company, to confirm that is not a regular restaurant. In addition, in the evaluation system, you can view the comments of other meal guest comments, look at the store’s reputation in the end how kind. read more

A cup of cup of nine cattle steak join characteristics make special delicacy

seize the opportunity to seize the opportunity for entrepreneurs, the success of the business to choose a good opportunity is also very important. Nine how about a cup of beef steak? In the market, very popular, the best choice for small businesses, but also very reliable choice.

2017 what are the characteristics of food and beverage programs for food items, we need to choose carey. A cup of cup for nine cattle steak north? Nine cattle steak a cup of cup product research and improvement, pure handicraft, unique recipe, do pure steak flavor! A cup of nine cattle steak meat, fresh fruit, salad cup upper and lower collocation and tea, can relieve summer heat can warm, healthy nutrition for consumers it’s delicious to eat, a mass ten, ten hundred, attracting a congregation of consumers to buy, thus it is irresistibly delicious to conquer. So very suitable for development in the north. read more

Cake shop how to use music to attract customers

catering is a big service industry, the consumer is the main body, of course, how to get more traffic has become the most concerned about the business issues. There are many ways to attract customers to come, for example, the cake shop can use music. The music has become an important means of a lot of stores to attract customers, active store atmosphere and improve the flow of people, and the cake room but arbitrary playing bad Street "little apple" and "dazzle" folk style, business good? So, the cake shop how to use marketing to store music brings popularity, improve the small profit? Tell you what the songs are suitable for the read more

The petty life good the whole of cosmetics

we all know, cosmetics market, has been very hot. Moreover, the small business investment in the choice of a beautiful market, no doubt, is very wise, very choice of business opportunities. Petty life cosmetics? High quality entrepreneurial projects, a good choice for successful entrepreneurship!

data show that young people pay more attention to the consumer experience of the brand. Unique and impressive brand identity, to play entertainment, Internet, three elements highly summarizes the young people’s attitude toward the brand, entertainment and media preferences, habits, and guide the direction of choice for young consumer groups. The pursuit of "young" in many brands, and strive to seize the young consumers in only a handful of mighty wave crashing on a sandy shore, the brand can be. Petty life, has been growing up on the road to maturity. read more

The time of fresh investment funds – detailed

This is also the beginning of

, but it seems very cold to leave us, every day is still very cold, just give us some more hope. Cold winter easy to freeze hands, so you can often see some boys and girls holding steaming tea, warm. Fresh fruit time, intentions to make milk tea, taste unique. The product does not add preservatives and cream, fresh and healthy, recognized by consumers, with unmatched advantages to join.

fresh fruit time to join, the investment cost is not much, profit margins are quite large, so the requirement to have a steady flow of customers to ensure turnover. Fresh fruit time to launch the product will be a variety of coarse grains for a reasonable match, the human body has a great taste, is a good health food, catering to the needs of consumers. Fruit time to join the shop opened in the vicinity of the school, near the square, bus stations and other places where the flow is large. read more

How do the details of retail service to win customers again

if a customer is willing to visit a store again, it is because the store makes the customer satisfied and willing to be a repeat customer. The key is that many people do not know how to do a good job of detail services to win customer satisfaction. The same as retail, in normal operation, in the face of our customer service to win customer details of how to do the next visit? The author is doing so.

1, store image. Do the goods on display, do goods display neat, , no dust, put the goods FIFO, often check the date of manufacture of the product, the advent goods timely processing or shelf, ensure product freshness. read more

Good service will be able to win the hearts of all

a shop business if you get more customer recognition, such shops will undoubtedly have more customers, the store’s business will naturally be able to develop. In short, the service is the eternal theme in the retail business, do a good job of service, can not passively deal with customers, but to change into a passive initiative to win the hearts of customers.

first, in the process of customer service, to serve with active, enthusiastic and sincere attitude, provide considerate service for the customer, I do not bother, questions, with patience, care and love left a deep impression to customers. read more