An employment outside the business mentor training students creating market perception

young and young college students in the business of the sea is weak, once you can not find the direction of entrepreneurship, even with a good idea to do the ship, it may be overturned in the sea. To help students identify the future, Anhui University hired more than 50 business mentor pulse for college students’ entrepreneurship, provide the basis for decision making.

at the Anhui University, said "pocket Andy" almost no one I do not know. The university student research and development of mobile applications, a collection of scores query, curriculum table view, book lending, take away the fast call and so on more than a dozen commonly used functions, was regarded as the campus artifact". Recently, the R & D team have been striving to join the school, soon, "Andy pocket" will link "teachers" financial accounting "repair the property", provide more convenient service for teachers and students. read more

Taiyuan tourism promotion group came to Guangzhou to carry out large-scale promotional activities

is a kind of green tourism industry in the modern society, which is a very promising industry in Chaoyang, and in many places a lot of the city are vigorously developing tourism industry, recently, Taiyuan city tourism promotion group came to Guangzhou.

into the Pearl River Delta, docking market. Yesterday, Tang Jin Yun · cool Taiyuan tourism promotion will be moved to Guangzhou, Taiyuan City Tourism Bureau and the Schroder laocufang, Jinci, Coal Museum, provincial tourism center, Shanxi red horse CITS, Shanxi modern CITS display of my city abundant tourism resources and tourist routes to the city of Guangzhou, hundreds of travel agency. To the Yangcheng people issued a sincere invitation to the cool Taiyuan tour ". read more

Henan how to carry out health care reform difficult masses to solve the problem

although the standard of living is rising, people’s diet is becoming more and more rich. But in life, people are still worried about their serious illness. Is called a serious illness, the family’s savings are not, do not have to borrow a debt! In the face of such a social situation, Henan deepening medical reform, so that the majority of the masses to solve the problem of serious illness.

reporter learned from the Provincial Planning Commission Wei, the office of the provincial government recently issued "on deepening health system reform in 2016 focused on the task of Henan province" (hereinafter referred to as the "task"), from the deepening of the reform of public hospitals, consolidate and improve the universal health care system, to promote the 9 aspects of health informatization construction, in our province this year deepen the reform of the key tasks to make arrangements. read more

How to successfully open home pay special attention to the four aspects of the shoe store

are said to make children’s products easy to make money, open children’s clothing store, children’s shoes shop has become the first choice of many small entrepreneurs. Then how to successfully open home store? Combined with a large number of children’s shoes store found that children’s shoes store to manage the need to seize the following four aspects.

store location

how to successfully open home store? Store location is superior, it is related to the future of the store business is booming, so there is an old saying in the retail industry is the location, location, re location from which you can see the importance of store location. When you choose to open children’s clothing store in a place before, first of all to the local population, culture, consumption habits, income and make a survey of the market, everything must be based on establishing a good market survey, or suffer in the near future. read more

Entrepreneurs are most concerned about the good way to store earnings

no matter what is a skill, you can find, for example, shop business is a lot of knowledge of the field, for the shop early entrepreneurs, how to make the store profit is entrepreneurs are most concerned about the problem, the following China joined the net seventeen most easy Shop profits for everyone, for entrepreneurship reference:

1. vendor manage inventory

is also known as supply chain management, which is a combination of all the activities that provide products or services to the market. In general, the enterprise through the system network in time to inform the supplier of the needs of each point of sale, so that suppliers to supplement. read more

nvestment in hot pot restaurants to join the chain selection principle

hot pot is the most delicious food people eat in the winter, each hot pot restaurant business is very hot, friends get together, eating delicious hot pot can be said to be a kind of enjoyment. Open hot pot restaurant location is very important, hot pot restaurant chain to join the site selection principle?

principle: to understand the regional factors Hot pot store location:

The comprehensive factors of location

Principle two: read more

ssie Betty Seafood Buffet join advantage

what kind of buffet can move people, a word is "full", it is to eat a buffet is affordable, the premise is to have a business to make a profit of traffic, how to get traffic, to meet consumer demand is the key. Give consumers want to give consumers unexpected.

would bethe Seafood Buffet franchise, integrated Chinese and Western delicacy, including Korean barbecue, Hot pot, exquisite small fresh seafood sashimi, rich beef and mutton products, desserts, colorful fruit drinks, pizza, French Western-style food, Japanese and Korean cuisine, Shandong, Hunan, Cantonese cuisine as the theme. Unlimited supply, tasted all the delicacy food, hundreds of elite chefs for your dedication to create 300 more countries delicacy: Deep Sea Salmon, grilled oysters, tuna, shrimp, crab, crab, crab, orchid foie gras, and after dinner dessert essential. read more

How to handle the procedures before opening the steamed stuffed bun shop

a lot of people like to eat steamed stuffed bun, so the steamed stuffed bun store also opened one after another, if you also want to open their own investment steamed stuffed bun shop, then you have to do the preparatory work. The relevant procedures are essential to open a shop, open the steamed stuffed bun shop what procedures? How to handle? Let’s get to know.

must first apply for self-employed business license:

1. ready to store a copy of the real estate license, (if it is rented house also need to rent agreement) read more

How to sell tea

different times, the same shop, the service provided by the need to be different, so as to make the tea business has become more popular. And see some of the tea industry turnover in Beijing abnormal decline, I am also very anxious. What shall I do? Think carefully, in the past, the teahouse is selling products, environment and services. In the future, on the basis of the original, it should be advocated: good tea shop, selling concept.

what is the selling concept? Selling concept is the specific manifestation of selling culture, is an important measure to promote and cultivate the consumer market. In this regard, I was most impressed by the beginning of reform and opening up, there will be a road to the mountains, there will be TOYOTA road advertising. Japanese companies in order to open up the Chinese market, it is the thinking habits of Chinese consumers pondering thoroughly. An ad paved the way for Nissan to open up the Chinese market. read more

Two college entrepreneurs about entrepreneurial experience

now college students employment pressure is not small, a lot of college graduates began to choose their own business. How difficult it is for college students to start business, whether you are ready to start the business because of the difficulties in the back and choose to give up. The following two independent entrepreneurial college students entrepreneurial experience, to clarify the doubts of more college students entrepreneurship.

Xia Si into 28 years old

no matter how hard it can not shake the entrepreneurial dream read more

Guangdong 2016 college graduates employment and entrepreneurship conference held in Guangzhou


meeting will discuss, debate will convene a meeting, in Guangdong province in 2016 college graduates employment work, in-depth discussion on employment problems of college graduates in the province, strive to build a better business platform for college graduates.

read more

Food practitioners tell you how to make more money

food and beverage industry has been a long time to join the market on the project, for many entrepreneurs catering project is the first thing they join the project. Catering projects mainly rely on consumers to patronize, word of mouth, is not afraid of deep alley, as long as their catering selling strength, success point the day and await for it! No doubt the characteristics of catering market prospects! Here we take a look at the characteristics of food and beverage franchise to join the road!

read more

The rotation time of cross stitch investment money – convenient

rotating space cross stitch good? In fact, the choice of entrepreneurship to join the rotation of space and time cross stitch project, is a very good business with the advantages of joining the project. Rotary space cross stitch join? The best choice for worry free business. So, what are you hesitating about?

Beijing rotary space and time science and technology development center, referred to as (rotary space-time) is a professional company engaged in the development of Arts and crafts, with large-scale production base. For the development of enterprises, the establishment of the domestic "top" process design master R & D team. From a single processing to independent development, design, production, chain operation, designed more than 1 thousand varieties, and exported to Hong Kong and Taiwan, Europe, Southeast Asia and other parts of the world, widely praised by domestic and foreign customers. Rotary space cross stitch money making tips please enter > > read more

Agency service can make shop business fire

how can a shop to make business unpopular, and now many shopkeepers are constantly thinking about the way out, and constantly seek more ways. In fact, a small shop to do business, develop in a big supermarket "crack", not just staring at the money, but be willing to invest in customers, let the customer feel your shop is human, you think the owner is trustworthy and make friends with people.

my shop in front of the District, close to the main road of the city, the usual source to the residential tenants, supplemented by passers-by. In addition to the sale of daily necessities, but also to sell fruit, usually 32 days to go to the outskirts of the fruit wholesale market to purchase. To sell fruit profits accounted for more than 30% of the entire store profits, while the area of household consumption of fruit, to account for half of fruit sales. But since last year, I decided to sell the fruit of this profit to let go out. read more

Entrepreneurial process cut into eight steps more robust

talked about entrepreneurship, almost everyone has a set of business can be talked about, but the real implementation of the case is very few. The reason is that people who are afraid of starting a business are always more willing to bear the pressure of business. In fact, the idea of entrepreneurship is not so terrible. Therefore, here we cut the entrepreneurial process into eight steps, leading the reader to go on the road of entrepreneurship more practical.

A, from the three hundred and sixty row in the selection of your favorite read more

Bus new welfare Shu Village bus opened

in the urbanization of life, although the bus for our trip to provide a great convenience, but in the vast rural areas of public transportation is still difficult. But the village bus is an extension of the urban public transport system, but also the difficulty of the operation of the bus system. 2013, Shucheng province in the province to start the integration of urban and rural public transport work, the city had only some bus lines extended to the township. Today, there are a total of 22 Shucheng county bus lines, covering a total of 21 villages and towns, the annual mileage of 12 million km, passengers 22 million passengers. Shucheng county began further pilot village bus, so that more people travel convenience. read more

Education is the key word of mouth

education has always been a sunrise industry, at the same time, in today’s society, there have been more and more extracurricular educational institutions, at the same time in the business, will find that parents will not only valued faculty, as well as fame, in addition to pay attention to education franchise fame, reputation effect education franchise is also very important.

mouth effect

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