The use of 360 sites guards after the site was down the right to love Shanghai [case]

July 18, 2013, I accidentally in the main admin panel saw a new function of the 360 sites guards ", so to understand the" 360 sites guards ", the website is written like this:" 360 sites guards, anti attack, anti hacker, anti Trojan, security station, all-round protection network is completely free, a key to open. You can enter the control panel of the –360 site guards operation." The service provider, the advertisement is as follows:

2, I use the "360 > health website read more

The thirty thousand sites included the amount of night zero analysis

then what to do? I have already been K, then down first to do is analysis. What is the reason for K analysis. The analysis of

from where?

4. I have read an article in the station, that is due to have sex in Shanghai know too much left by the K station that links. However, the author in the above Search ask also do some promotion, also left the site link, but the love of Shanghai is that direct links and Search ask link does not jump links ah, this will result in K

to a website, the main source of visitors and search engines, if a site is search engine drop right or K stand, so it is a huge blow. For the author, every morning with a view the basic information of the website’s habits, and in the morning, the author found that the site was K, yesterday there are more than 30000 included, can all return to zero overnight. read more

Entrepreneurial accomplishment wisdom derived from 11 small scriptsThe experience of college student

scripts: "an arithmetic problem: people = eat + sleep + work + play" = pig = eat + sleep = pig + work + play people play = pig + work do not know people who play = = pigs who will go to work. Man = eat + sleep + earn money, man = pig + earn money, man earn money = pig, conclusion: men do not make money, equal to pig. Women = eat + sleep + spend money = women = pigs >

as we all know, entrepreneurship is never accomplished overnight, it requires a basic entrepreneurial culture, and this culture originates from all aspects of life. Because, every good as will temper the quality, every little minds will be derived from the wisdom. Here, from the following 11 small pieces to see the wisdom of entrepreneurial culture reflects it, read more

Dynamic URL and Shanghai dragon ranking

dynamic URL that contains question mark ULR, no specific rules, it is very messy, of course there are some dynamic URL is very short, such as dynamic URL WordPress, the default form is very short, even shorter than the static url. Generally speaking, dynamic URL than static URL longer, and not what the law gives us a out of order feeling, then, whether the dynamic URL on the website of the Shanghai dragon ranking the influence. Dynamic URL and static URL is essentially no distinction, as long as the search engine can be included. The URL website is like a bridge, but is an excessive tool only, the search engine will eventually need to determine is the quality of the content. read more

Love Shanghai search on-line CP record information display to show relevant search in some hospital

love Shanghai future also plans to support the record information display more results.

technology news November 14th morning news, from the love of Shanghai’s official news shows, Shanghai recently began to love trying to join the ICP record information in the search results, the data show only part of the hospital in search results.


, the line fell in love with the sea this data is intended to allow users to have more information, improve the user experience, reduce user selection risk. The current record information in the relevant part of the hospital in search results show, follow-up will be extended to the maintenance, customer service phone, a number of possible financial risk within the industry. read more

Love Shanghai cancel referer what a substantial impact on the station

(guess) Conclusion


advertising alliance disappeared

solution: for the record, the formal website, not illegal content. If the site is the regular site, no bad record is not content, you can try to apply the love of Shanghai alliance.

for the love of Shanghai referer approach to cancel, the official attitude is said to users search for security, privacy is not stolen by doing. According to my personal guess, love Shanghai is gradually build their own empire, want to dominate the entire Internet, third party users slowly polymerization in their own hands. This > read more

A few small details about Links cannot be ignored

Links as an important way to promote the chain of the site, plays an important role in the optimization process of the website, a lot of people are in a fantasy to establish friendly relationships with large online portals, well-known sites, not only effectively improve the weight of the website, also can bring considerable traffic. As a poor scholar’s personal website, want to climb large websites Nobilitas, for small owners, but is a luxury. About Links site choice, many webmaster have self-knowledge, and choose their own website about the same grade with an alliance. I have described today’s point of view is, Links, for small owners, mostly in accordance with the traditional Chinese friends in days of simple life, friends, feelings more friends in days of simple life, companion in adversity, really, so, do Links, just add a link to the site. read more

How to accurately optimize the website description

do more than three points, even if the site description, can also enhance the user experience. However, Shanghai search engine optimization thought, user experience can not only rely on unilateral to do content, the chain optimization should pay attention to the user experience from the start.


1) aiming to accurately but does not accumulate the keyword

home page and channel page is very important, so the demand for software writers to specifically describe the details, according to the above method to do the goods and brands, keyword natural blend together. The content is also described requirements should not be too high, the first 80 words can be automatically invoked. read more

How does the youngest entrepreneurial team bring the United States to Wall StreetHow to improve the

lead: Poly senior vice president Liu Huipu: I do not start business, too painful, but Chen Ou’s cock wire spirit is very clear, today we talk about how the United States is successful.


below is Liu Huipu’s speech record, without my review:

when there is a guest review said "do not do a particularly heavy company today, I am particularly recognized this sentence, maybe a lot of people have different interpretations of" heavy ", but must admit one thing, whether it is on the NASDAQ Jiayuan, or the NYSE jumei, the two if you want to find a common ground, that is the grass root. read more

Analysis of tourism websites in Shanghai Longfeng marketing strategy

through this hierarchy, exclusive page planning, we can according to the tourist attractions, tourist routes, travel time will be massive conditions through an orderly combination of keywords to layout >

tour line corresponds to the focus of our optimization. The domestic line section under the Lijiang tourism, according to the domestic big city main policy draw the corresponding tours page. For example: Wuhan travel to Lijiang, Shanghai to Lijiang tourism

corresponding to the Lijiang tourism Raiders, Lijiang tourist attractions such as read more

A5 marketing the owners are most concerned about the website optimization problem summary – based ve


a website without any chain: there will be no ranking, of course, rule out the intensity of the original you really love! Shanghai is the weakening of the value chain, but the quality of the chain has not been weakened down! If you don’t have time to do outside the chain, then do not do a website.


5, website needs to be updated on a long

? ?

not all types of sites are required for daily updates, such as a blog, updated every three days, the ranking is still very ideal. This point as the site scale: usually under standard enterprise efforts to update the station are updated daily. read more

Discussion you can also do this website ranking

is no longer a headless fly indiscriminately to do, but to have the quality to do. The habit of spreading behavior of simulated users need to do outside the chain, not for the chain and the chain, but to bring more users to the site.

for the website optimization Shanghai dragon Er is not only important site natural flow and site conversion rate, the basic focus of the work has focused on the website of the Shanghai love rankings. Experienced several great algorithmic adjustment, the author Dennis feel to do before the site ranking difficulty is much higher than the. In the face of such "rules of the game" how are we going to do? read more

Analysis of five statistical data on the webmaster to do

two, website

Visit the

, the flow of the background analysis of

PV has been a major value judgment reference standard website user experience quality factors, no matter what kind of website, the PV value of the nature that website user experience better, this is all station >

webmaster every day to see a statistical tool, but many webmaster only statistical tools flow and PV value is turned off, many webmaster website traffic is just judging from the proportion of flow and PV value of the single judge. In fact, this is not good. Especially the details of their own analysis of the website, just watch the flow and PV value is not accurate, it will flow. Simply look at the digital flow will only let you know how much traffic every day, only this. But through the analysis of the source of the flow, it can let you know the users visit the web site through which keywords, users through what kind of way is to enter the site, search engine, promotion link or bookmark. Therefore, analysis of website data, not only is the number of traffic can be, in-depth analysis of the number of sources, source of local sources, path analysis is the most accurate flow of the background data, and this is also a part is the analysis of statistical data, not sloppy. read more

How did the start-up company build an excellent customer service team from the startControl your adv

6.2  let Title, directory, and Title Related

First Round Review from this article, they prepare the article, both story telling, but also to entrepreneurs to provide operational advice, to help build good companies. Dana Kilian is vice president of recent successful financing of $50 million, over $1 billion valuation of the online ticketing website Eventbrite in charge of the customer service department, she helped Eventbrite set up an enviable customer service team, the team every day to provide high quality personalized customer service for millions of users. Kilian she witnessed the ups and downs of the company, but also accumulated a lot of valuable experience. In this article, Kilian shares his views on how startups build an excellent customer service team from the start. read more

Common medical site structure problem

medical website to get effective flow through the search engine, the site must be reasonable planning, improve the user experience of the website, make Shanghai Longfeng reasonable strategy, the user experience is the most obvious manifestation is the internal structure of the quality of the website. According to the internal structure of medical sites, now it still has many problems, these problems directly lead to the internal structure of the site is not clear, even chaos phenomenon, directly lead to guide the user, the user does not know the user experience which leads to decide on what path to follow, a sharp decline, thus the web site in the search engine’s performance is not ideal, Shanghai dragon the strategy is not very in place, want to do a good job in Shanghai Longfeng strategy, one of the priorities is to adjust the structure of the website, make for guiding strategy. read more

360 and the new tactics and Heby level love oath

today I found 360 after opening the browser, the browser automatically upgrade, and I love Shanghai when search appears the following phenomenon, as shown in figure

ranked first in the click, enter the following page:

August 16th, 360 comprehensive search low-key debut, officially began the domestic search engine market spoiler.

August 28th, war, love Shanghai, countermeasures 360 comprehensive search take: when users visit Shanghai know, love love Shanghai love Shanghai Post Bar encyclopedia and other services through 360 comprehensive search, the search results will be forced to jump to the Shanghai home of love. 360 also take timely measures to deal with the current user: using 360 comprehensive search access, know love Shanghai love Shanghai love Shanghai Post Bar encyclopedia and other services, open the web page will be included in the snapshot service is not directly to the relevant page. But in the snapshot page click the URL after the service, still will jump to the Shanghai home of love. read more

A correct view of the website snapshot is not normal

if you find the site snapshot of the long time is not normal, this time will have to pay attention to it, but not downhearted, this time is often a test of patience in the time. Many people think that this is the site is down right performance, naturally think outside the chain to increase website weight, so the bulk import chain, this method tends to play a negative role. The heart to analyze the reason of abnormal snapshot is static and we have to do, if the new station, or is the search engine’s own problem, we did not need to worry about what. Even other problems caused by don’t get disheartened, after all, the development of the website not a little frustration is not possible. read more

A correct view of the website snapshot is not normal

if you find the site snapshot of the long time is not normal, this time will have to pay attention to it, but not downhearted, this time is often a test of patience in the time. Many people think that this is the site is down right performance, naturally think outside the chain to increase website weight, so the bulk import chain, this method tends to play a negative role. The heart to analyze the reason of abnormal snapshot is static and we have to do, if the new station, or is the search engine’s own problem, we did not need to worry about what. Even other problems caused by don’t get disheartened, after all, the development of the website not a little frustration is not possible. read more

How to save in 5 days by the K website


still remember on the morning of November 16th to open the computer company website data when the mood, see the data for 0 of the time, feeling like a knife. Believe that every webmaster in K station time is very difficult to calm down, I am no exception, my crazy keyboard hit the mouse, his mouth still scold. One morning in the struggle, is to give up or continue?? so I calm down after I decided to find out the reasons for the restoration of a step by step in the shortest time, because after all, this is the website I have tried for a long time read more

An analysis of why the cause of increased and included the decline

Correlation of

. The chain is in the website to make a map of the city, through the reasonable inside chain can make the spider walk every time happy in the properly and logically arranged when crawling, and not like a fly without head, lightly hit. In the role of the chain is great, not only conducive to the overall site ranking to improve, but in now we are doing the same work to improve website ranking, the chain is one of the most important is to have a detail, the chain was ranked, and now the importance of search engine chain you can mention like the chain important. Included in the amount increased with the chain has certain relations, because the chain is reasonable, natural spider crawling up smoothly, then the index content must be much, but if all the anchor text for the chain also do the keywords irrelevant, the ranking is also used with negative. Although it is difficult to see, but through the analysis of some of the large chain will know, many stations have become lost within the chain within the chain, as an important role in website development. read more