Huang Cong 3 uses Shanghai related to the domain of love

2, invalid related domain: in addition to the relevant domain effective related domain accident we call invalid related domain, invalid domain we didn’t go for him.

: 1, effective related domain contains the reverse link domain. Can not click, call JS or nofollow containing links. Effective domain is able to reflect a part of the website backlinks.


two, judge the competition strength of


here 3 uses love Shanghai related domain:

three, through the relevant domain to find right down read more

The website Links exchange seems easy to make you feel tired

Daily website optimization, both the transmission flow guide or weight, Links with its unique benefits by the webmaster to love. As soon as the search engine to increase the chain scrutiny, although everyone is Scindapsus convergence exchange chain breadth effect, for some related industries, high weight, good customer activity site, we will actively exchange. In the daily operation of the process, many people may think that Links exchange is a very simple thing, only need to send post, QQ communication can find massive resources. The crackdown on junk chain increases, the exchange process has not only focus on the website of the weight and flow, more is to enhance the user experience from the basis of fraud prevention. read more

The site has been K causes and Solutions

four, by K solution of

today and share my website is K experience, people say often walk by the river that has not wet shoes, don’t let this miserable I have met. Talk about the site experience, website domain name is registered in December 22, 2010, is an old domain name, but when it is used, use this site to do the bidding, then do signature art auction site, a period of time on the bidding website, bidding does not make money, so do not do, in April last year when the site began to change, ready to do normal station, or signature station, but this is the content, but the beginning is good, then do a period of time will be K out, here I am with everyone in detail about my major K causes and treatment methods. read more

Keywords establishment of thesaurus Collection + screening + test + classification

keyword will expand when we started to learn about Shanghai dragon has many methods, including:

As for the To establish the Keywords

2, the selection of high quality keywordWhat is the quality of the official

1, collect three kinds of keywords

front, feeling for keyword dictionary is very necessary, but for the enterprise station, many times we for the keyword thesaurus is a very vague concept of time in front of share with friends is to talk about the user experience and keyword conversion, but a similar keyword thesaurus keywords lifting specific landing transformation operation does really not done before. At the beginning of the year, my brother is suggested a comb of the industry, focusing on optimizing the keywords selected some relatively high flow, his ideas are always more deeply than I look better and more forward-looking, here with such an opportunity and we learn together how to establish a keyword thesaurus. read more

n the process of modification of Shanghai dragon keywords and matters needing attention

1, we love Shanghai on keywords modification and treatment principle of

the above three problems we analyzed clearly, think clearly, then we come up with a plan may have two kinds:

in the relevant forum in Shanghai dragon often see some netizens posting said, want to modify your web page title or keyword, because most want to modify the friends are not sure what can change after the love of Shanghai will not handle their own website or web page to drop right or K. We must first understand the three questions: read more

Outsourcing it is not always a dirty word

this may not be true, but these two methods can be useful, the company is looking for, in order to improve their authority, create more links, and improve the conversion rate. Outsourcing to a complex Shanghai dragon company, however, may introduce some more opportunities and advantages, to find the enterprise.

first, search engine optimization vendors are aware of their work, every detail of the changes in the world, the search engine optimization. In the increasingly rapid update algorithm and policy change era, the importance of this attitude should not be underestimated. Outsourcing to these institutions, enabling enterprises to search engine optimization process management transfer to another company, save their time and improve their productivity in the process. read more

Personal blog blog will fade out of our business scopeEven Robin Li took off, entrepreneurs, you hav

low profile in Chinese means, ability to hide their strong is not displayed, said a modest and prudent attitude, not publicity. But as a young project and entrepreneur, are you really qualified to be low-key,

, as Robin Li said, he has a sense of crisis every day. So he took off all his clothes and ran out, coated with mud, eat dead yak meat, wallowing in the mud below the swamp, then follow Rafa ran, trying to create a positive energetic adventurous image. And do not say tens of billions of dollars worth, after almost 50 years of age. read more

Love the sea Qihoo 360 claims 100 million yuan search wars into the judicial process

love Shanghai confirmed the news, but declined to comment. Qihoo 360 company received the complaint in October 25th after.

at present, the case is in the stage of pretrial mediation, but mediation is not yet known whether the two sides accept. Previously, both sides have unfair competition and copyright infringement issues, respectively to the Ministry and the Beijing Municipal Copyright department did report. The Ministry of Telecommunications Authority has interviewed two companies in August 31st, requires the parties shall not be made to expand things; do not damage the interests of users, stop all the technical means to stop their attacks; public opinion, delete their attacks. read more

The real name of Shanghai Longfeng intention caused by personnel engaged in network marketing sugges

Hello, haven’t write articles for publication, just in the real name network marketing membership group, see people launched several on the Shanghai dragon topic, then Zhu Weikun wants to write an article about guide you into the Internet thinking. For those who want to engage in network marketing work, personally feel that this article is worth watching, because these are a process.

to understand network promotion or Shanghai Longfeng knowledge to work with you. Heard this words drowned in water? Not necessarily understand Shanghai dragon or network promotion, we will certainly be able to find work, Chinese are ambitious, understand certain things to god. For example, understand the point of Shanghai Longfeng, made a few stops on the home page, feel cool, it is not who put the eyes. read more

Note the three page optimization

in making the page description also need to grasp the number of points, the description must be combined with the content of the page, can be concise and to the point elaborates on the content of a page, allowing users to understand the general meaning through the description of the page. At the same time to induce readers’ curiosity. A lot of friends of Shanghai dragon Er description have not paid much attention or pay too much attention, especially in the important page, many of my friends would not let the web page description, search engine automatic extraction, this method is not controllable, write good description can let users at a glance. While too much emphasis is reflected in the description of the contents of the description of "failed to elaborate, just increase the keyword density. read more

Shanghai dragon how to grasp the construction of the chain

Zhou is to say the key points for the construction of the chain website promotion experience in


will not build the chain. But the construction of the chain to reflect good effect. This is a need of the webmaster under a kung fu. Good website construction, the chain is difficult to do. For many webmaster this sentence is very appropriate. For I think. The chain construction should follow the chain from two different angles: the principle of

The following In fact,

and the construction of the chain widely degree. The correlation of the chain like and we exchange Links. The site must have a certain correlation between. Whatever we do in the chain or exchange Links or forum posting or quiz. Must choose to have the coherence of the platform. Only in this way. We can find their true potential customers through these platforms. A web site in the chain is not the so-called number. It is more targeted is the real work to implement it. This point is very important. The chain of the chain is widely abundant. The chain has diversified types. read more

Talk about how to avoid the trap of spiders webmaster

the most of the webmaster should know Flash of the spider crawling this disadvantage, before I Bowen also brief mentioned, the detailed today said it. Enterprise stand half love have a Flash to show their strength of the company, product, culture, and so on, it is also the most easy to outsiders Flash "drugged" confused! Flash is currently unable to identify the spider, spider and Flash also need hard turned over a wall. We put the Flash cancel paved the way for the spider, more easy to grab our content. So Flash is the optimization of the trap. read more

Share new 40 days successfully optimize the ten key words on the front page

Hello, I am Changsha Shanghai dragon dragon Jun. Xiao Bian today to share the next station 40 days optimization on ten keywords love Shanghai home experience. How time flies, it has been a month, 20 days at home to celebrate the new year that is the rest of the time, from last year’s 27 day of the twelfth lunar month to the sixteen officially began to return to work. This site is just Changsha Shanghai Longfeng last year before the holiday back home, that is the twelfth lunar month 24 that the domain name registration, No. 25 on the line, to close today also have a month for ten days. Really do optimization of the site should be also 20 days to look, now the site’s ranking, the weight is let me feel very gratified, this 20 days of effort is not in vain. Originally, 10 days ago, when the site will write a summary of the full moon, but because of lack of time, until now. First above: read more

Case analysis of Shanghai love to do snapshot blank

3.robots.txt file, robots.txt did not delete or write error. You can modify the correct. (fewer sites)

snapshot and 29 have been restored to normal, which lasted 8 days, the rectification. To provide users with more high-quality source of information has been the core value of love Shanghai, love Shanghai for this value has been changed, today I write the purpose of this article is to let more and I like the webmaster friends from Shanghai love > snapshot

2. default home page, home page set makes love to grab Shanghai blank space control interface settings. (a few websites) read more

Ranking optimization focus on four points, make the site enduring!

(four) add a reasonable site outside the chain

(a) do not modify the site title

believes that many webmaster like me, has always insisted on chasing love, Shanghai ranking optimization. The site has some number of years, the author also from these years of failure are summarized and some ranking optimization methods and experience of some bad love Shanghai, today with the help of network owners to share some with you.


website was down for revision of the site we It is often seen. However, many webmaster in order to pursue the better development, greatly to be revised, intended to enhance the user experience, and otherwise, after the revision of the face but not love Shanghai before, so that your site for new sites, to submit audit, so often will be right down for a while, of course if your site is high enough, the right down time will be reduced. But I still urge you to change less as far as possible, or a bit slowly change, not all at once changed, that not only let old users can’t find things, the search engine is the same. read more

The deployment of the long tail keywords ZhengZhan optimization

user experience: after studying these topics, as a webmaster you can understand how to do web user experience

Shanghai Longfeng topics recommended: !

3, for the love of Shanghai bidding principle, the main keywords can be properly put, analysis the long tail keywords and a large number of extending keywords, this can save a lot of cost; Kaipuwei technology provides love Shanghai bidding management services;

: high quality natural chain do? You will read these leap

1, the main keywords flow must high, certainly can not be ignored, and users in the search keywords of the main aim of it is difficult to distinguish, that is to say whether it is your site’s target customer group is very hard to say; extending keywords relatively hit rate is very high, such as the conversion rate is high; subject: plastic extension: Beijing plastic, plastic surgery hospital, Beijing plastic surgery hospital, Beijing plastic surgery hospital prices, Beijing’s best plastic surgery hospital and so on; after careful analysis can be extended to dozens of read more

The 2013 Shanghai world conjecture love ourselves

2011, "what is the power to change the world". I love Shanghai made two actions, one is through the open platform to developers gathered together to enable the application of a station to the user; two is the interworking with vertical sites, the influence of the users search habits, let more users love Shanghai search to complete a variety of needs, the sustainable development of the formation of brand, users, profit.

2010, "innovation, openness and win-win". Love Shanghai proposed a change from "information" to "information", because at the time of the games, entertainment and other related applications have to search for 30% of daily love Shanghai. Love Shanghai has been aware of the search, is only in the form of information has been unable to meet the needs of users, also need to apply the distribution, or even directly function tool to resolve the problem of users. read more

Shanghai dragon website optimization of the most effective means Natural

We all know that

a good site should not only pay attention to the home page, but should be the whole station. Don’t just know the anchor text all point to the home page, column page can refer to appropriate or relevant article recommended. If your site has some articles are not included, so you can in the time to establish a new article related, can be recommended, so you are not likely to be included in the collection of articles is greatly enhanced.

pages of the relevant pages recommendation and column page read more

Shanghai love spark program can solve the problem of original articles included

problem: the original article is high weight website reproduced by

Question two:

news resources widely reproduced included no copyright

three: stick to the chain, the original is still not included in the content of


site was the site soon, the original can not be timely release of search engines, it has been reprinted in high weight site acquisition, into their original collection site was stolen, this situation is most common in the construction of stationmaster content. In the love of Shanghai launched the Ping tool, and can be a good solution, the site did not update an article, and be submitted to the Shanghai Ping love mechanism tool tip love Shanghai your article is the original article. You can also add Ping system in web application, website content updates and automatically submitted to the search engine, attract the spider to grab the latest original content site. read more

Shanghai Longfeng soft promotion should be true and not affected

2 content is true and not artificial

I am Shanghai dragon rookie, that is a kind of soft Wen promotion can not only increase the chain to the site, but also can bring a lot of traffic and effective method for the site, as a rookie I, of course, is also not hesitate to start writing a soft Wen, but after a period of soft Wen promotion, although they are their original, but the effect is not satisfactory, because it is a novice, also in the continuous queries, found until later, through in-depth understanding of Shanghai Longfeng soft Wen promotion, write soft like the same person, must be true, not with too many commercial elements, always think before just add the link to your site in the soft, as far as possible to hype their products, you can achieve a good effect, that way. The result is a waste of time, but it is possible that he has been in a difficult state of creation, after all, not artificial and real things, not always resonate with everyone. Writing this article today, just want to put their previous mistakes told Shanghai Longfeng novice who now were like me, I hope you can take some detours, write the most true, be one of the most authentic self. read more