President insists he was in the dark on intelligence report

Sirisena said that tough action will be taken to ensure similar incidents do not take place in future. (Colombo Gazette) Sirisena, who is also the Minister of Law and Order, said that if he was alerted in advance he would have taken steps to prevent the attacks from taking place. President Maithripala Sirisena today insisted that he was in the dark with regards to an intelligence report warning of suicide attacks in Sri Lanka.Addressing the nation today, the President said that he has now decided to make drastic changes in the security establishment over the next 24 hours. The Government had earlier said that the intelligence report was only shared with the Police Chief and the President and that other members of the Government were left in the dark.The President said that the cabinet had this week discussed the failure on intelligence sharing. He said that he will take stern action on those who failed to inform him of the intelligence report. read more