Neste to supply sustainable aviation fuel to three major US airlines

first_img Alaska Airlines, American Airlines and JetBlue Airways are the first major US airlines to commit to adopt Neste’s SAF at SFO. (Credit: PRNewsfoto/Neste North America) Neste, the world’s largest producer of renewable diesel and sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) made from waste and residue raw materials, is supplying Alaska Airlines, American Airlines and JetBlue Airways with sustainable aviation fuel for flights from San Francisco International Airport (SFO). The low-carbon and high-quality fuel will contribute to each airline’s efforts to reach their climate goals.Neste is now successfully delivering sustainable aviation fuel to SFO via pipeline, a milestone the airport has called a “climate quantum leap”. Once Neste’s SAF enters SFO’s fuel consortium, it is available to the commercial, cargo or business aviation entities that operate at the airport. Alaska Airlines, American Airlines and JetBlue Airways are the first major U.S. airlines to commit to adopt Neste’s SAF at SFO, building on their strong track records of sustainability. All three airlines took their first deliveries of Neste’s SAF at SFO within the last few weeks.“The aviation industry is not alone in its journey toward reduced emissions and increased sustainability,” said Chris Cooper, Vice President for Renewable Aviation at Neste North America. “Solutions like sustainable aviation fuel address both today’s needs and long-term goals, and collaboration is essential to enacting a greener future. Neste is proud to be taking a stand for sustainability through these partnerships with some of the most important airlines in North America.”In 2018, Neste joined SFO, Alaska Airlines, American Airlines, other airlines and fuel producers in a groundbreaking agreement to increase the use of sustainable aviation fuel. Today, Neste and these partner airlines are delivering on that promise.“Alaska was the first North American carrier to commit to advancing and adopting the use of SAF, and one of the first airlines to demonstrate the use of SAF in passenger flying with nearly 80 flights using sustainable aviation fuel over the last 10 years,” said Diana Birkett Rakow, Alaska Airlines’ vice president of external relations. “As we return to and re-grow air travel, we’re thrilled to take this next step towards commercially viable supply and use of SAF. We have a long way to go. Being a responsible airline is critical to our employees, guests, communities, and our future — and using SAF is a key part of our strategy to reduce carbon emissions.”“Even in these difficult circumstances, setting up our airline to operate more sustainably is important to us, our team members and our customers,” said David Seymour, Chief Operating Officer for American Airlines. “We have a vision for the future of American that includes advancing the most promising options for reducing carbon emissions from air travel, and sustainable aviation fuel is chief among them. We have been working with Neste, a leader in renewable fuels, for a number of years, and we’re proud to take this step to boost the market for sustainable jet fuel.”“Air travel connects people and cultures and supports a global economy. As an industry, we’re working together to limit our contributions to climate change,” said Joanna Geraghty, president and chief operating officer, JetBlue Airways. “Reducing our greenhouse gas emissions is an important part of JetBlue’s business plan. We remain focused on long-term environmental opportunities, particularly lessening our largest impact – carbon emissions from flying. The airline industry is one of the few industries that has collectively committed to an international emissions reduction goal. Now more than ever, we must also support other industry-wide environmental improvements like sustainable aviation fuel in order to kick-start the market on these lower carbon fuels.”Neste’s SAF can be used as a drop-in fuel with existing aircraft engines and airport infrastructure, requiring no extra investment. In its neat form and over the lifecycle it helps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by up to 80% compared to conventional jet fuel. It is made from sustainably sourced, 100% renewable waste and residue materials.Neste’s sustainable aviation fuel annual capacity is currently 100,000 tons (34 million gallons). With the Singapore refinery expansion on the way, and with possible additional investment into the Rotterdam refinery, Neste will have the capacity to produce some 1.5 million tonnes (515 million gallons) of SAF annually by 2023.Prior to use, Neste’s SAF is blended with fossil jet fuel and is then verified to meet ASTM jet fuel specifications. In addition to helping customers reduce their own greenhouse gas emissions, Neste has committed to making its production operations carbon neutral by 2035.Neste has been at the vanguard of sustainable aviation fuel production for nearly a decade. Source: Company Press Release Neste is now successfully delivering sustainable aviation fuel to SFO via pipelinelast_img read more

Pigeons Playing Ping Pong, The Fritz Play To Sold-Out Crowd At Charleston Pour House [Photos/Video]

first_imgPigeons Playing Ping Pong kept their 2019 winter tour going strong with a sold-out show at the Charleston Pour House in Charleston, SC earlier this week on Tuesday, where the popular jam band was joined by once again by emerging soul-rock outfit, The Fritz. The fun-loving jam quartet has made headlines so far on their 2019 tour with stand-out performances at the Jersey Shore in addition to a sold-out show for their headlining debut at The Capitol Theatre last month. Tuesday’s show kept the party going, helping fans in Charleston charge into the middle of the week with some extra funk in their step.Related: Pigeons Playing Ping Pong Welcomes Members Of The Fritz, Jams ‘Jungle Book’ Style In AshevillePigeons’ first set started out hot with an opening performance of “Time To Ride”, followed by “Overrun”, “Walk Outside” and “Bad For You”, with the latter tune featuring a tease of the “Zelda Theme” as they’ve been known to do from time-to-time. The first half of the show continued with a nonstop flow of songs and jam-based instrumentals including “Somethin’ For Ya”, “Penguins”, “Funkijam”, and “Totally”. Following a brief pause, they kept going right with a run through “Spacejam” > “The Hop” > “F.U.” to close out the first set. Fans can watch the video below for an up-close look of the thrilling show opener of “Time To Ride”.Pigeons Playing Ping Pong – “Time To Ride” – 1/5/2019[Video: yuforic]Set two opened with the band tearing into a funky rendition of “Fade Fast”, followed by “Yo Soy Fiesta”, although there was no invite to Rob Gronkowski to join in on the latter this time around. After continuing with”Henrietta”, the band took a rendition of “Drunk People” into a cover of The Steve Miller Band‘s “Abracadabra” and back into “Drunk People”. The action kept going towards the end of the show with a pair of fan-favorites, “Poseidon” and the lively “Live It Up”, to close out the set. The band returned for a one-song encore of “Ocean Flows” to bring the night’s fesivities to an end.Pigeons Playing Ping Pong will continue their run of shows throughout Florida into the weekend with a sold-out performance at The Social in Orlando on Thursday. Fans can head over to the band’s website for ticket info to all their upcoming performances.Check out the gallery below with photos from Tuesday’s show courtesy of Ellison White.Setlist: Pigeons Playing Ping Pong | Charleston Pour House | Charleston, SC | 2/5/2019Set One: Time To Ride, Overrun, Walk Outside, Bad For You*, Somethin’ For Ya > Penguins > Funkijam > Totally, Spacejam > The Hop > F.U.Set Two: Fade Fast, Yo Soy Fiesta, Henrietta > Drunk People > Abracadabra (Steve Miller Band cover) > Drunk People, Poseidon, Live It UpEncore: Ocean FlowsNotes:* “Legend of Zelda Theme” teasePigeons Playing Ping Pong | Charleston Pour House | Charleston, SC | 2/5/2019 | Photos: Ellison White Load remaining imageslast_img read more

Classroom theory, community action

first_imgFor Emelia Vigil ’18, a psychology concentrator who also lives at Dunster House, the most rewarding part of the class was spending time getting to know Somerville’s residents.“We were really able to put a face to the Somerville community and see the diversity of age groups, ethnicities, and perspectives,” she said. “I’ve had the opportunity to take lots of great classes here at Harvard, but very few give you the chance to be out in the community like this.”Chris Higginson ’18, a Winthrop House resident with a concentration in molecular cellular biology, was part of a team that focused the “SNAP Gap” — the 61 percent of Somerville residents who are eligible to receive Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program benefits, but do not apply for them.“We wanted to address why people were not enrolling, and try to ameliorate that,” he said. To that end, Higginson and his team developed a plan to have residents already enrolled in SNAP meet with prospective enrollees, and created monthly sign-up days with administrative staff in select locations in Somerville, rather than their usual office in Chelsea.“A lot of students feel like they’re in a Harvard bubble, and it was really great to get out into the community and get to know Somerville,” Higginson said.The students partnered with the Somerville Community Health Agenda, under the leadership of its director, Lisa Brukilacchio. Brukilacchio said that in addition to benefitting the students, the class gave community stakeholders a chance to share their real-world insights, both to help inform a future generation on community-based issues and initiatives and to help stimulate movement on issues such as housing, food access and social connections, which were identified in the 2017 Wellbeing of Somerville Report.“The students were able to serve as additional researchers joining the Somerville culture of seeking innovative approaches, supported by models for addressing these issues in other communities,” she said.“Urban Health and Community Change: Planning Action with Local Stakeholders” is expected to become an annual offering, and will run for the second time in the fall. It was developed in partnership with the City of Somerville Health and Human Services Department, Cambridge Health Alliance, and Somerville Community Health Agenda and is offered through the Mindich Program in Engaged Scholarship. A course that debuted last semester took students out of the classroom and into the community, where they got the chance to roll up their sleeves and take some practical action to help the less advantaged.“I wanted to do a project-based class,” said Flavia Peréa, the founding director of the Mindich Program in Engaged Scholarship and a lecturer on social studies who led the course “Urban Health and Community Change: Planning Action with Local Stakeholders.”“There are tremendous academic resources in Cambridge and Boston, but Somerville doesn’t benefit as much from those resources. I wanted to leverage Harvard’s resources to help address some of the needs in the Somerville community, and I think of our students as part of those resources.”Peréa said she wanted to give the students “the chance to explore and propose solutions to complex, real-world public health issues in collaboration with community stakeholders,” and for Savannah Miles ’18, the experience stood out.“It was a really uniquely designed class, and unlike any other class I’ve ever been in” she said. “This is the first class I’ve taken at Harvard that focuses on tangible skills for community improvement. We were entirely focused on making a change: looking at a problem, and figuring out how to solve it.”Miles, a Dunster House resident with a concentration in social studies, was part of a group tasked with finding solutions to housing insecurity and homelessness. Part of their work was to look for ways to destigmatize the use of Section 8 vouchers.“We developed an educational program to help encourage landlords to accept the vouchers, as well as a proposal for a property tax incentive to encourage residents to create affordable living spaces in their existing homes,” Miles said. “We tried to create options that would appeal not only to citizens but to developers and landlords as well.” “We were entirely focused on making a change: looking at a problem, and figuring out how to solve it.” — Emelia Vigil ’18last_img read more

IRS Asking SSI And VA Beneficiaries For Critical Information By Tuesday

first_imgPhoto: U.S. Secret ServiceWASHINGTON – As the IRS continues to disburse Economic Impact Payments to Americans, the agency is asking those who receive Supplemental Security Income or Veterans Affairs benefits for information about child dependents by Tuesday.In March, Congress passed a stimulus package in response to the coronavirus crisis. It included $1,200 payments to qualifying individuals and $2,400 to qualifying couples, plus an additional $500 for qualifying children. The IRS is asking SSI and VA beneficiaries to use their Non-Filer Tool to tell them about any qualifying children they have.“They are getting benefits from any service that they did or they’re getting benefits based on income,” explained Steven Elwell, the chief investment officer for Level Financial Advisors. “They generally don’t end up filing a tax return, so the government may not be aware that they have a qualifying child.”This only applies to SSI and VA beneficiaries who have a qualifying child, and did not file a federal tax return in 2018 or 2019. Those who do not share this information with the IRS by Tuesday will have to wait until they can file a 2020 tax return to receive the extra $500 per qualifying child. Share:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to email this to a friend (Opens in new window),I DON’T THINK ITS RIGHT HOW DISABLED PEOPLE STILL HAVEN’T GOTTEN THERE]PAYMENTS YET! SOICIAL SERURTIY SHOULD’VE DID THERES AND THE IRS SHOULD’VE DID THE TAX PAYERS,I haven’t received my stimlus check gust yet, so I called the social security office, and the worker explain to me, that I will receive mine, there still sending them out, and I am disabled and deserve mine, as I’m behind on my bills, my rent is $475. I only draw $783. Wish to God I’d hurry get it, it’s hard struggling gust to survive, some has already received there’s and not hurt for the stimlus check as near as I am, or others who hasn’t received these checks, it’s not seems as thoe the ones that need it the most, are not receiving the help I or they need so desperately, why is this?,I haven’t received a check get 581 a month SS we’re the ones that need it my brother claims me on his income tax so I don’t qualify for a check he got his $1200 and I get nothing,The same thing happened to me. My daughter claimed me on her taxes. Doesn’t seem fair since we are the ones who really need it. Besides I’ve paid her and bought grocery and supplies so it’s not like I’m freeloading.,I get ssi for my grandson and his Dad claim on his income tax which he should not have my grandson live with me I’m working on that I guess he received the 500 hundred dollars which he should not have did I took him the court for child support and still claim him and he’s not living in that household could someone help me understand this a deadbeat Dad,That’s what I said they making it hard on there selves and it’s getting hard for those of us on SSI and most of my SSI goes on Bill’s so I’m struggling an getting more depressed over this stimulus covid thing that’s goin on,This is really messing with Me… I recieve SSI and ALL My Info. is rite there, cause I get My monthly check, “straight deposit”.. So why haven’t I recieved My Stimulus package money, yet? I’m still waiting.,I haven’t received mines yet an i am a veteran an ssi,I didn’t receive my check,I didn’t receive my check and I have direct deposit on my debit card I get SSI,My is Annette i haven’t my payment either,what is going on?,Man I need my payment I get social security and got a Direct express card haven’t receive nothing yet,Me neither I get SSI on direct express card. And I haven’t received my yet. No children. Pat,I receive SS have a direct deposit card and nothing for me yet. I get 644.00 a month still waiting. Desperate waiting, it’s not fair. We need our money to.,Hadn’t received mine either so when should we expect them I recieve SSI,I am on ssi and waiting on my check I wonder when will we get them,All they care about is the businesses, big businesses ! We will all be homelessor dead and not be able to shop or fly anywhere anyhow. I have 2 handicapped adult children that are on SSI but their medical Bill’s and personal needs take up their ssi money. I am on social security and have to pay all extra Bill’s for them. I can’t believe this government from the top down has not taken care of their people. So many are hungary and homeless. They could get that food and milk that is wasted to people if they really wanted to. And why create a war with china??? At this time a war could wipe out humanity!!!!! China and trump are two time bombs waiting to explode. People are killing and rioting over ridiculous things. Just be sure you are keeping close to family and resolve any problems with loved ones because our days are numbered.,I have not received my check either,I haven’t gotten mine yet and I receive SSDI so what do I do? Cant even call ány one because no one answers phone,I’m on SSI the IRS has my bank information still I have not received the Stimulus check,I’m on SSDI and still haven’t received mine yet.,I have not got my either? And I have direct deposit to what seems to be the holdup can you answer our questions please thank you,I receive SSI and I have a direct Express card and I thought I was supposed to receive the money today and still nothing when should I expect it this is becoming very frustrating,My husband is on SSDI he efiled his son.he got his 1200 but not the 500 for dependent.i also get SSDI but I haven’t received mine either .and they got all my info.but my husband got his still waiting also.and can find out nothing.,my name is shane I get ssi its telling me my check qad deposited pn the 29th of April to a account ive never seen . what do I have to do to get ot cause no one answers the phones. please help,I’m on SSI too still have not received my payment either.,It doesn’t make sense why seniors and people on social security haven’t received stimulus money yet. What’s the problem,I’m a social security recipient and I have not received mine either and they have all my information,I’m on SSDI and I have not received mine either,I’m on SSI. I received a letter stating that they sent mine to the child support people. The thing is my name is no where on my husband’s child support account. So, shouldn’t they be made to still send me my $1200?,How long have you been on ssi,I’m on social security too I still have not got mine.,I’m on social security and I have not received my stimulus check yet what is going on Marvin Delaney may 6 2020,We need that money people have bank accounts where our SSI checks go into How hard is it to send us the money The People on SSI should have gotten there’s first with there monthly check from Nancy Sacco,I’m on SSI I never received my stimulus check yet,I get SSI disability and have not received my money either,Most people on SSI do not have kids under 15 and have direct deposit or direct express,Not true, I know a lot of people that receive this that have children,Do I need to contact them even though I don’t have a child to claim.My son is 23 so no 500 dollar for me.,I didn’t receive a check yet. I made sure i had filled out the 2020 censuses cause at one time they were saying that they were going to go by the information on your paperwork. Even though you still have direct deposit. But still i haven’t got anything so i wondering just like everyone else where is my check.,I was wondering is there anything else that we need to do in order for use to get our check? If so please let me know i got bills to pay and food to get.,I’m on SSI and haven’t got The Stimulus money and I’m a Single women,Yes I receive my 1200 I am on SSI but I didn’t Receive the 500 for my seven-year-old son and I filled out the non-fill on April the 13 and on the 27 my Direct deposit just had the 1200 and I don’t think that’s fair that I may have to wait until Next year when me and my son that on low income have to wait after I was told to fill out the form to get the 500 I hope irs resolve this problem now thank you,Reading through the comments it seems as though those of us receiving SSI have not receiving what was promised. My sister lives with me and she’s on SSA and SSI. She received her payment first round on her direct express that a lot of us have. What in hell is going on?! I knew this was gonna be a big cluster f**k! And you can’t call anyone for answers AND the “Get My Payment” tool is a joke!! Keeps saying “Status Unavailiable”! HELP US!!,I’ve been receiving SSI for three years and it’s been deposited into a savings account at Florida Parish Bank. What do I need to do to make sure I get mines,. My address is 700 Church Street Amite La 70422,I have been receiving SSI and SSDI benefits for about 15 yrs. now and have not received my stmulas check yet. It should have been automatically deposited into my bank account information that Social Security has also I have a copy of form SSA-1099 benefit statement which shows what I received in 2019 in box 5 on form SSA- 1099.,Hi im jessics and im on disability and my mom claim me on her taxes so their for i dont get check and im still asking my mom for hrlp with food and other stuff im stfugging so bsd its really pitiful it must be nice for everybody get checks but i dont becsuse my mom claim me if she didnt ill have to find some where to live. I dont know what to do ill get thing and then half turn around and sell it to make money pay my bills so its like im dame if i do dame if i dont. You know the check woulds helped me out alot!!!!,Y complain its not doing no good ,No one is telling us anything I’ve tried complaining and its got me nowhere ,Ihavent got my stimulus check either .my friends and family members all got theirs I’m the only one on SSI so I guess I’m being left out,I’m living day by day at this point. I have to get little amounts of groceries due to COVID-19 and not receiving my check. I have adjusted my eating habits in order to afford food. I desperately need it as I am running out of my emergency funds I had managed to save. I’m on SSDI and hope my check arrives sooner rather than later. I just wish they could provide some answers, anything would be appreciated.,My name is david west i get SSI on NET SPEND card every month still havent got my money yet either.,I haven’t received a check yet i only collect 786 a month for my ssi and my rent is 500 and i give the mother of my kids 250 a month cause they stopped my child support order but now I’m hearing they gone take my stimulus check even though i take care of my kids like i don’t need that to take better care of my kids,I’m a beneficiary for 5 years and I still haven’t received my check I have direct deposit been had it since day one please respond ….SHANTA HARBINlast_img read more

Nathan Lane & Debra Messing Will Read Wesley Taylor’s Short Plays for The Actors Fund

first_img Star Files View Comments Tony winner Nathan Lane and Emmy winner Debra Messing will headline a benefit reading of Wesley Taylor’s Bridging the Gap and Other Short Plays for The Actors Fund. The one-night-only event is set for October 26 at New World Stages.Lane and Taylor shared the stage in The Addams Family on Broadway, and Messing and Taylor both appeared in NBC’s Smash. Lane last appeared on the Great White Way in It’s Only a Play. Messing made her Broadway debut in 2014’s Outside Mullingar; her latest TV gig The Mysteries of Laura was recently picked up for a second season. In addition to appearing in The Addams Family, Taylor originated the role of Franz in Rock of Ages on Broadway.The reading will consist of six 10-minute plays by Taylor, including works titled Spark, Mother, Cuckold and Little Monsters. Additional casting will be announced later.center_img Nathan Lanelast_img read more

Douglas Administration limits layoffs to 37 state workers

first_imgSource: Douglas Administration. 10.9.2009 The Agency of Administration released Friday details of the Legislature-approved Retirement Incentive Program and Joint Fiscal Committee approved Labor Saving Plan.  As a result, the administration plan calls for only 37 actual layoffs instead of upwards of 300 in order to save the state $7.4 million in the current fiscal year. The administration and the union had failed several times to reach agreement on a downsizing plan to avoid any layoffs throughout the summer. The administration had sought pay and benefit concessions this fiscal year and an agreement of a similar nature going into the next biennium. The union balked at pay cuts, instead offering similar savings through unpaid holidays and furloughs, but declined to look beyond FY 2010 and instead wait for negotiations on a new, two-year contract. The administration had sought some guarantee of savings going forward because what is expected to be a large state shortfall in revenue the next two years. Governor Douglas said last week that the projected deficit over the next biennium could be in the order of $230 million.“I want to thank department heads for their commitment to meeting our fiscal challenges in a responsible manner that minimizes lay offs and the impact on critical state services,” said Deputy Secretary of Administration Tom Pelham.  “Reductions-in-force have always been the administration’s last resort, that’s why we worked so hard to avoid them.”The Retirement Savings Program was targeted to save $2.2 million in general funds as part of the fiscal 2010 budget and the Labor Savings Plan was targeted to save $7.4 million in general funds as a result of a $28 million revenue downgrade in July.  To achieve the $7.4 million in labor savings that the Joint Fiscal Committee required as part of the latest rescission, Secretary of Administration Neale Lunderville offered a plan to avoid lay offs while sustaining labor savings in fiscal 2011 and 2012.  He proposed that the VSEA accept a 5 percent across-the-board salary reduction similar to that taken by non-union employees.  The VSEA rejected the proposal as it wanted to avoid future commitments at this point.  The administration had accepted the basis of the union’s labor savings plan – furloughs and unpaid holidays – for fiscal 2010 and promised not to resort to reductions-in-force to address future downgrades this fiscal year if the union made that commitment to carry forward fiscal 2010 labors savings to subsequent fiscal years.As a result the administration approved the following position reduction plans, which are not subject union approval:Savings from the Retirement Incentive Program:o Positions:          82.5                             $2,360,522Savings from the Labor Savings Plan            Elimination of Vacancieso Positions           40.5                             $2,413,365Reductions-in-Forceo Positions           37                                $1,049,675Other (Pay Act reductions, Health BenefitPremium holiday, etc.)                                      $4,126,839Detail information regarding specific positions approve for elimination will be made public once notification process has been completed. ###last_img read more

Cops: Medford Couple Nabbed for 15 Armed Robberies

first_imgSign up for our COVID-19 newsletter to stay up-to-date on the latest coronavirus news throughout New York Christopher Marino (Left) and Jamie Greco (Right) are accused of 15 armed robberies across Suffolk County that began on Dec. 9.A Medford couple allegedly worked together to commit more than a dozen armed robberies across Suffolk County over the past six weeks to pay for heroin until their arrest on Wednesday, authorities said.Christopher Marino and Jamie Greco pleaded not guilty Thursday to 15 counts of robbery during their arraignment at First District Court in Central Islip. Marino, 29, and Greco, 23, were held on $1.5 million cash bail or $3 million bond.Police said they arrested the pair after a lengthy investigation into a pattern of armed robberies that targeted 15 businesses across Suffolk, including six Subway restaurants, a KFC, 7-Eleven and several gas stations.Marino, police said, was armed when he allegedly robbed the businesses for cash. Greco is accused of waiting in a vehicle and driving Marino away from the scene, police said.A source familiar with the investigation said the pair used the stolen cash to pay for heroin.“One of the suspects cited a four-to-six bag a day habit,” the source told the Press.Greco’s Port Jefferson-based attorney, Steve Fondulis, said none of the documents he was presented with in court Thursday made mention of his client’s presence during the string of robberies.“None of them mentioned a female, a woman being present,” Fondulis said by phone. “None of them saw a woman.”One of the victims actually said he saw Marino walk into a vehicle and drive away himself, Fondulis said.He said he doesn’t know if Marino and Greco are a couple.Fondulis also noted that he hasn’t seen anything to support accusations that his client is a heroin user.“[I] haven’t been presented with any evidence against my client except for a supposed statement,” from Greco telling police that stolen cash was used for drugs, he said.Attorney information for Marino was not listed.List of businesses police said were robbed: KFC, 800 Montauk Highway, Shirley, on January 7Mobil on the Run, located at 3239 Sunrise Highway, Islip Terrace, on January 7Subway, located at 600-7 Portion Road, Lake Ronkonkoma, on January 5Subway, located at 173 Smithtown Blvd., Nesconset, on January 37-Eleven, located at 2810 Route 112, Medford, on January 3Royal Market, located 451 Glen Drive, Shirley, on January 2Carvel, located at 536 Main St., Center Moriches, on January 1Hess, located at 1801 North Ocean Ave., Medford, on December 31Subway, located at 600 Portion Road, Ronkonkoma, on December 29Subway, located at 402 Route 112, North Patchogue, on December 28Hess Express, located at 440 Portion Road, Ronkonkoma, on December 26Sunoco, located at 3423 Route 112, Coram, on December 25Hess, located at 3203 Route 112, Medford, December 15Subway, located at 2920 Route 112, Medford, on December 11Subway, located at 2920 Route 112, Medford, on December 9last_img read more

China’s Tencent Holdings Profit Surges 89 Percent After Honour of Kings Launch

first_img“The year-on-year revenue growth rate was therefore lower than previous quarters, which we expect to be temporary in nature,” Tencent said.© Thomson Reuters 2020Which is the best TV under Rs. 25,000? We discussed this on Orbital, our weekly technology podcast, which you can subscribe to via Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, or RSS, download the episode, or just hit the play button below. Tencent made CNY 38.5 billion (roughly Rs. 43,400 crores) profit for the three months through September. That was ahead of an analyst average estimate of CNY 30.81 billion (roughly Rs. 34,700 crores), according to data from Refinitiv. Revenue rose 29 percent to CNY 125.4 billion (roughly Rs. 1,41,300 crores).The Chinese group has a solid pipeline of new games waiting to be released, including a recent testing launch of a mobile version of League of Legends in Asia.The company also saw a return to normalcy in advertising activity following the COVID-19 outbreak, with rapid growth in sectors such as education, internet services and e-commerce platforms.- Advertisement – – Advertisement – Chinese gaming and social media giant Tencent reported an 89 percent rise in quarterly profit on Thursday, with its blockbuster game Honour of Kings and solid advertising businesses helping it to beat forecasts and lifting its shares. The world’s largest gaming firm by revenue has benefited from healthy growth of paying users for video games in China and international markets.Its flagship game Honor of Kings reported a record 100 million daily active users in the first 10 months of 2020.- Advertisement – Its shares closed 4.72 percent up, against a 0.22 percent decline in the Hang Seng index.They rebounded from a 7 percent plunge on Wednesday, when Tencent celebrated its 22nd birthday, as investors dumped shares in Chinese tech companies following publication of draft anti-monopoly rules that also wiped out hundreds of billions of dollars off some tech giants including Alibaba.Tencent said revenue from its cloud and other business services, a potential future growth engine, were affected by the lingering impact of the pandemic, such as delays in project deployment and new contract sign-ups.- Advertisement –last_img read more

Goodnight Mayfair

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Barcelona confirm transfer interest in Arsenal captain Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang

first_imgPierre-Emerick Aubameyang is wanted by Barcelona (Picture: Getty)Barcelona have confirmed they remain interested in signing Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang after failing to prise the Arsenal captain away from the north London club in January.The Gabon international has enjoyed another prolific season with the Gunners, despite the club’s ongoing struggles in the Premier League.Aubameyang turns 31 in the summer and is desperate to play Champions League football again, a prospect that already looks remote for Mikel Arteta’s side who are languishing in mid-table obscurity.Barcelona, who will be without Luis Suarez for the remainder of the current campaign, reportedly made a move for Aubameyang last month but were firmly rebuffed.AdvertisementAdvertisementADVERTISEMENTPublicly, Aubameyang has maintained he is content with life at Arsenal but with talks over a contract extension having stalled Barcelona are likely to test the waters again come the summer, according to the club’s sporting director Eric Abidal. Metro Sport ReporterWednesday 5 Feb 2020 11:17 amShare this article via facebookShare this article via twitterShare this article via messengerShare this with Share this article via emailShare this article via flipboardCopy link1.7kShares Barcelona will be without Luis Suarez for the rest of the season (Picture: Getty)‘It is logical that in summer a ‘9’ will come. It is a necessity. We know that [Luis] Suarez will come back strong, but you have to bring a top player in the summer,’ Abidal told Sport.‘We do not know if it will be young or experienced. We only look at the talent and adaptation they may have. We must think that some top players have come and have not adapted well.More: Arsenal FCArsenal flop Denis Suarez delivers verdict on Thomas Partey and Lucas Torreira movesThomas Partey debut? Ian Wright picks his Arsenal starting XI vs Manchester CityArsene Wenger explains why Mikel Arteta is ‘lucky’ to be managing Arsenal‘I know him (Aubameyang). He has a profile that has depth. He is important, and in his team he is decisive.‘It is good to bring this profile of player who can be in the market and can help you. We’ll see what will happen.’MORE: Arsenal plot early transfer move for Feyenoord star Orkun KokcuMORE: Gabriel Martinelli disappointed Arsenal blocked Brazil call-up Advertisement Barcelona confirm transfer interest in Arsenal captain Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang Advertisement View 4 commentslast_img read more