Finally know how to make money

    the station first started, we chose the GG advertising, because of the low threshold, high conditions like Baidu. The sweetness of GG is also good, just the beginning of the click, give you a few dollars or something, and now good, just a traffic up, TNND, more than and 100 clicks also 0.15$, extremely depressed. Is GG doing business like this?. I don’t know if there’s any webmaster.

stopped today for a day of electricity, very depressed, with the dog and smoke, to climb the mountain, lying on the rock that moment, only to know how much money is difficult to earn. Some people will say that money is very good, you will not earn, do not say that others will not earn! Well, I’m not, my friends had been tens of millions, it is normal. But there is always a way to make money. And I, now confused!

looked at thousands of IP, GG hits more than and 100, income is only 0.15$, really want to cry.. No break, come here to talk about it.

wish the webmaster to click on a lot of money.

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