You are the boss or the boss

up to now, 99% of the webmaster, Ali’s mother, Google, Baidu, or their alliance is rich (Note: that is the meaning of the boss), relatively simple, but it is important for our webmaster will choose so few (fairly) reputable. Ali mother said to us poor dad webmaster shots, finally nothing (can be understood, after all is a person). Take me to the side of the webmaster, said that advertising is not good to earn ah, this is not to say that the humble oh. The mom technology fee, abnormal website title, Baidu deduction amount known, but many people have been doing their advertising. Depend on others, that there is no bow! Hey, although Google good reputation, we also admit this. But after all, not in a tree to hang ah (and now the United States is engaged in the financial crisis) and the other we can do without? We have not felt bored, but there is no way. Let me talk about how I feel about doing GG:

Google Adsense Chinese entered the market for three years, the high price is the webmaster of prestige, is advertising alliance choice. Chinese, do not know how many webmaster for the GG ad service, in fact, we are all working for gg".

yes, we are working for GG, originally do Adsense is wanted to be my own boss, still working for others, if you are at home every day is full, if you are using the spare time that I was Google Adsense part-time, part-time, a hard, and then suffer a big part of the reckless with greed.

My efforts by

a year ago, my website (Guangdong DJ Dance Network GG AD) finally passed the audit, was awarded the account, that is to say I agree with the "part-time" status, and then burn the midnight oil for the GG service, although hard, but also willing to. After half a year, GG finally recognized my efforts, spending, and took the boss from the United States, California sent a bill, a few days did not sleep well, that mood ah, really can not describe. After a period of time, slowly feel the money is too little GG, moving up the brain. Finally, the results can be imagined, GG boss eyes how to rub the sand, I can no longer work for him.

Google, now the day is not easy, the stock plummeted, and the company began a global layoffs. Adsense full-time and part-time webmaster to remember not to offend the boss, do not try to cheat, do not try to find the boss of the loopholes, do not make unnecessary sacrifices. Can not be tainted, even if only once.

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