Why do you only earn half a year $35

  the last wrote a 2007 station summary, summarizes the past 07 years the station process, in the first half of 07 years, I devoted to the site in time is amazing, but half the time a total of $35 report, I pay the cost of space is not enough, also lose the cost of electricity and network. "

is an article < webmaster network; English website in three steps: my English notes >, Webmaster Station; half a year to earn $35. Look, a naomenzi sweat — may have their own future is so.

below the author to make English station, to introduce China the beautiful rivers and mountains of a country to foreigners, good idea. But open the first page of the website of the other side, fortunately, the whole text version, look at page second, well, first one, the author make a good idea.


In figure

, the top is the Google advertising, than his body "and prominent front. Like I don’t understand these English people would think that this Google advertisement is the page text, underneath there. Oh.


moment, I understand why the money obsessed webmaster earn $35—–

even if your station brings a chance to flow, advertising is very high, but the customer will leave your station. He knows your station is advertising. You will not have standing viscosity. So you too tired, always in SEO, forever in the flow, earn advertising fees, rather than honest the net station operations. Your site is not repeat. You’ve had to fight traffic in SEO and foreigners, you.

I know a Taobao

shop on MM, knew her shop drilled, she told me — you do it slowly drilled. Her customers very well. I asked her how much money, she told me not to make money, the play is to try it on. I suddenly remembered that Ma if you don’t want to make money doing what, first think of money earn less money (in the words of Ma Yunying Chinese, what I forgot)

PS: and from China webmaster online to see a word " website; if you want to make money, do not consider the money " – this is Ma Yun’s version of


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