A few small details about Links cannot be ignored

Links as an important way to promote the chain of the site, plays an important role in the optimization process of the website, a lot of people are in a fantasy to establish friendly relationships with large online portals, well-known sites, not only effectively improve the weight of the website, also can bring considerable traffic. As a poor scholar’s personal website, want to climb large websites Nobilitas, for small owners, but is a luxury. About Links site choice, many webmaster have self-knowledge, and choose their own website about the same grade with an alliance. I have described today’s point of view is, Links, for small owners, mostly in accordance with the traditional Chinese friends in days of simple life, friends, feelings more friends in days of simple life, companion in adversity, really, so, do Links, just add a link to the site.


Links first need to focus on is to interact. In ten years the Internet has gradually tended to turn the world upside down, the group of grass-roots owners want to rely on a website dream of getting rich, more and more difficult! With the network users into geometric times over long, Internet entrepreneurs also have unlimited business opportunities, there is a saying: when the generals do not want the soldiers not a good soldier, also do not want to do large website webmaster is not good webmaster. How to make your own web site, although the site is not fixed mode, however, learning the successful experience of predecessors, more or less there are some methods, although these methods are not universal, no better than a good direction direction. Innovation on the basis of their predecessors, and since we also learn from the experience of their predecessors, why not make a lot of starting with their owners, perhaps, and talk to them about the experience gained more timeliness, on site construction, promote the conversation more effectively play their divergent thinking, an inspiration. This is the website to be of great advantage! Interactive advantage of

also has a notable relationship is. In Links, there is such a phenomenon, is the link with "kinship", are generally small interaction between a few webmaster website visitors, both to which site is a personal website created by the Links, is also a drawback. Presumably many webmaster >


second details to avoid complacency. However, in reality, personal webmaster Links do very bad, just to the worst to describe their links to some owners in Links become, is to own the words of the site made Links, just click on this link, the visitor is also remain in the original site, although this you can stay visitors stranded at the same time, also kept pace, such a pity, because most of the individual website conversion rate is very low, if Links to other sites, the relative increase in the conversion rate of the site, "is to help others help themselves, interact, combined with more power, brought the flow you give to others is not there in the website, the website of others to bring their own traffic or conversion rate may be

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