Love Shanghai cancel referer what a substantial impact on the station

(guess) Conclusion


advertising alliance disappeared

solution: for the record, the formal website, not illegal content. If the site is the regular site, no bad record is not content, you can try to apply the love of Shanghai alliance.

for the love of Shanghai referer approach to cancel, the official attitude is said to users search for security, privacy is not stolen by doing. According to my personal guess, love Shanghai is gradually build their own empire, want to dominate the entire Internet, third party users slowly polymerization in their own hands. This >

more than 10 days earlier in Shanghai, love Webmaster Platform released love Shanghai will gradually cancel the referer keyword display site more secure data of a text, describing the above simple love Shanghai for the safety of users, the first use of HTTPS station, and for the sake of safety, is now ready to cancel referer. Many webmaster friends are not familiar with referer, do not know what it is, some owners worry also cancelled later will affect our Shanghai dragon.

there are a lot of small advertising alliance, they are relying on referer to match their advertising alliance. Like the love Shanghai advertising alliance as you search keywords what kind of love, Shanghai alliance advertising will give you show what type of advertising. Since the cancellation of referer, this type of advertising alliance is facing the transformation, but a lot of people because the love of Shanghai Alliance for the high threshold, to record, so most of them choose this kind of alliance, they can only find better disappear these stationmaster alliance.

) After

love Shanghai "weight" is not

solution: to love Shanghai Statistics (no way, although love Shanghai statistics now is not easy and do far better than CNZZ, but you can’t resist, no no.

solution: no weight, you can exchange links according to the site traffic, but some links for the software estimation to redo.

canceled the referer software, will keywords source of traffic statistics of all third party failure (love Shanghai statistics except). Keywords such as statistical functions will statistics in CNZZ to key sources, you do not know which one word in web traffic, which is a few words.

webmaster friends when judging the quality of a website, all love weight by third party webmaster tools to view the site of how high, see how many keywords lailu. Is this problem since the cancellation of referer we directly face. Because after the change of Links, can not see each other website weight level, also do not know how much their website weight, it will have great influence on the later optimization.

third party statistics without

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