Love Shanghai search on-line CP record information display to show relevant search in some hospital

love Shanghai future also plans to support the record information display more results.

technology news November 14th morning news, from the love of Shanghai’s official news shows, Shanghai recently began to love trying to join the ICP record information in the search results, the data show only part of the hospital in search results.



, the line fell in love with the sea this data is intended to allow users to have more information, improve the user experience, reduce user selection risk. The current record information in the relevant part of the hospital in search results show, follow-up will be extended to the maintenance, customer service phone, a number of possible financial risk within the industry.


users to "tumor", "cancer" as key words in the search for love in Shanghai, can be found in the results list, add the relevant website record information content description relates to enterprise website, institutions website, personal websites, government websites, business website classification.

love Shanghai online website ICP

Sina It is reported that

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