The thirty thousand sites included the amount of night zero analysis

then what to do? I have already been K, then down first to do is analysis. What is the reason for K analysis. The analysis of

from where?

4. I have read an article in the station, that is due to have sex in Shanghai know too much left by the K station that links. However, the author in the above Search ask also do some promotion, also left the site link, but the love of Shanghai is that direct links and Search ask link does not jump links ah, this will result in K

to a website, the main source of visitors and search engines, if a site is search engine drop right or K stand, so it is a huge blow. For the author, every morning with a view the basic information of the website’s habits, and in the morning, the author found that the site was K, yesterday there are more than 30000 included, can all return to zero overnight.

3. chain implicated. For the site of the chain can not only help you, give you the same weight transfer will bring you harm, so for friends of the chain we need to pay more attention to. I also tested the website chain, the results found were normal, the possibility can be skipped.

is right down the night soso analyze it here, but what is the reason for it, I think that is very likely to transfer the server space, Shanghai is not what happened yet lovely, isn’t it an soso? Is the only guess is not necessarily correct (if the master can contact Q575935353 exchanges oh I have finished), analysis of nature is to consider the countermeasures, although K is just soso soso, and visits every day brings is not much, but the mosquito is meat, and so they love Shanghai soso, don’t be so. But for how to deal with the author, the author take evening or tomorrow together with you to discuss. This paper is composed of 258 joined the anti cheat. 贵族宝贝jmfp8贵族宝贝/ network series, reproduced please specify.

station?The reason for ?

1. site adjustment. Firstly, it is to his website whether the recent adjustment, carefully recall website forum content does not make any changes, and the only big move is at the end of the month because the website domain name for the record led to the temporary relocation to Hongkong from the mainland in the server. The reason is that lead down the right


Soso Ask


2. website cheating. For the site to be a big part of K is caused not to detect cheating, for reasons I also carefully consider a mistake without any cheating, so skip.

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