You should pay attention to the details of personal blog optimization

personal blog quality can be said content than any other, the article must be from the heart from their own experience or learning sentiment summary, in the process of writing to both the user and the spider really love Shanghai, for example, for users to create something of value, after the user finished reading to help users solve doubts or problems in optimization the best search engine for each article on some need to optimize the keywords to do. After the original articles were included, to some extent, we have expanded our web site keywords exposure.

fourth, the long-term ranking details of the winning strategy. Do these three things may have their own website ranking will be greatly improved, but a lot of the time on the first page and can also optimize the details, such as whether the contents meet the user’s reading taste, each article is the related recommendation, through a variety of techniques and strategies to improve the small website access PV to enhance the appeal of the user, so the details of the performance in the construction and use of small plug-in, but also try to upgrade the user experience of the website, look for new users and the demand on the website for users to reflect, to pave the way for the long-term focus of website.

third, this is their own intention to write the copy of others is not desirable.

, blog optimization is often the individual in the process of optimizing course or sentiment summary to share some of their many experiences sentiment but will let users generate true >

first, choose a good template for your blog. A lot of personal blog webmaster love with WP as the site program, we know that the WP plugin is very much, according to the characteristics of Shanghai Longfeng optimization we choose their own board, a set of mature template optimization can be easier, there is a common database plug-in, keyword hyperlinks plug-in, automatic backup plugin is our common plug-in required.

Finally, the author summarize,

we know, for the optimization of the blog is a lot of concern, as a Shanghai dragon Er, have an independent blog is a homely food thing, but there is a blog we want to optimize it! Today I mainly talk about personal blog daily optimization work process, good gossip, short continued, into the theme.

second, reasonable layout in chain chain to high quality. The template is completed, the next is inside and outside the chain chain, the chain as far as possible in the content to add other articles and your relevant keywords, the best point to its address, construction related pages link is very helpful to enhance the spider crawl area, it is very necessary for not included the page. Outside chain construction the author has been advocating the concept of quality is king, the chain quality is our website optimization is the core of things, is not recommended to free forum or garbage chain platform release, in order to share the best submission form, such as A5 nets, Shanghai dragon why original designed area is our construction of high weight of the chain position.

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