Whether the webmaster can reasonable use of nofollow tag to perfect the website optimization details

Nofollow has a very important function is used for advertising links, the website will hang some advertising for profit, the ultimate purpose of advertising is to show the effect of the site does not need to be given to transfer the weight to the advertising advertising links, regional tag clearly tell the search engine spiders don’t transfer weight to this area. Especially some novel content site, place >

with the intense competition on the Internet increases, the search engine algorithm is more and more strict, some want to do network marketing site, the site of the site a short time weight is limited, then the webmaster will think of some ways to reduce weight loss. 05 years after the launch of Google nofollow label, love Shanghai search engine support, webmasters and find a better method to reduce the weight of the dispersion. Optimization details Nofollow tag cannot be fully understood by the webmaster, webmaster to rational use, in order to better improve the website optimization details.

Nofollow tag is to prevent website weight loss, the webmaster can use the label within the site, less important web page weights, attribute label support also love Shanghai, love Shanghai official argument is given to "give to the nofollow label algorithm is not transmit weight", often this sentence will be at the station they think the misunderstanding, and the label link will not be included in the love of Shanghai, and this is not the case, love Shanghai support is the increase of the label link does not transfer the weight, does not mean that is not included, Shanghai’s own love platform "love Shanghai experience" is also added a nofollow tag, but the love of Shanghai the same will be included this link chain, just don’t give the corresponding weight transfer.

nofollow can control the internal weights

Nofollow suitable for web advertising section

love Shanghai nofollow support is not transmit weight

website weight is limited, in addition to prevent search engines crawl the page in the robots file, the weight distribution will also use the label control internal pages, but whether it can effectively control the label, these are the owners do not know the algorithm complex the complexity of the search engine, although this label stop attribute weights the loss, such as blog comments are added to the nofollow, the search engine algorithm should be able to judge post links right is more important than comment much higher, perhaps even the webmaster do not add tags, search engines will not give too much weight transfer. Webmasters use love Shanghai page optimization suggestion tool, if the use of nofollow tags in the site, love Shanghai will prompt the practice is not correct, so that this label is able to control the internal weights, the stationmaster is unpredictable. The weight distribution to control the site really, should depend on the site reasonable structure of the website, rather than using the nofollow tag.

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