Shanghai dragon in the optimization of long tail keywords in the gold rush where to start

in Shanghai dragon in the process of optimization, the contest of popular keywords has already entered into the head of state, not only is the use of various optimization "tricks" ranking of the competition, more is due to the huge interest behind the ranking drives many businesses choose the "burn" love Shanghai for promotion, is to get a better ranking.



in the industry or field characteristics, after selection and determine the long tail keywords in line with the user search habits, the next step is to consider how these keywords manufacturing and reflected, so as to search engine spiders successfully grab, this requires some functions to a web site with to achieve a series of keywords. One is a common website or forum "tag" function, the label is TAG, it is a series of different content and classification of the most commonly used in website tools, at the same time with > tags

two, the use of long tail keywords tool,

keyword, is in an industry or field, users are most frequently used to find the relevant content of the website and other resources search terms, it represents the habits and needs of users. Therefore, in order to obtain high quality and flow through keywords, find the user’s psychological, making them the most common long tail keywords undoubtedly is the key to success. For general website, through popular keywords divergent "derivative" can be derived from the many related degree is high, the user used search terms. This one, with "the best", "what", "how" and the "most popular" and "rank", "the most effective" additional words are the most common, it represents the most users want to understand and find information, so use these "directional" words combined with popular keywords derivatives, can be in line with the user search habits, with a high amount of the long tail keywords search.

face increasing competition strength optimization of this money situation, no strong financial strength of small businesses and individuals can only "new", to find a more cost-effective and efficient flow to get out: the long tail keywords is undoubtedly the most ideal object.

The And in the current ranking optimization for Shanghai dragon is paid more and more attention to

long tail keywords, it not only test the optimization optimization ranking ability, test your in the selection and formulation of long tail word of the insight and skill. In line with the target user search long tail keywords habits can bring you a very high return, even after completing a series of long tail words, they play out the effect of polymerization, especially the transformation success rate tends to be higher than that brought about the popular keyword traffic. Therefore, to optimize the long tail keywords, the need for businesses with the owners of high quality traffic and high conversion rate, significant. So, how to do the long tail keywords selection and optimization of


, a high amount of search have a special insight understanding, selection of long tail keywords

made a series of long tail wordsAccording to their website and

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