Jia Yueting in January next year, the first production car, LETV larger scale financing soonBusiness

earlier, as music has been exposed a variety of problems, including expanding too fast, the capital chain tension, and then located in the United States Faraday automobile factory downtime, layoffs storm, media questioned, music as a Ponzi scheme, and so on. A few days ago, because the media about LETV stock has nearly Jia Yueting equity pledge line of the article, has been listed A shares LETV declared a state of suspension.

however, with rogue software become an object of hatred, that once seemed like a large market, is slowly shrinking. So, I don’t think what the real meaning of Ministry of information industry software and integrated circuit promotion center and Chinese Rogue Software Alliance launched the "green software initiative", in a real sense, is to help the shareware authors to find a new business model.

good afternoon! Last year, the first time I was invited to do China entrepreneurs, open keynote speech, introduced music as ecological globalization with you, and we are committed to break through the haze, change a hundred years dream of automobile industry. Today, I want to talk with you about reality and the future.

below is Jia Yueting’s speech memoir, entitled "Internet Ecosystem model represents the future: Dream On and All In"

December 11th news, January 3rd, as the music will release the first mass production car in Las Vegas." This afternoon, in the 2016 fifteenth annual meeting of Chinese business leaders, as music founder Jia Yueting revealed in the speech as the latest progress of the music car.

for the automotive industry blind run three years, invested a lot of resources and energy, in our eyes, it is a great undertaking, but also very sense of career, although in most people’s eyes, the music is a Internet Co, car is the most unconventional existence." Jia Yueting in response to the recent focus for the doubts of the music as the repairer.

rogue promotion means popular in almost a year’s time, it has created a considerable scale of software bundled market, rogue software company each month to spend millions of dollars to buy the shared software bundled installation. This sharing software weihuzuochang, Jiezeeryu, betray their conscience, almost completely destroyed the trust of users of shareware authors, destroyed the China software market share.

music as the storm behind

sharing software in China, has not found a good business model, try and buy mode, is seriously constrained by the rampant piracy, crack. Once the domestic shareware, will gain hope in the development of English version of software, but the real money, and will develop as a means of sharing software, only a few software and a few authors. So after the rise of rogue software, shareware seems to have suddenly found a business model.

software as a service, that is to say, the author must to do the Internet software to do software, shareware model to replace the traditional Internet "kutaichoushen".

Zhou Hongyi suggests sharing software "community", which is really a train of thought. The thunder has been able to rise rapidly in a short time, thanks to its successful download community. But not every shared software can become a thunderbolt, and not every shareware has the condition to build a community.


in addition to progress response music as cars, Jia Yueting also said that day, LETV next month will complete a large-scale round of financing, it is also in this difficult period now, investors on the Internet a strongly recognized ecological model.

rogue software in China is far more harmful than computer viruses, it should be said that sharing software can not be done". It is said that in the domestic software download traffic, bundled software share of rogue software, downloads accounted for more than 80%, as long as users download from the domestic website, installed shareware, it is almost impossible to move. The so-called mandatory installation of rogue software, the real use of IE system vulnerabilities less and less, mainly through the sharing of software secretly installed, sharing software has basically become the mainstream of rogue software channels of communication.

, you can see all these articles on the LeEco these days: "Ponzi scheme", "Delong line", "near bankruptcy", and even alerted the finance minister in a US state…… A variety of sensational labels hit LeEco. I’m afraid I’m especially grateful to some people for planning behind them because people often say that you are usually not your friend, but your opponent.

shared software that neither sells nor builds communities may have only one chance to change ideas and turn software into a service SaaS. Since Microsoft feels the pressure from the Internet and SaaS as a company’s future strategy, shareware may have to change itself. Shared software such as Winzip, ACDSee, and Winamp, which have been very successful, also face the same challenges, or the same opportunities.

just last month, as the music set up 12th anniversary, I in the music as a whole sent a full letter. Among them, a profound reflection of the company’s ecological strategy in the first phase of rapid development, set a miracle behind some of the problems, while declaring the rhythm of ecological strategy into a new stage. I had no idea that the letter had caused an uproar. Over the past month, the music as the dominant media occupy headlines.

recently behind the scenes more recklessly extended, trying to non-listed company LeEco this storm passed to the listed company letv. In December 6th, a carefully arranged passage

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