How to improve the keywords ranking by link

?The arrangement of

anchor text links I can not explain, we should all know, because of the limitation of the resources.

2.URL link

chainThe chain

we can avoid such a disadvantage by the user clicks, how to view the user click? It is linked to love Shanghai love Shanghai by thermodynamic diagram, thermodynamic diagram see those hits on the directory, click on the directory is relatively low, we can choose some words more important, first of all to do optimization.

site is unquestionable importance for a web site,

3. anchor text links

text links is the text, the text is not directly click, text links, text links can not improve the ranking of words, it will only increase the relevant domain love Shanghai, but it will really increase traffic, this requires you to do careful planning. For example, write a good article, with links can indeed improve the flow.

URL is the link can click on the link, but there is no anchor text keywords, this link can improve the overall weight of the site, not for which a keyword weight increase. This is not my summary, sometimes you can find yourself.

, you may have to guess in what secret optimization chain? Chain optimization can be said to be very important, how to do a good job in the construction of the chain to achieve what we want to see the results of the

chain we is to key words, in fact it is the arrangement of words, we all know that the weight of the home page for our website is the highest, the target keywords our good layout, the first navigation position can be placed one of our target key words, then the breadcrumb navigation is also can be a target keywords, then the position of copyright could also put in a target keywords, this will be a basic site layout, if your site has many two directories, also need to put on the home page, then do a two navigation, or make a website side navigation, you can go to over four domestic. The major portals, including Taobao and some other mall site, is such, so do the keywords layout is very beneficial to improve the keywords ranking, But it also has its drawbacks, for the new station, the weight is not very high, the distribution of a large number of keywords, will distract the weight, no prominent keyword ranking position, so it will need to use the chain to improve keyword rankings, below I will talk about.

, using the chain increase keyword ranking

mentioned that links everyone will think of the chain and the chain, the chain and the chain for the website can be said to be very important, so today I will give you analysis inside and outside the chain chain to improve keyword ranking.

In the optimized chain called

1. text links

two, to improve the keywords ranking using

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