Adventure challenge love Shanghai, a month out of the audit

the next few days 302 and 404 began to gradually reduce, until May 31st Zhengzhou delegation Bo network included or 1520. On that day, almost all of the people to break 3000 included lost confidence, I know that the second day is Friday and is at the end of the month, love Shanghai will have a larger update, so I also have great confidence. This afternoon I went to find the collection >

holiday, I added Sitemap.xml to the site map, and the treatment is carried out for the optimized code is not conducive to the site, to the site with robots blocked JS file CSS file and some need not included in the directory, and give some login website, website profiles such as connection with nofollow tags moreover, modify all pages of the title of the site (site title before keyword analysis, and there are a large number of sites in the repeat Title). And to all the URl website made pseudo static treatment.

But due to the

the work done was in May 20th, but has been included in or around 1500, than the previous increase of only 700, but I still have the confidence to break 3000. 20 times I analyzed a few days before the log, the spider found the return status code occurring in the large number of 404 and 302 status code, then the rapid dynamic URl301 to redirect all pseudo static pages.

after a few days ago I wrote an article "love Shanghai update night mad by 10 times included secret" published on the A5 website quickly reproduced by many people for some comments, Shanghai dragon new or not to seriously analysis the Zhengzhou Bo net friend may really feel very magical, in fact, included a 10 fold increase in only site recovery.

site repeat leads to PR value and weight low ranking factors not conducive to the author decided to choose the challenge of love Shanghai, delete one of the two level domain name, because of the reason with a server not to do 301 jump to another domain. The domain name deleted after less than 5 days to love Shanghai included from more than 6000 to more than 800, Google did not have much impact, but from PR2 to 3. But the boss dropped to see included before liberation is angry, at the beginning of the month at the beginning of the May meeting in accordance with the requirements of the boss I made the end of the month exceeded 3000 included commitment.

After After

before I do telephone marketing in an electronics company, in April this year to enter the Zhengzhou delegation Bo network served as the Shanghai dragon head, into the company after I carried out the website analysis, found that the site has Liaer domain can open the web site. In order to avoid duplicate content I decided to delete a domain name for this problem, I analyze there are two possibilities: one is the two level domain directly without what effect, reason is every two level domain is an independent domain name; another point after the two level domain name will remove due to a server the influence to other domain name.

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