A few tips to make new site quickly included

1, many of my friends are love website set up, directly on the domain name in the past, and then update the article every day, and the hair of the chain, I think the website in the on-line, the first time the spider crawling, is a very important message to the search engine friendly machine.


6, on submit url to the search engine, I don’t love to submit url, my personal feeling is when their spider along the chain over the collection of natural, friendly than submit url better. Of course, this is my own views.

2, therefore, my approach is to build on the local site, webmaster friends estimates will be in their own computer to install a virtual machine, you can build a web site in a virtual machine, after the complete code calls set, let the editors can in the virtual machine to build the website directly visit.

basically, every day we landed the Shanghai dragon forum platform to see the article or the latest information, of course, also to the forum around, often see some posts asking why their website one month is not included, why submit many times are not useful to the search engine entrance. When I see this kind of problem, I will click into the look, to respond to a few, as will be adopted do not know.

4, about the article update how many problems, generally speaking, almost all columns have seven or eight articles on the line, at least when the home call looks very neat website, call the place, it is full, experience is also very good looks. The whole station then is uploaded to the server

this year, the railway station, there are many, but I also have some way to make the new fast, these methods may be included, just my own accident as a certain event now, almost all the domain name today after second days or third days morning check see included, whether by accident or inevitable, this phenomenon has occurred more than a dozen times, so I share with you.

3, and then began to write the original article, highly original, words may not be very professional, but must be relevant and original degree reached one hundred percent. This is the time to keep the search engine in the first crawl the website a friendly, highly original, although this is a new web site, search engines will soon be included.

7, finished on top of these, I feel one or two days to be collected should be no problem, and then continue to update the original articles regularly, some friends may wonder why Network >

5, and the content, we come to talk about the chain, then everyone in the website online, then find a few blogs or classified information website to send some messages, the best way is to contribute, no need too much, to ensure the quality is good, generally speaking, I’ve made more than a dozen chain well, high quality and low


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