Do you make mistakes in website optimization

website keyword settings required to meet the user search habits, such website ranking can be good. Take the lottery betting station set of keywords, if not for users to search keywords in place, we are not likely to use the word. The user of the competitors, search habits, the long tail word mining methods can we better use of keywords, we will find the use of keywords on the site will flow rapidly.

search engine on the number of pages are analyzed, these results will produce the new ranking. If my lottery website optimization problems, thus causing the love Shanghai index is not smooth, causing very bad influence on the website. Caused by the index of the website is not normal, this is some common problems: love Shanghai spiders can not read the image contains text information; the application of Flash animation; used for the website internal problems to process, as the saying goes, there must be security.

love Shanghai search engine how to change, how to improve, there are some basic mistakes can be avoided or Shanghai dragon. Here with me to do lottery betting station optimization, and introduces some suggestions of several common errors in Shanghai dragon.

lottery betting station search results and algorithm than before the good effect is improved because the algorithm continues to love Shanghai. No matter how it is self-evident importance about the chain, love Shanghai search engine need him to grab it, so whether or not love Shanghai update its importance is self-evident.

chain is the priority among priorities of the website, the quality of the chain is not high on the site will bring very low flow. Garbage forum link, machine group blog, very upset, chain these are caused by the low quality of the chain. If I do love 贵族宝贝 lottery betting station, Shanghai found a lot of garbage outside the chain, it will endanger my site, I think the site is garbage sites. Optimal number of pure law enforcement chain can only damage the site. Because after the love Shanghai update algorithm, the low quality of the chain is obvious, so to forward some high quality of the chain.

error 2: the quality of the chain is not high


station, is not taken seriously in the update, but also because of the enterprise site, need to update the content is relatively small, in the course of time will not update the content of the website. The optimization of the lottery website also is such, update the article also from the site construction, long time no update. The content of the website for update is not very friendly to the search engine. The search engine is very love for the update of the content, but also can add more effective keywords, increase website traffic.

Many enterprises do

error 4: the website is not updated in a timely manner

Because the

error 1: no use of keywords

error 3: site optimization problems


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