According to the theme of the site selecting the right keywords

this article is the first article in my blog, in front of an article is settled blog article, ha ha (in fact, this article had written, not released, the following I will not change all of Kazakhstan)


yesterday, the establishment of this blog I think under the theme of the blog, you may now see my blog title (Website Optimization Website – mix boy original IT blog), of course I gave my blog’s positioning is not to import traffic caused by the search, so this article is just today give you a website to do after the first step, it can be said that Shanghai should be the first step dragon and the selection of key words, choose the right keywords, do the station of Shanghai dragon makes sense, to seek the best flow (do not flow to it is the Dragon Phoenix), from me so few years of experience, a keyword selection, probably there are so few people:


3: popular keywords, such words may think you are a little search volume, in fact every day search volume also estimated 10, you excited to do the first, but found that traffic from little


is based on the user search the word love, show love Shanghai intelligent, more >

two, according to the website keywords and positioning love Shanghai related keywords this function, such as a web site theme is about walnut, through love in search of Shanghai walnut, in search of the drop-down box inside will appear as shown below:

of course the choice of keywords is ultimately needed to reach your goal, no matter how much traffic, so we must according to their own website theme to choose the most suitable for your keywords

well, said it so much, now entering our theme, how to choose keywords

1: the pursuit of popular words, popular words apply directly in the title above, moving the search volume in the tens of thousands more, say the truth, so the key is not a small webmaster can do, generally popular keywords ranking website is a team in the operation, can be said to be a ring set (clear division of labor, some full-time full-time write original, some links, some do full-time internal optimization. Of course,…) if you have time and money, you can do


, according to your site’s theme to locate the keywords about what the scope of what products you sell, do you sell products with keywords, and then through the following methods I enumerated the final determination of the keyword

2: either pseudo popular keywords, pseudo hot key can be said to be the man out of the brush, like the ADMIN5 fourth master general assembly, the excellent love Shanghai index brush to the thousands, but in fact every day search volume may be a few hundred, and the keyword search volume is only temporary, do a keyword is useless

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