Shanghai dragon industry also caused All flowers bloom together. cocoon into a butterfly


can be said that now the Shanghai dragon industry is but is not All flowers bloom together., ushered in the spring, Shanghai dragon Er need a chance, a chance to fly! The name of 贵族宝贝 -title贵族宝贝/ found Shanghai Longfeng original, welcome to reprint.

industry has been relying on price competition, in addition to lack of optimization technology innovation, there are some companies, personal philosophy on the problem. They think Shanghai Longfeng industry should have such a low price, because they are exposed to the price is so low, it must be said that this is a low domestic Shanghai dragon.

Shanghai dragon

from 2002 to 2005 this is Shanghai dragon China officially entered the time of birth period is the first batch of Shanghai dragon Er, such as the famous Cardiff, Wang Tong et al., they are driven by domestic Shanghai dragon to enter the development period, they have to say is Shanghai dragon industry big boss.

with the Shanghai dragon industry blind expansion of new Shanghai dragon Er continuously settled, most of Shanghai dragon Er can only rely on low price competition, the website of Shanghai dragon profits plummeted to the keywords competition weight about 300W profit less than 200 to 300 yuan, but only to the formal means of optimization, and achieve love Shanghai Google home page in the shortest period of time, a lot of Shanghai dragon Er to compete for customers had to take credit risk optimization.

with the increase of China’s personal website and the enterprise website, the website of Shanghai dragon er from the previous to the current shortage of flood, every year, every place there will be a lot of good Shanghai dragon Er, has a number of Shanghai dragon Er today, the optimization level of Shanghai dragon industry has innovation but the price is in the optimization is reduced, as the computer industry, doing chores for a living "

from Shanghai dragon industry point of view, most of Shanghai dragon Er mention of website optimization, will appear low impression, low prices has apparently become a magic weapon to develop Shanghai dragon industry.

Shanghai dragon industry lack from the beginning of the development of Shanghai dragon er. A lot of Shanghai dragon Er is the optimization process from abroad data do conclude that, they also know that only the early optimization process of the most basic, only understand general routine out of his own, like many others, they do not know this website optimization will be what are the advantages and disadvantages, only know that according to Cardiff, optimization steps Wang Tong and others, it will cause the lack of innovation in the website optimization, only by the old routine of playing around, the old routine optimization to rely on, rely on low-cost market.

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