Search engine and technology selection

there are very many third party open source search system, such as SOLR, LUCENE, SPHINX etc., can according to their own needs to build the station search service, and facilitate the depth of customization and integration.

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is currently on the market do a good business solutions cable technology full-text search engine and search software search site search engine, which can be applied to a variety of operating system, the disadvantage is that there is no free version released, the price is relatively high, the latter only used in the WINDOWS series operating system, a free version can use, but the commercial version is not expensive, but the built-in search history, TAG system, JS/XML interface is applied to the function, especially suitable for WINDOWS series operating system webmaster preferred.

generally, many sites are directly used third party to build websites, such as PHPCMS, DEDECMS, DISCUZ and so on, but some search system built-in CMS system is relatively weak, search results are often not very good correlation, affecting the user experience, so how to low cost, fast to build a powerful search

Internet is an information resource massive, so the love Shanghai, such as Google search engine, to help users find all the information of the whole network, and each site, also need a search, help the user station retrieve the necessary information, in this sense, search is actually a solution to solve the problem of information overload, is the essential function of each site, is one of the effective ways to improve the user experience of

this can be said to be the lowest cost, almost no server resources, there is no need to develop grassroots webmaster preferred solution, of course there is not full, can customize and integrate more depth.

two, the use of third party open source system

search technology, there has been a lot of optional search solutions:

three, third party procurement business solutions

?With the development of

, the use of custom search

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