Summary of site is K18 days to restore instances share tips

we need to clear about our website usually is how to maintain, how the website article to brightness, have to do some special illegal optimization methods, such as the black hat Shanghai dragon promotion, our company Qifan software website was k after I was shocked, last month 28 day was found K, that day is Sunday, I was shocked at the same day, why is k? Because this site from art to typesetting from program to include soft chain is what I do. The company website is like a flower, the tree. (really what kind of trees had been carrying flowers. Cherish it, huh). After K was looking first at Links if there is a problem, why do you say that? Because another site www.***.net in the earlier is K. The careful analysis is the most likely by Links implicated in a Links was K. (at that time also found the part of the site well-known bloggers also implicated by the many place originally very good blog ranking suddenly. No) so that not a chain, so from here to determine the site although K but have not been pulled into the blacklist. (resumed today after he went to some webmaster forum and related communication circle, find some friends of the site from K was restored. A few months before the trouble for the raise a Babel of criticism of the K event is very impressive, in Shanghai love to find it on their website site:www.& & &贵族宝贝 and found no visible recovery, their website as many of their students in the non relevant industry site to do the individual links lead to large area affected is pulled into the black list. Gray hat and is not conducive to the search engine user experience is really not long)


2. love Shanghai recent public opinion pressure

webmaster will be more or less some changes to love Shanghai is concerned, some time ago the opinion of love Shanghai judge loudly, speak very bluntly, love Shanghai do not pay attention to user experience, many websites first call, not sex Shanghai auction >

1. site is k is pulled into the blacklist


this morning to the site and how the usual first love Shanghai inquire about the company, the company’s official website has been K to 10 days, the habit of site:www.***贵族宝贝 found that the site has restored after the love Shanghai input box click, and then watched a few websites even restored. Is very happy, because has not previously been experience K website, on the Internet to find some materials do not have a specific website about how long to recover, and most people have said the website was k after a little hope, even a friend said that he was K site for more than 2 years has not recovered…… Counted a total of 18 days later, on the morning of the nineteenth day was restored. So for the restoration of the site of the K – Zhengzhou Shanghai Dragon – Wang Baochen simple and share with you:

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