Let the three trick site was 10 minutes in Shanghai included love

1. code optimization. For the website pictures with the ALT annotation page keywords plus anchor text links and so on. These operations are the details, but often the details of a problem will affect the Shanghai collection of love.


this is a diagram of two articles I posted today, after over 10 minutes included. In fact, you can do the following method:

views about love in Shanghai included each one according to his lights. Different people have different views, so how to make love Shanghai better included your site? There are many ways, but the same. An article written before the " share " Shanghai Longfeng manipulation is the most popular; the article, this paper presents a specific method is the most popular Shanghai dragon. Today to introduce three secrets of love Shanghai included, we hope that the newcomers in this way after Shanghai, love can be better included your site. The author is a novice, to understand Shanghai Longfeng optimization is a process of deepening slowly. At the same time, with the hope that more friends learn to communicate and share, three tricks here to share the love of Shanghai included, is a personal experience. A two months on-line website, love Shanghai included realized that after 10 minutes fast included. You can check the website Taobao weight supermarket can learn more. The following section to see a map, believe that more convincing.

, adjust the site. The busy station, the Shanghai dragon is not very understanding, such as the website on-line after the busy promotion. Later found the problem, the website internal structure of confusion is the fatal damage to the site, I have a deep understanding of this point. So I made the following adjustments:

2. website theme clear. I don’t understand the Shanghai dragon, will only send the chain. But there is a lot of knowledge. Before the Shanghai dragon related articles also in my website, I have a kind of friends said, my site theme and content are not consistent, this will make the search engine can’t tell you what your site is. Then, I will not publish these articles on their website, can be sent to other related platform.

.The internal structure of

three, Links. For new sites, you can find some related Links exchange platform, three or four friends of the chain every day, adhere to a week or so, your site will be changed. Friendship with the chain, also to diversity. For example, can be associated with the forum friends of the chain, also can find some related blog.

two, the content of the website originality. The original love is the most popular in Shanghai, a site if the contents are original, so love Shanghai will give this station the weight is very high, and of course included snapshot is not a big problem. Before my article is a lot of pseudo original, and pseudo original degree is not very high, made a lot of articles are not included. But as long as the original articles, love will be included in Shanghai.

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