Using the method of precise traffic to attract Sogou search

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see is not very simple steps can be completed drainage, but also in practice, so you can quickly go.

here we go to see what others are drainage, as shown in figure

editor: as can lead to much traffic, this depends on your execution, and you don’t think this method is only suitable for micro business, this method is suitable for all people, remember, all people, as long as you search for your industry keywords can, for example, selling clothes, clothes can enter women’s clothing, men’s skin care, skin care, skin care products can be input, maintenance and so on, you can search according to their own specific industries, here is not too much for example.

to introduce the Sogou search drainage method today, or the same as before and comments, drainage, drainage due to comments brought me quite considerable traffic, so now this is the main drainage way I love the most, mainly because this method can be used not to spend too much time every day I spend 30 [fixed minutes to comment], it can lead to accurate flow, so you can also use this method, the following is the actual operation method:

share is one of the drainage methods I enjoy most articles written, probably you can see my article is mostly related with the drainage and drainage method, like the article also makes me most debating whether or not to write, not that I want to have to share it, but that I introduced the method more, will cause you select dyslexia, I do not know what a good choice, finally can’t do anything so here, Weiwei group and we want to emphasize that, in many ways, even beyond count, but not all of the methods are suitable for you, so it is best to choose one or two kinds of methods for the main promotion, as other auxiliary.

three, we can directly click comments, enter your ad Click OK, as shown in figure

, open Sogou search, input related to your industry, here I focus on micro business as an example, the following figure

two, the search will appear after many of the search results, then we can be found in the lower right corner there is a "comment", as shown in figure


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