Xiangyang Shanghai dragon love Shanghai algorithm update snapshot not update keywords do not rise


said that although the content for the emperor, the king of outreach. This sentence is right, but the outer link is a slow process of accumulation. So we have to some BBS, blog, website, quiz, Wikipedia, for example love Shanghai encyclopedia ah, Interactive Encyclopedia ah, do some specific link, I want to also needless to say we all know

station has a very obvious characteristic, is the web site or the chain are unconventional, began to search engine but can be very effective for a period of time as long as the station can be effective. Then the normal station never in content and the chain on the shortcut or excessive optimization or you will die very miserable.

How do we

4. external links


technical staff recently many webmaster friends and talk about the Shanghai Shanghai dragon love too hard to please, your website snapshot love Shanghai do not update or update is very slow, there are some key words especially in search of Shanghai people love infinite changes, at a loss. How do we in this case the Shanghai dragon, today Xiangyang Shanghai dragon would like to talk about the love for Shanghai is not updated and so on view, how should we do, to hold what kind of mentality?

it at a later time

20 million do not have big action


believe that the webmaster can understand the search engine algorithm, and then how to adjust, how they exhaust, one thing is not change. That is the love of the original article, love Shanghai love, of course, Google also love, increase the weight of your own website.

a website user experience is very important, because every ranking fluctuations, this up tomorrow that site to climb, this situation is very difficult to guarantee that every user in the target site. This is the time to do the website user experience to increase user stickiness, improve the site’s rate of return, or comment on the promotion of blog webmaster recommended Lou song song, interactive web site.

Xiangyang Shanghai dragon want to say is that we have to take advantage of, do the site within the thing to do, even if this time ranking is not stable, the future stability ranking is also helpful, as a grassroots webmaster, to insist on this point is very important, not because the snapshot and included questions have given up their own station, adhere to the "

on the site to focus on the user experience


website snapshot barometer website snapshot is a website, every day is a new snapshot, the website development is very good, whether it is from search engine angle or webmaster partner’s point of view, a snapshot of the new site must be optimized with specialized personnel in the work.

original article


love Shanghai snapshot is due to the site presents what bad situation, perhaps is the love of Shanghai as a result of changes in the website snapshot update algorithm is not timely.

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