Shanghai Longfeng soft promotion should be true and not affected

2 content is true and not artificial

I am Shanghai dragon rookie, that is a kind of soft Wen promotion can not only increase the chain to the site, but also can bring a lot of traffic and effective method for the site, as a rookie I, of course, is also not hesitate to start writing a soft Wen, but after a period of soft Wen promotion, although they are their original, but the effect is not satisfactory, because it is a novice, also in the continuous queries, found until later, through in-depth understanding of Shanghai Longfeng soft Wen promotion, write soft like the same person, must be true, not with too many commercial elements, always think before just add the link to your site in the soft, as far as possible to hype their products, you can achieve a good effect, that way. The result is a waste of time, but it is possible that he has been in a difficult state of creation, after all, not artificial and real things, not always resonate with everyone. Writing this article today, just want to put their previous mistakes told Shanghai Longfeng novice who now were like me, I hope you can take some detours, write the most true, be one of the most authentic self.

3 both God shaped pay more attention to the details of

we write soft purpose is to share with everyone, and not for a taste of the product publicity and promotion, a large number of advertising information, a good article, can not only encourage a discussion of all things, to a certain extent can also help those people who need help, to the direction of others, of course we promote the purpose of the article is soft in the promotion of our website or a product, but it is more important to a share, only people who know how to share, will go more success.

now soft promotion has become an effective way to promote essential optimization in Shanghai dragon, but a large number of widely used at the same time, advertising information into the attendant is overwhelming, we as a professional Shanghai Longfeng webmaster, when soft Wen promotion, not to blindly pursue quantity instead of paying more attention to itself the quality of this good brain network would like to share with you, about how to create real and natural soft, hope we can learn from each other.

told me that the soft content must be true, not just for drainage and proper praise is do things carelessly, a wonderful thing, but now there are a lot of soft paper will use some extreme exaggeration to attract the attention of readers, readers may first love, the more the number of the reader will feel that you are in the story, a lack of real sense of article, how may resonate with everyone, after all, everyone is hope in each article, find the value of it, do not have a real sense of value, lack of soft Wen, will always be abandoned by readers.

The painful lessons before

1 clear objectives and priorities for

We all know that

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