Shanghai love spark program can solve the problem of original articles included

problem: the original article is high weight website reproduced by

Question two:

news resources widely reproduced included no copyright

three: stick to the chain, the original is still not included in the content of


site was the site soon, the original can not be timely release of search engines, it has been reprinted in high weight site acquisition, into their original collection site was stolen, this situation is most common in the construction of stationmaster content. In the love of Shanghai launched the Ping tool, and can be a good solution, the site did not update an article, and be submitted to the Shanghai Ping love mechanism tool tip love Shanghai your article is the original article. You can also add Ping system in web application, website content updates and automatically submitted to the search engine, attract the spider to grab the latest original content site.

whether it is to do local portals, or do the life information site is large, the timeliness of the information service is very important, can get first-hand information, then the user must be the most, but now all the major portals are you copy me, I copied you, is not conducive to the spider the information on the site to grab, also not conducive to the user experience, there are duplicate content reproduced, there is no copyright. The early implementation of the spark plan is mainly for large portal news site, love love Shanghai Haitong Webmaster Platform invited to participate in this high quality original site plan, join the program site, can obtain the "original" content label, original label content can be preferred in Shanghai love search through the website data display, Shanghai love Spark Program statistics, the original plan for a period of time after the line in the original URL traffic growth significantly and gradually stabilized.

code error: people may not understand the technology, in addition to the plugin website, add the source of possible errors, leading to the spider can not "

in order to improve the healthy development of Internet information environment, the search engine is updated algorithm, to index into the high quality original content, to adhere to the original spark program launched after the owners to bring the gospel, love Shanghai official pointed out that this is a long-term job, hoping to create a world for the original Internet, also to encourage originality the stationmaster of hard work.

every day to send the chain, update the original content, and some basic pages are included, but some 2 months did not see included, or have only included the home page, encountered such a situation how to let the webmaster very tangled, even love Shanghai open spark plan, do not set to solve this problem, there are many reasons leading to the site can not be included, to analyze some common:

spark plan on-line can solve the problem of original articles included? Really solve the problems included the webmaster daily encounter? How rational use of love Shanghai webmaster tools? I come together and look at the daily encounter problems included how to improve.

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