Shanghai dragon website optimization of the most effective means Natural

We all know that

a good site should not only pay attention to the home page, but should be the whole station. Don’t just know the anchor text all point to the home page, column page can refer to appropriate or relevant article recommended. If your site has some articles are not included, so you can in the time to establish a new article related, can be recommended, so you are not likely to be included in the collection of articles is greatly enhanced.

pages of the relevant pages recommendation and column page

Fourth, pay attention to

, the first new anchor text links do not too much

second, do not use fixed content page keywords page

as the search engine technology is more and more mature, once the site as long as the station content update, outside the station to send the chain would be able to have a good ranking. But now included down, the chain increased, ranking is not increased with the increase of the chain. "Content is king, the chain for the emperor" era has been out of date. Now the Shanghai dragon website optimization, the most effective means is natural and true. So how can we do the most realistic and natural? Today Shanghai dragon crown net hg-贵族宝贝 Xiaobian to introduce you to my views:

recently saw a lot of small new sites that love is set, each update an article will appear a fixed keywords to the home page. This is not to say that this approach not only because the new weight is too low, is not recommended to do that. Each article you update is not really with the keywords you specify is consistent, if inconsistent, so this is not natural at all.

we all know now more and more powerful function of site, because many more and more powerful function leads to the unreasonable use of some functions, like tags tags automatically, we know that the automatic generation of words, every article will generate a few tags to the total tags articles more, it will inevitably lead to the value of tags greatly shrunk.

spider love high weight site, so we should create high quality content to get the spider love. For a new station, we do not too much to the home page through the anchor text, not necessarily because the weight of new home is the highest, I think many people know that when we query through the site: domain name, sometimes this is not the first, but in other pages after. This is enough to explain the quality of your home page than high, then you several times in the home page will only let the spider more disgusted. This is the most effective way is to select individual keywords in the content can be bold to highlight.

third, tags tag does not match with the article

can be seen from the figure, some related or proper nouns can be recommended or explained. This can greatly enhance the user experience. So for an article.

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