The 2013 Shanghai world conjecture love ourselves

2011, "what is the power to change the world". I love Shanghai made two actions, one is through the open platform to developers gathered together to enable the application of a station to the user; two is the interworking with vertical sites, the influence of the users search habits, let more users love Shanghai search to complete a variety of needs, the sustainable development of the formation of brand, users, profit.

2010, "innovation, openness and win-win". Love Shanghai proposed a change from "information" to "information", because at the time of the games, entertainment and other related applications have to search for 30% of daily love Shanghai. Love Shanghai has been aware of the search, is only in the form of information has been unable to meet the needs of users, also need to apply the distribution, or even directly function tool to resolve the problem of users.

2012 to 2013, rising mobile Internet, WeChat’s strong rise, so that the mobile Internet is very hot, let the Internet gangster is very busy, all kinds of capital acquisitions, raise a Babel of criticism of speculation. We are busy in the layout of the mobile Internet, mobile Internet and various fields to snatch the boarding ticket, until Shanghai bought 91 love, to the market to a climax. The summary is 10 years beginning 11, began to force the 12 is running with the market.

we first look at the last three years the theme of the world love Shanghai.


but we all know, the mobile Internet is a trend and direction of development. At present, the development of the main force, also is the core of their products. Ali mobile providers fear that the transitional crisis, but not to do Taobao or Tmall are firm and secure; if WeChat Tencent accumulated user loss, but also did not develop regardless of traditional products, QQ is still the core product; after that, love Shanghai in the mobile terminal received 91 look at their core or search engine.


why do you say that? What is your


now is once a year of love World Congress in Shanghai, because of a series of changes and action to love Shanghai, and this year the Internet sector is crowded, so as the Internet gangster love Shanghai Festival, is naturally attracted much attention and expectations, is expected to figure out some other market prospects and development trend from strategies for the love of Shanghai.

online there have been some of this love Shanghai world guess, so I also get busy, talk about their own for the love of Shanghai world to guess.

is a high-quality, powerful, comprehensive, choice of search engine.

four words, to do their own.

2012, "a cloud you create the future". This time, love for the first time in Shanghai announced a complete mobile Internet strategy, which is an important corner of love Shanghai development strategy.

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