Ranking optimization focus on four points, make the site enduring!

(four) add a reasonable site outside the chain


(a) do not modify the site title

believes that many webmaster like me, has always insisted on chasing love, Shanghai ranking optimization. The site has some number of years, the author also from these years of failure are summarized and some ranking optimization methods and experience of some bad love Shanghai, today with the help of network owners to share some with you.


website was down for revision of the site we It is often seen. However, many webmaster in order to pursue the better development, greatly to be revised, intended to enhance the user experience, and otherwise, after the revision of the face but not love Shanghai before, so that your site for new sites, to submit audit, so often will be right down for a while, of course if your site is high enough, the right down time will be reduced. But I still urge you to change less as far as possible, or a bit slowly change, not all at once changed, that not only let old users can’t find things, the search engine is the same.

normally, if it is new or weight not too good site, the author appeals to everyone as much as possible not to change the title. So many people want to ask, the weight is not good, not suitable for the changes of the title of the website how should we see? This time we can use Adsense tools to view snapshots, and web site related words ranking to judgment. In a word: do not modify the site title.


said the website keyword density, remember always have many webmaster friends to ask me, what kind of density is best, the most popular love Shanghai? Actually do stand for so many years, I have been looking for the most appropriate density, the pursuit, the result is in nearby ~ according to our different industry website. We need to handle different keyword density, of course I do not suggest that you try to add or reduce the keywords, for natural appearance and the content of comparative coherence is love Shanghai most favored. Appropriate increase in the number of anchor text links pointing to the ranking of Shanghai, love is extremely advantageous.

"content is king, the chain for the emperor". This sentence is widely spread in Shanghai Longfeng industry, is also very worthy of recognition. So if the chain is so important, is not the more the better? In fact, many webmaster because of this thought, the number of blind pursuit of the website chain, while ignoring the quality, resulting in some of the group forum, to increase the number of website links to their site, in fact, such links to their website ranking the user is almost zero, can also say that you do is only labor. Under the premise of so I appeal to all owners to reasonable to pursue quality, to add website >

keyword density control

(two) do not change

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