Case analysis of Shanghai love to do snapshot blank

3.robots.txt file, robots.txt did not delete or write error. You can modify the correct. (fewer sites)

snapshot and 29 have been restored to normal, which lasted 8 days, the rectification. To provide users with more high-quality source of information has been the core value of love Shanghai, love Shanghai for this value has been changed, today I write the purpose of this article is to let more and I like the webmaster friends from Shanghai love > snapshot

2. default home page, home page set makes love to grab Shanghai blank space control interface settings. (a few websites)

1. love Shanghai data loss, web application. Check program, love Shanghai and submit a URL snapshot complaints. (seldom this website)

second days, found no love Hester movement, love Shanghai origin keywords plummeted hundreds of IP, it was really a problem. According to the network information and personal experience summed up: (in parentheses is the author’s opinion, we welcome comments, together with the progress of:

1. space, love Shanghai grab blank. Wait for the love of Shanghai included normal can. (a few websites)

this year, especially in the winter cold, fluctuation love Shanghai ranking also always touches greatly small webmaster heart, recently many webmaster love Shanghai snapshot blank, the author today with a personal experience all the webmaster friends exchange. The author of the website as a guest station, on December 21, 2012 (the legendary end), website snapshot suddenly suddenly blank, do feel not illegal analysis of Shanghai dragon, the original continuously updated, I do not know why suddenly makes love Shanghai included website title and description of online search space disappeared, opinionated server problems love Shanghai grab failure because of this love, Shanghai has a certain weight updated daily snapshot, not very concerned about.


5. is love Shanghai drop right. The website is legal in Shanghai Longfeng, quality of website content, friendly user experience, related website chain are more or less affect on the website of the Shanghai love snapshot blank award. Combined with the specific analysis of specific sites, stable fixed time publish original articles, the quality of the chain, JS refused to jump, key techniques such as the accumulation of love hate Shanghai. [PS, I love Shanghai observation for most Taobao passenger flow interception jump behavior directly blank snapshot, which is directly related to the case of K, the webmaster friends strongly recommended to cancel the JS jump. ] (the vast majority of the site)

4. Title Description and website content does not match, no record. Phase can be described to modify title, website of Ministry of filing. (a small part of the site)




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