Share new 40 days successfully optimize the ten key words on the front page

Hello, I am Changsha Shanghai dragon dragon Jun. Xiao Bian today to share the next station 40 days optimization on ten keywords love Shanghai home experience. How time flies, it has been a month, 20 days at home to celebrate the new year that is the rest of the time, from last year’s 27 day of the twelfth lunar month to the sixteen officially began to return to work. This site is just Changsha Shanghai Longfeng last year before the holiday back home, that is the twelfth lunar month 24 that the domain name registration, No. 25 on the line, to close today also have a month for ten days. Really do optimization of the site should be also 20 days to look, now the site’s ranking, the weight is let me feel very gratified, this 20 days of effort is not in vain. Originally, 10 days ago, when the site will write a summary of the full moon, but because of lack of time, until now. First above:




In the


so that the quality of the website is very important, as long as your original content highly readable, update diligent, outside the chain of high quality, the ranking is also not difficult to. In this paper, why I always said Changsha Shanghai dragon? Clever webmaster should understand. Yes, small next target keywords is Changsha Shanghai dragon, you can see my site title, keywords, description all contain the keyword. The following is part of the keyword Changsha Shanghai Longfeng website ranking:

diagram to show the domain name at the age of ten days a month. Someone asked me why my website Pr rise so fast? In fact it is luck. I remember the last PR update was in February 7th this year, I also just 23 days on-line website. On the morning of a look up from 0 to 3 and PR. Thought is the query tool out of the problem, check the PR or 0 love station tools, finally the Firefox browser query, it is 3.

is met, I also know that a few days is to update the PR, are generally about 3 months to update a. The increase of PR is not difficult, as long as the website structure, content is good, with some high weight site, and the chain less, do a one-way link, PR is very easy to go up, have the resources to webmaster can easily do. Under the following website ranking in Shanghai keywords. Personally think that, as long as it is to do, honestly do stand, site keywords ranking is easy to do. At first my target keywords this station is Hunan Shanghai dragon, do a lot of Hunan Shanghai dragon anchor text, in addition to A5, CHINAZ, found outside the station to contribute, this ranking will look to the top on, here is the word ranking history record.


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