Talk about how to avoid the trap of spiders webmaster


the most of the webmaster should know Flash of the spider crawling this disadvantage, before I Bowen also brief mentioned, the detailed today said it. Enterprise stand half love have a Flash to show their strength of the company, product, culture, and so on, it is also the most easy to outsiders Flash "drugged" confused! Flash is currently unable to identify the spider, spider and Flash also need hard turned over a wall. We put the Flash cancel paved the way for the spider, more easy to grab our content. So Flash is the optimization of the trap.

trap four, login to see material

trap two, the chat window


appears more in the forum, there are individual owners in order to obtain more with members. Need to login or reply to see the content, the spider is "not" grab. There is no hair grab, not grab. Because the spider will not register your members and landing to check your information, but will not reply to your post to grab data. If you have to make this aspect webmaster to awakening.

4 points above all is to optimize the trap, you webmaster do not own a cloth trap for himself. We do want to stand included high in the new flow, the >

Trap three, dynamic Url


individual standing to sales and customer tracking of the window, the spider will come in time to wipe sleep why with a page each time a different Url, and each to his address behind is not the same. This book also unfavorable to the spider grab content, so we do not try not to use this ever, and affect the user experience. Two, the spider unfavorable.


, a trap

recent small focus optimization, so topic to soft with marketing. Just last week, Shanghai dragon quarantine activities I have observed part of the site, perhaps a part of the webmaster or the mistake. The work of our original spider we have to understand, but some webmaster or the principle of spider hunting is not convenient, Lin Haoming today for everyone to share the work principle of the spider. I have several of the principle of the most basic common sense of total take out today, hoping to help the webmaster. By Lin Haoming bring you understand the "spider trap" and how to avoid the spider trap.

the basic analytical webmaster to also know. Dynamic Url is often a question mark, sign, parameters and so on. Dynamic Url is not conducive to the spider crawling, so we should also Url static. If the static useless would not have so many webmaster do pseudo static.


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