Shanghai dragon how to grasp the construction of the chain

Zhou is to say the key points for the construction of the chain website promotion experience in


will not build the chain. But the construction of the chain to reflect good effect. This is a need of the webmaster under a kung fu. Good website construction, the chain is difficult to do. For many webmaster this sentence is very appropriate. For I think. The chain construction should follow the chain from two different angles: the principle of

The following In fact,

and the construction of the chain widely degree. The correlation of the chain like and we exchange Links. The site must have a certain correlation between. Whatever we do in the chain or exchange Links or forum posting or quiz. Must choose to have the coherence of the platform. Only in this way. We can find their true potential customers through these platforms. A web site in the chain is not the so-called number. It is more targeted is the real work to implement it. This point is very important. The chain of the chain is widely abundant. The chain has diversified types.

!The The correlation between

chain construction of our Shanghai Longfeng work is a very important part of. For many novice webmaster in the chain also has many problems, the old owners also have a lot of problems. We basically are facing a problem. The new owners put the construction of the chain. Casual hair. As long as it can be. And the old webmaster does not know how to ascend the chain effectively but do not know how to go to the construction. Let him go to the spam chain he wouldn’t go to. The formation of the cause of the problem.

followed by the need to accumulate sufficient resources.

in Shanghai dragon in the first thing we should do is to summarize some of the chain’s methods and know-how.

chain do more. Through practice, we can know how to do the chain of our website. Where to do outside the chain is the most effective. You can go and ask forum to do. You can do BLOG and micro-blog, and so on can be.

now after construction. Many webmaster have discovered the importance of Shanghai dragon for a website. In fact, when it comes to Shanghai dragon, many owners have a new. Including me, Xiao Zhou also have their own experiences. Of course, there are many more problems. In fact, working so long. I mainly do the optimization or love of Shanghai. For the love of Shanghai Shanghai dragon optimization. Whether the keywords ranking or flow to the webmaster to do a lot of work.

We’re not saying that

we do when the chain need to query time. We put in the chain has some effect on the platform. We will collector to those resources. The principle of relevance and popularity. All industries B2B platform. Information platform. Related industry forum. BLOG platform using EXCEL table record. At the same time, we will have to change the current record to the Links website or self >

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