Note the three page optimization

in making the page description also need to grasp the number of points, the description must be combined with the content of the page, can be concise and to the point elaborates on the content of a page, allowing users to understand the general meaning through the description of the page. At the same time to induce readers’ curiosity. A lot of friends of Shanghai dragon Er description have not paid much attention or pay too much attention, especially in the important page, many of my friends would not let the web page description, search engine automatic extraction, this method is not controllable, write good description can let users at a glance. While too much emphasis is reflected in the description of the contents of the description of "failed to elaborate, just increase the keyword density.

on the entire web page description is added, is to let users search more understanding of the meaning of ". The description of the direct impact to the user click behavior, a good description of the web pages can directly attract users attention, promote the transformation to improve the ranking.

C, the title should be with the search engine and user behavior and development, two aspects of the dual experience is the key work for search engines, unique innovative title very attracted to the spider crawling and grab, and for the user search behavior, there is more emphasis on the long tail keywords in the Internet, so in order to do as far as possible to meet the two. Type the page title should pay attention to.

3, web page content

website is ", is composed of hundreds of thousands of web content form, want to do website ranking we must start from the web page optimization planning, emphasis should be mastered, for some matters needing attention in page optimization, I also recently conducted a simple summary of some personal experience here. And I hope to help you, but also hope that more exchanges to improve their own.

a, the title of refining short, for the search engine users often search the long tail keywords, so update page title in the content should grasp the key according to the 28 law, but the use of long tail keywords does not mean that the title is too long, if the page title is too long will often lead to the search results page to show with the page title tag, which leads to the user click rate drop.

page title is "the core, so in a single web page optimization process must pay attention to, the title tag directly affects the search engine and users. Then the page title

need to pay attention to what matters?Note:

B, a combination of brand publicity, on the home page, column page and the content page title tag, usually "page keywords + site name", its purpose is to highlight the brand, more show business related information, to enhance the maximum exposure.

web content is composed of ">

The structure unit of

2, "



page titleThe

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