The real name of Shanghai Longfeng intention caused by personnel engaged in network marketing sugges

Hello, haven’t write articles for publication, just in the real name network marketing membership group, see people launched several on the Shanghai dragon topic, then Zhu Weikun wants to write an article about guide you into the Internet thinking. For those who want to engage in network marketing work, personally feel that this article is worth watching, because these are a process.

to understand network promotion or Shanghai Longfeng knowledge to work with you. Heard this words drowned in water? Not necessarily understand Shanghai dragon or network promotion, we will certainly be able to find work, Chinese are ambitious, understand certain things to god. For example, understand the point of Shanghai Longfeng, made a few stops on the home page, feel cool, it is not who put the eyes.


dare to write these words, that I also had bragging, no one will have this feel good when.

do not understand network promotion or Shanghai dragon will not work for you

for some people always say on the Internet, do network promotion training or training of Shanghai dragon people are fooled. I said these people is extreme, like a child 5 years old, you don’t let him read the kindergarten to read the first grade, this does not affect his. If you let this 5 year old child to read junior high school knowledge, so it is too far fetched. For the network marketing knowledge is not very understand, they like the 5 year old child. The only good, these people are adults, have their own judgment ability, so for people who do not understand, or to learn something, give money to learn will reduce a lot of misunderstanding.


for network marketing, marketing must involve a combination of traditional marketing, this is undeniable, this just want to fight, too, as long as we can win is the hard truth, marketing itself everywhere, his real effect is not fine, but let the marketing way appear on the show place, and expansion to achieve the goal, you can. This is a marketing outcome, and this process is to learn, no one is born to understand, so please do not understand what people think, if you do

is now doing Shanghai dragon training, so the search engine for this in the first paragraph to write. Because the Internet cannot do without the search engine, he is looking for a place for the answer, but also to solve the user demand for places. When you don’t understand something or don’t understand the access to the Internet, I believe everyone will choose to love Shanghai. I love Shanghai Shanghai dragon was born. Of course, if you want to buy daily necessities such as clothes, what, then you will need to choose another Shanghai Longfeng electricity supplier, it is Taobao. For Taobao Shanghai dragon, his marketing needs also is the seller, the answer is to be ready for the user.

do not understand Shanghai dragon, we must first learn Shanghai dragon

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