Personal blog blog will fade out of our business scopeEven Robin Li took off, entrepreneurs, you hav

low profile in Chinese means, ability to hide their strong is not displayed, said a modest and prudent attitude, not publicity. But as a young project and entrepreneur, are you really qualified to be low-key,

, as Robin Li said, he has a sense of crisis every day. So he took off all his clothes and ran out, coated with mud, eat dead yak meat, wallowing in the mud below the swamp, then follow Rafa ran, trying to create a positive energetic adventurous image. And do not say tens of billions of dollars worth, after almost 50 years of age.

so, how to benefit in this blog is still alive? Then I clarify one point, the blog has become a blog, with its general CMS must be distinguished from the first, the starting point must be small, the content must be original. Large CMS can provide original content, but if it is the grassroots to operate, only a part of the original, if ZhengZhan original, person or a few people are not. As a result, CMS must stand a large part of the content by integrating network resources. The blog must be based on originality.

blog, in many people’s view, this thing has no use, did not do the necessary. My blog here includes blogs for individuals, independent blogs, and sina. Now, grassroots business, which would also like to do an independent blog, such as Lu Songsong, this is also a blog for several years, the Moonlight blog, needless to say.


, first of all, people who say blogs aren’t useful are probably not blogs that aren’t valuable, and people who want to say blogs don’t have that much, and that’s less popular. Indeed, when the blog has just launched, a group of people swarmed to blogging, but later we got tired, it is not so much enthusiasm, there are more and more interesting things, plus such as micro-blog, light and simple style at once to attract people’s attention in the past.

based on this, the blog can have the following two ways to go:

recently, Robin Li has become a hot spot again. He is not to find Lu Qi, nor Mrs. Lee return to the company, but he should follow Rafa on cross-country Trinidad outdoor show, stripped of clothes, covered in mud, half naked through the wilderness.

, hemophilia Wei Zexi incident aside, earnings data in the broadcast after sh419 announced, we can see some clues. According to the NetEase of science and technology news, sh419 2016 fiscal year fourth quarter revenue of 18 billion 212 million yuan $2 billion 623 million, down 2.6%; attributable net profit of listed companies of 4 billion 129 million yuan $594 million 700 thousand for the same period last year, net profit of 24 billion 712 million yuan, down 83.3%.

in fact, a lot of people who start personal blogs, a lot of them in order to record their lives and express their feelings, rarely say they want to rely on blogs to make money. Blogging has never been a cold money making tool. More recently, some experts have described the death process of blogs from beginning to end, saying blogs have come to an end and can’t see any potential to dig for gold.

PR has been careful about Lee’s tall image. Once sh419 conference, public relations regular photos, some pictures of Lee boss to the media. One of them was on the side, but only a few minutes later, the PR said the media teacher was embarrassed, the picture was not for the time being, or was it in the positive direction?. To tell the truth, I think the profile shot is good.

Before The interesting thing about the

I admit that blogging is not the first choice for many people to start a business or make money. Even an entrepreneur might just use a blog to record his opinion. But blogs are not useless, and their use is always there. If you are a grass root, it is recommended to try blogging.

, while other big brother Lei Jun, Zhou Hongyi and other clothing with the image has become Tucao old stem, the last Internet Conference, Chaoyang brother even because an off-line coat was taken to say things. This sort of thing never happens to Lee boss.

before >

is the first to make a very hot self media to create personal brands. < >

well, is blogging going to fade out of people’s business? I’m here today.

is that, in sharp contrast, the emerging young entrepreneurs ignore, belittle, reject, or deliberately shy away from the media and public relations. Most people have the same reason: I like low key,

but why did Robin Li suddenly start playing such a big game this time, as many media outlets in the world have analyzed, for the sake of sh419 Inc’s public relations?.


although some people Tucao, this is not survival, but tourism. But to tell you the truth, it’s not easy for Li boss to make such a decision. Besides his tens of billions of dollars, he is famous in the circle and pays attention to the image. Every time is in good out of a bandbox.

has fewer blogs, but blogs or blogs, whose quality as a carrier of quality content, have not changed. And micro-blog is also always micro-blog, as a shortcut tool for information dissemination, how can not replace the blog?. Now many people play WeChat, playing micro-blog that enthusiasm down, and then some people say that micro-blog died. In fact, not dead, but that kind of freshness is watered down. So, first of all, I’d like to make sure that blogs aren’t without purpose, blogs or blogs.

even in the position of Robin Li, the founder of sh419 needs constant public relations and communication.

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