n the process of modification of Shanghai dragon keywords and matters needing attention

1, we love Shanghai on keywords modification and treatment principle of

the above three problems we analyzed clearly, think clearly, then we come up with a plan may have two kinds:

in the relevant forum in Shanghai dragon often see some netizens posting said, want to modify your web page title or keyword, because most want to modify the friends are not sure what can change after the love of Shanghai will not handle their own website or web page to drop right or K. We must first understand the three questions:

second: abandon changes.

complained that there ought to be more serious thinking about our love, why Shanghai will do so, love Shanghai is a website, but his services are not the same point of view, he is also hoping to give his search for a good.

3, the current love of Shanghai is a Chinese engine very powerful search engine, we also consider the flow distribution of us, love is Shanghai’s or Google, or Sogou, or Bing, or Yahoo, or soso and so on.

2, why should we modify the website or web page keywords;

is the first to modify their own web page.

1, love Shanghai processing mode of the modified keywords and principle of

love in Shanghai "the keyword end does not support us to do" keyword changes? The answer is yes, but the absolute support, there is a degree, you think of what is today is not modified to think what is what, tomorrow what changes, if this is true, not only love Shanghai not included in your pages, and stop the love of Shanghai Spider to grab your web content will also be included in your previous content as spam or expired content delete processing, rather than the update processing. This time is our most owners usually seen love Shanghai hair or drop right or K stand, the voice of a complaint.

if we choose is second schemes, of course this behind the text and related reading articles without reading or reading can continue to click.

here I will specifically address this idea to a fundamental analysis of three problems in detail, and some practical methods of how to modify and produce positive effect.


analysis of three problems:

Treatment of ;

if we choose is to modify the page keywords themselves, then we how to modify, what method can guarantee our station not only loved Shanghai and other search engine punishment, but also more and more good to have a good collection, and the effect of the ranking.

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