The site has been K causes and Solutions

four, by K solution of

today and share my website is K experience, people say often walk by the river that has not wet shoes, don’t let this miserable I have met. Talk about the site experience, website domain name is registered in December 22, 2010, is an old domain name, but when it is used, use this site to do the bidding, then do signature art auction site, a period of time on the bidding website, bidding does not make money, so do not do, in April last year when the site began to change, ready to do normal station, or signature station, but this is the content, but the beginning is good, then do a period of time will be K out, here I am with everyone in detail about my major K causes and treatment methods.

now the site has been restored to the home page, but snapshots or 10 is a headache this thing. This is a A5 article in this website with links to the preliminary estimate of the chain weight high website or can drive the recovery, in addition to the website content, the user experience to do some things, you know what users need, get rid of some bad advertising experience. For the website advertising currently need to do some adjustment, need to get rid of mobile phone chargeback advertising, the future of Shanghai or sex or Google alliance some relatively reliable.

because the signature art was mainly to do design this keyword, then to study the optimization site is not so deep, so set the keyword density is high, as if the keyword density reached 10%. This should also be the site is one of the reasons for K.

three, K

keyword density big reason

careful students can see, there are a lot of garbage sites outside the chain, the chain is not related with many sites, and a chain of the platform by the large proportion of the chain.

two, K reason for outbound links too much

, K why waste too much the chain

signature art network 贵族宝贝w12530贵族宝贝/ original arrangement, please indicate the source

because the main site is not the author of the time, so it is from the psychological orientation to resource station mainly, and then pick up several list, then export link when the highest thirty links. And all are one-way links. This site is certainly one of the reasons for K.

The above article is composed of 12530

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