The website Links exchange seems easy to make you feel tired

Daily website optimization, both the transmission flow guide or weight, Links with its unique benefits by the webmaster to love. As soon as the search engine to increase the chain scrutiny, although everyone is Scindapsus convergence exchange chain breadth effect, for some related industries, high weight, good customer activity site, we will actively exchange. In the daily operation of the process, many people may think that Links exchange is a very simple thing, only need to send post, QQ communication can find massive resources. The crackdown on junk chain increases, the exchange process has not only focus on the website of the weight and flow, more is to enhance the user experience from the basis of fraud prevention.


search engine more than once, not recommended for some meaningful links, tend to form the case of cheating. Once Links became fast play tool to enhance the website ranking and flow, you crazy in the forum, QQ group, Links platform for all can exchange resources, so that at the time the chain has become an important work of website optimization, some small sites only need to exchange a few high weight Links can get higher in short time in the rankings. No wonder when the chain is so rampant that the purchase, exchange, cross chain, various methods such as parallel search, and even our wedding photo Zhengzhou website optimization row is not relevant industry site on the home page, the reason is that the site exchange a high weight website optimization website. Of course, we have a chain exchange website optimization as a multiplier, as long as there is a high weight chain support, website ranking is thing in nature.

The characteristics of

Internet search engine constantly changing, constantly change algorithm to let the original work easily change difficult. Before that exchange can not only enhance the weight and flow for the site, if a large number of exchange industry related websites but also easy to cause the suspected of cheating, the slightest mistake is facing the threat of the weight of the website. To this end, many webmaster in exchange Links on gradually.

at that time for the chain personnel engaged in a chain exchange work is also easy listening, as long as the release of some chain exchange information in the forum, we feel the weight, the flow can be quite based on, if there is no cheat link case, soon you will find a large number of exchange. Especially the exchange QQ group by adding some Links, many members of the work that is only a chain exchange, second will have group of friends released a chain exchange information, we will according to the actual situation of their own website reasonable choice, it’s no wonder that when one day the exchange of 10 is not a problem. We are in the process of exchange does not require industry related and the activity of users, after all, when the search engine is a foreign chain review is not strict, as long as the weight can increase website ranking. When is the Links exchange is quite relaxed, by visiting the forum, QQ communication will be able to achieve the purpose, but also information and peer exchange, laughing very comfortable.

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