Huang Cong 3 uses Shanghai related to the domain of love

2, invalid related domain: in addition to the relevant domain effective related domain accident we call invalid related domain, invalid domain we didn’t go for him.

: 1, effective related domain contains the reverse link domain. Can not click, call JS or nofollow containing links. Effective domain is able to reflect a part of the website backlinks.


two, judge the competition strength of


here 3 uses love Shanghai related domain:

three, through the relevant domain to find right down

when your site is down right, as you can find traces from the relevant domain, you can domain your own web site, and then open some items, see is not outside the chain posts or web sites to delete your links or pages, if it is, you mean a sudden death many links, right down can hardly be avoided, and you have to do is to give up the original chain resources, find new resources effectively.

generally, a new station in 3 months is not more than 10 thousand of the relevant domain, if the domain of your competitors can be more than 10 thousand, then only 2 possible, he was either a group, or a strong opponent, is a very good website. Of course, by this method, you can also find the opponent is to go to the chain what website, the chain is effective, which is an effective method to find the chain resources.

love Shanghai domain although how to chain does not reflect a website, but it can reflect how a site’s strength in general, effective related domain of many words, spread on behalf of this website is very wide, is a very powerful website.

love Shanghai related domain is not much significance for ranking, but it does not mean no effect, it can serve as a good tool for preliminary studies of a website, how to effectively use depends on personal experience. Author Huang Cong (贵族宝贝footfj贵族宝贝/). In this paper, welcome to reprint, please indicate the source, thank you

, a judge the strength of

love Shanghai related domain

we all know, love Shanghai related domain refers to the reverse link love Shanghai, you can use the domain command to query. However, love Shanghai domain command has been spurned by many webmaster, many webmaster think this is a meaningless order, like the appendix, but not essential, Huang Cong share with you today and the 3 uses the domain command.

first of all we must first understand the love of Shanghai related domain is mainly divided into 2 types: effective related domain and the invalid related domain.

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