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Martha?C. and for good reason We hear all this discussion about well I would do this or I would do that when the fact is the border is still porous Until we have a president of the United States that gets up every day and goes to the Oval Office with the intent purpose of securing that border and there’s not anybody on either one of these stages that has the experience of dealing with this as I have for over 14 years with that 1200-mile border PERRY: We have to put the personnel on that border in the right places; you have to put the strategic fencing in place; and you have to have aviation assets that fly all the way from Tijuana to El Paso to Brownsville Texas — 1933 miles looking down 24/7 with the technology to be able to identify what individuals are doing and ID when they are in obviously illegal activities or suspicious activities and quick response teams come At that particular point in time then Americans will believe that Washington is up to a conversation to deal with the millions of people that are here illegally but not until If you elect me president of the United States I will secure that southern border HEMMER: Governor thank you MACCALLUM: On that note next the candidates take on the future of the US economy when we come back after this quick break (COMMERCIAL BREAK) MACCALLUM: Welcome back everybody It is the bottom of the hour and we are back live from Cleveland’s Quicken Loans Arena kicking off the first 2016 Republican primary debate HEMMER: And so right now we’re 30 minutes in Going to jump back into the topics and continue our discussion of national issues on the domestic level The issue that is really number one on the minds of many voters that’s the economy and jobs MACCALLUM: So let’s start here with Senator Graham Senator Graham 82 million Americans over the age of 20 are out of the workforce GRAHAM: Right MACCALLUM: Forty-five million people in this country are on food stamps Nine million are on disability All of these numbers have been rising sharply in recent years There is an increasing willingness in this country to accept assistance How do you get Americans who are able to take the job instead of a handout GRHAAM: I think America is dying to work you just need to give them a chance To all the Americans who want a better life don’t vote for Hillary Clinton You’re not going to get it She’s not going to repeal “Obamacare” and replace it I will She’s not going to build the Keystone Pipeline I will She’s not going to change Dodd-Frank I will Until you change the policies of Barack Obama we’re never going to grow this economy Until you change the policies of Barack Obama we’re never going to be safe She represents a third term of a failed presidency I’m fluent in Clinton-speak; I’ve been dealing with this crowd for 20 years You know when Bill Clinton says it depends on what the meaning of is is that means is is whatever Bill wants it to mean When Hillary Clinton tells you I’ve given you all the emails you need that means she hasn’t So to the people who are dying for a better America you better change course and she doesn’t represent the change that we need Do we all agree that ISIL is not the JV team If I have to monitor a mosque I’ll monitor a mosque If I have to take down a cyber wall I’ll take it If I have to send more American troops to protect us here I will do it She will not She has empowered a failed agenda She is going to empower a failed solution to an American economy dying to grow Elect me I know the difference between being flat broke Apparently she doesn’t In Hillary Clinton’s world after two terms in the White House where her husband was president she said she was flat broke Hillary I’ll show you flat broke That’s not it MACCALLUM: All right Senator Santorum let’s get back to the question at hand which is whether or not Americans have become too reliant on assistance or too willing to take assistance Do you believe that we need to change the culture in this country in terms of whether or not we should be encouraging people to get off of it and take the job when it’s available Some are able and not doing that SANTORUM: I think it’s — yeah I think it’s a one-two punch Number one we have to create better paying jobs I mean that’s just the bottom line We haven’t And that’s the reason that I’ve said under my presidency we’ll create jobs and make American the number one manufacturing country in the world If we want to create jobs for the folks that you’re talking about who are having trouble getting off government benefits primarily because of their low skill level there is no better way — it’s worked for 100 years in America — putting people back to work in manufacturing is it I’m going to be introducing a plan which I call the 2020 Perfect Vision for America It’s a 20 percent flat rate tax it’ll take a blowtorch to the — to the IRS It will create a manufacturing juggernaut in this country And you combine that with reforms of our welfare system You’re looking at the — at the man who introduced and fought on the floor as a freshman senator and passed the Welfare Reform Act of 1996 over two President Clinton vetoes Got 70 votes in the United States Senate Bipartisan issue And I ended a federal entitlement Never been done before never been done since What we need to do is take the rest of the federal entitlements not just welfare but food stamps and Medicaid and housing programs and do the same thing we did with welfare Work requirements and time limits That will change everything MACCALLUM: All right New question same topic goes to Governor Gilmore You know based on your record and what we’re discussing here which is potentially cutting back some entitlement cutting back benefits it’s tricky business as we all know because people will argue that that’s their means to escape poverty So they’re going to look at you when you want to do that and they will call you heartless What will you tell them GILMORE: I’ll tell them that we’re going to grow the economy so that we can give people better opportunities so they don’t have to rely exclusively on benefit types of programs Some do but many Americans are dying to have an opportunity to grow and to create something inside this economy And I’m glad that I have a chance to answer this question I’ve had the growth code (ph) there for about five years and it’s this specific program We’re going to do a tax cut for all Americans We’re going to have a three-bracket tax code 10 15 and 25 percent We’re going to combine all commercial activity in business into one place in the tax code and charge it 15 percent which is going to suddenly make us competitive with the rest of the world And we’re going to eliminate the death tax GILMORE: With a couple of additional tweaks we know what this will do It will cause the economy to grow to explode to create more jobs And first of all we’ve got to recognize that there is problem that Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton have caused And that problem is too big regulations like the EPA too much new taxes on business that we have seen and “Obamacare” These are drags on the economy it’s a deliberate drag I propose to reverse that and get this economy moving again HEMMER: Thank you Governor Your last topic brings us to the state of Ohio You know the saying right No Republican wins the White House unless you win here in the Buckeye state Well here in the Buckeye state the Governor John Kasich took the federal money for Medicaid expansion under Obamacare And Governor Jindal of Louisiana you passed on those tax dollars Why do you think Governor Kasich got it wrong here JINDAL: Well this goes to the question you were just asking Look under President Obama and Secretary Clinton they’re working hard to change the American dream into the European nightmare They do celebrate more dependence on the government Give Bernie Sanders credit At least he’s honest enough to call himself a socialist Barack Obama Hillary Clinton they’re no better If we were to expand Medicaid for every uninsured person we would cover we’d kick more than one person out of private insurance or remove their opportunity to get private insurance We’re going to have too many people in the cart rather than pulling the cart This isn’t free money I know some people like to say “well this is free money” We pay federal taxes We are borrowing money from China today Yesterday the president stunningly admitted this He said “we don’t have leverage with China to get a better deal on Iran because we need them to lend us money to continue operating our government” The president of the United States admitting that he’s weakening our government’s position our foreign policy standing because he can’t control spending in DC. saying he had "done nothing. turning the closed-door discussion into soliloquies on his prowess in negotiating airplane deals, up from 32 a year ago, Those that the grizzlies puncture or bust open must go back to their manufacturers’ drawing boards. they can 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