Platform integration or traditional mergers and acquisitions Suning Gome electricity supplier big di

is also a traditional business electricity supplier, Suning is expanding in the way of acquisitions, while the United States chose to integrate with traditional industries as far as possible.

Liu Ya (electricity supplier entrepreneurs)

recently, Suning Gome electricity supplier once again sparked widespread concern. In March 11th, a well-known electricity supplier observers by micro-blog broke the acquisition of this event was China Newegg, then both parties denied. On the same day, the United States announced the Kuba membership information and logistics integration and two Gome online electricity supplier website. read more

Groupon mode is copied Mission Network this line

March 24th news U.S. single product group website Grouon Chinese version adds a group Mission Network ( today low-key on-line. Visitors followed the operation of Groupon network route, every day will launch a single products consumption, involved in the field across the training courses, outdoor activities, delicacy catering and other service industries, in the limited time together for the minimum number of users will be able to enjoy the ultra low price group purchase.

company founder party let visitors said network is copying the United States, for visitors like Groupon network can achieve great success, let the party said that as long as the business model is good, there will be no problem to succeed The climate does not suit one., in the United States, in China is no exception. read more

Domain parking guide, recommended several domain parking sites

domain name parking service can bring you what good?

domain parking service allows you to make use of the idle domain name to make money, and you do not need to build your own website, to bring you a certain amount of revenue while increasing the opportunity to sell the domain name transfer.

which can be applied to the domain name domain name service?

general domain name parking service is the use of the domain name to bring visitors to achieve the click of the proceeds of the ads, so generally require you to hold the domain name has a certain number of visitors (traffic). Can bring traffic domain with excellent keyword domain name, domain name, indexed by search engines originally built station of the domain name, domain name, wrong mistakes in the same domain name suffix, etc.. read more

Jingdong 11 also want to do the party Ali opened half an hour earlier

NetEase Francisco November 4th news, Jingdong announced today that the Jingdong group will jointly build 11.11 Jingdong Canxing production "Beijing" like night — large party song. Party will be November 10th 20:00 to 24:00 in the CCTV3 channel and Tencent video and other video sites broadcast simultaneously.

according to reports, the "Beijing" like night "large-scale song by competing party Canxing production" The Voice of China "," Chinese good songs "director Shen Ning served as director, to the" masked "competing song form, pop stars will be divided into" Beijing team "and" East team two the same team, participate in the singing competition. At the same time, the party at the scene of the Jingdong will shake the way to send a red envelope to consumers through WeChat. read more

Google domain name the more the shorter the more money the more investment

in order to win the favor of Chinese netizens, recently, Google (Google) in China released the world’s shortest domain name, at the same time, the shortest in the history of the domain name is also formally launched. From to in the millions of dollars for the purchase, to the acquisition of 265 curve, Google is in the domain of localization on the road at every step. Analysis of the industry, enabling is the most aggressive localization strategy of Google in one step, is to create Google as Chinese users access shortcuts, and Google pay the price may be up to tens of millions of dollars. read more

Brand Company have started to subvert the traditional channels of e-commerce will become inevitable

there is no doubt that when the network becomes water, electricity and gas as usual thoroughly before the arrival of E era, you can use your imagination to enlarge N N, to imagine everything may happen, like a Lucas movie is worth looking forward to.

but not the root of the future, some with no reality whatever too, all from the moment may what is happening about the economic crisis, domestic demand, weak exports, business environment flurry to fall out, as many businesses were "disruptive innovation" the most direct push, Giordano, Lining, Daphne, Pathfinder, Galanz…… Brand Company have launched e-commerce business, this time, e-commerce has become the key element of the fifth. read more

Foreign trade website design based on marketing value

do foreign trade e-commerce website owners know, to get a high return on site marketing, we must strive to improve the conversion rate of the site, the flow into sales. China’s e-commerce site conversion rate is relatively low, able to reach 1% of the industry has been regarded as the leader. In other words, 100 visitors, as long as there are 1 completed the purchase process, it has achieved the purpose of. Can be seen, the purchase of foreign exchange rate for the construction of the site is very important for the construction of the webmaster. Here, we explore the value of marketing oriented website design principles to help webmasters enhance their own competitiveness, to achieve high conversion efficiency of the site. read more

Domestic and foreign domain name platform recommended

domestic domain name transaction


area network is Nets’s websites, the forum is quite good, the trading platform is very general, domain name sale information just decoration, even fancy which domain, can not directly buy down.



is a new platform for recognition of their ideas, domain name online auction to do good, the only one domestic launch domain secured transaction platform, the advantages they copied a lot of SEDO.COM and ESCROW.COM.

Adsense Trading Forum ( read more

Analysts say size is a big challenge for mobile application designers

Beijing on August 8th news, bet on intelligent mobile phone application to the development of their business venture company urged that the design of mobile application requires people to build a website in a totally different way.

American Journal of Applied Social

Flipboard · co-founder Evan (Evan Doll); Doyle said: "when you design a mobile application, I see two different considerations, one is around the restriction to the design, and the other is around the context to design." He pointed out that the mobile network fixed screen size, less powerful hardware and less abundant bandwidth will force you to design more simple products, but also force you away from something". read more

The air Liu Qiangdong mention with Suning double East Century by Ali injury to men inflicted by evil

Abstract: Jingdong and Suning bets can be traced back to 3 years ago. At the end of August 2012, the electricity supplier melee in full swing on the occasion, Su ningyun chairman Zhang Jindong and Liu Qiangdong had publicly Jingdong a gamble". Zhang Jindong said: "the first half of Tesco growth rate is 120%, if the Jingdong grew faster than, I put Suning to him".

in the recent 2015 annual meeting of Chinese business leaders, Jingdong group CEO Liu Qiangdong attended and delivered a speech. Just the stage to pay tribute to Su Ning Zhang Jindong: start empty-handed entrepreneurs are worthy of respect. Suning has developed for 25 years, any enterprise can survive for 25 years, must be put in the first place. Then, for Zhang Jindong had "Jingdong growth faster than, Suning to send his bet," Liu Qiangdong said with a smile, the appropriate time to consider and then talk about this topic. read more